Monday, May 16, 2016

Finally STAP cell come back

Two years ago, I posted the articles below regarding STAP cell and its alleged fraud paper scandal and, I explained in these posts ‘fact’/‘truth’ does not happen merely accidental but it occurs by our crowded consciousness and strong will/determination.

Even though RIKEN judged STAP cell is a fraud at the end of 2014, now I’ve got good news, which could reverse such decision. Researchers of Heidelberg University in Germany have published the paper below, which confirms STAP phenomenon of the cancer cell.
Modified STAP conditions facilitate bivalent fate decision between pluripotency and apoptosis in Jurkat T-lymphocytes

A Japanese medical journalist said that the STAP cell paper was retracted, however, it’s still worthy to research at least cancer cell research area and, it’s possible that STAP cell would happen by using cancer cell, according to this Heidelberg paper.

I bet the STAP cell could change to a real cell with my strong determination – no matter whether STAP cell is a fraud or not – in the post 'About my lactobacillus plantarum experiment'. Anyway, it might be realized by this publication.

About the experiment mentioned in the post above, already two years have gone since its beginning. I’ve been continuing to apply the lactobacillus liquid on the bald spot on my head one to two times daily. I expected that the bald could recover completely within two years, but in fact, it’s still insufficient.

For all that, I believe my bald spot could go back to before, spending more two to three years from now (totally 4 to 5 years) because obviously, my bald is recovering.

Note: I stopped to use shampoo a bit before the beginning of the experiment because some articles on the net say shampoo provokes hair loss. This fact could affect its result as well.

About the use of the liquid for my eyes and my teeth, still, I’m not sure whether the lactobacillus is effective or not. However, I’m feeling a small effect, for example, it calms my toothache very much without dental treatment (but there’s no sign of broken tooth recovery).

Incidentally, I brush my teeth without toothpaste due to fluoride toothpaste is a poison. I use the liquid for replacing it. Anyway, maybe it takes more time that I could feel its effects.

There’s information that lactobacillus is a cause of tooth cavity or causes eye infection, but it’s a lie. I have no health damage caused by the lactobacillus liquid.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Steven Greer is a false disclosure projects activist

I pointed out in some blog posts that David Icke, Alex Jones, Julian Assange and Edward Snowden are false whistle-blowers that false Jews (Ashkenazi) use them for deceiving people (‘Goyim’) utilizing false information.

This time, let me add Steven Greer to the list above. Greer, a UFO researcher, founded ‘Sirius Disclosure’ etc. and argues that he requires disclosure of cover-up information to the governmental authorities. However, he must be a false disclosure movement/projects activist and maybe a swindler.

He tries to raise a big money ($500,000.00) to implement his project through donation, but I’m not sure either he spends it indeed for the projects or for the other purpose that the article below debunks.


Moreover, ‘Sirius’, one of the popular videos of Steven Greer, shows ‘Sirius Alien’, namely, the Atacama Humanoid that Stanford University researched its body (watch the video below) and, it concluded this unusual and small mummy has human DNA. 

First, Stanford Univ. was, for example, a collaborator of the CIA’s ‘MK-Ultra’, and it’s under control of CIA ruled by false Jews as well as NASA and the U.S. government ruled by them. Therefore I don’t trust the Atacama Humanoid DNA test result.

I don’t think Greer wouldn’t know the fact above because he must be an experienced disclosure project leader against the governmental authorities. If I were he, I wouldn’t ask the DNA profiling to Stanford Univ.

In the video, even though Greer unlikely to agree, the researcher alleges the mummy is the human. However, obviously, it’s not a human body (150 mm tall) with 6 to 8 years old even if it would be affected by a DNA mutation. Atacama Humanoid is real alien and this video is for an attempt to hide its fact – contrary to Greer’s official intention – to deceive you. Read below.

By the way, Greer wants to obtain free energy information. However, it could not be developed without understanding true free energy mechanism that I already reviled it (read below). In addition, Keshe MAGRAV technology is a Tesla coil application (watch the video below).
Does free energy exist? – Tesla coil causes Hutchison Effect