Thursday, January 14, 2016

To current human

The most human who has been building the current civilization considered around 10000 years of the history have no choice but to die anyway along with the progress of the human evolution event (as mentioned before, anyone has a chance for reincarnation).

World War III and human-made disasters such as artificial earthquakes and HAARP weather manipulations or various natural disasters will destroy most area on the planet Earth and, will kill the great mass of people.

Nuclear and plasma weapons would destroy modern Sodom and Gomorrah or Tower of Babel such as New York (real capital of the U.S. because the man chatters about politics in Washington, D.C. is a mere puppet), the capitals of the European Union’s countries, Tokyo, Moscow, and Beijing. The other big cities in the world would fall into ruins by various weapons or artificial/natural disasters and would fall into chaos with an anarchic state.

Even if survived Ashkenazi (false) Jews (‘They’) who escape into secret underground facilities and cities built in the U.S. – the worst terrorism-supporting country in history, they don’t avoid own extinction. The new human will begin building of the new civilization in such ruins after the event.

We couldn’t deny that the human has been struggling to build an ideal society, a better social system (with democracy, communism, socialism, etc.), or a stable world. However, every such attempt was failing so far. Even so, there might be someone who claims it’s possible to realize an ideal society.

As I pointed out in the last post, this true reason is due to the pre-evolved brain of the current human, but it’s not due to the systems and organizations. Every its effort must result in nothing. Even if the social system and medical science made further advances, this problem would be an insurmountable obstacle. Even if the indirect global domination of the ‘They’ had not existed, the problem would not be solved.

Right now, the human and the world are falling into chaos. The current civilization is built over the long period is being in extinction. The human evolution is occurring to get back the most current human (soul) to ‘That world’ as well as the archaic humans faced when the current human appearance occurred. Only the new human with the evolved brain who survives in the event is the successor for building the new civilization.

Let me emphasize here that your death is never a horrible thing because dead humans could be in its loop through the reincarnation and the new human will build an advanced society in the new civilization. This loop of generation changes must be endless (read below).
The end of the evolution of all organisms with intelligence in the universe

Therefore, now you could understand why the human has lost ancient civilizations such as ancient Egypt, Mohenjo-Daro, Atlantis, etc. (read below) because every civilization is destroyed and extinct along with each human evolution. I don’t know how many times the human already faced them, however, every human evolution must have failed, considering the current human’s behavior.    


Lost Civilizations

Maybe someone associates the new civilization with ‘Utopia’ by written Thomas More and feels threatened. However, the new civilization is different from such uniform and controlled society, because any new human has high social conscience and autonomy for social evolution and progress. Thus, there’s no reason to feel the fear and stress. Moreover, I think freedom shouldn’t be restricted as possible due to keeping independent spirit and autonomy. 

Own South Koreans affirm that when they contest against social orders, they always blame it on other people (nations) without making efforts to overcome it and frequently lie. If it’s denied, they will feel strong stress instantly (Hwabyeong) and commit violence. It will not occur to the new human due to their brain is more stable emotionally.

You maybe know about ‘The Economist’ magazine cover (read below). The Economist already revealed its cover 2016 with some forecasts (intentions). The original picture (see the second photo below) of this cover has the figure, which shows Japanese five-storied pagoda in the center and the brutal murderer Christopher Columbus (read below) is standing on its top roof.
Another French false flag?

9 reasons Christopher Columbus was a murderer, tyrant, and scoundrel

It means that ‘They’ are likely to want to repeat the barbaric behavior of Columbus who discovered invaded America, namely, they would want to murder the majority of Japanese and Chinese people and, dominate rest of them for enslaving. Japanese is a big obstacle that Ashkenazi Jews (‘They’) should remove for realizing their NWO, because Japanese are Sephardic (genuine) Jew descendants. Read below.
The biggest criminal in human history is Ashkenazi Jews -2

The will of our ‘That world’ created a couple of important players out for the human evolution event, which means that it prepared ‘They’ for distracting the world and me for building the new civilization after the destruction.

I was born with a mission to achieve the event and another one, which eliminate Ashkenazi Jews (‘They’). The will of ‘That world’ needed to keep me, as a man is nothing special, until the time for carrying out this mission comes. Thus, I realized my mission in May 2014.

It means that this human evolution event is the largest ‘true’ historic fantasy created by crowded consciousness in human history, but it’s not Sci-Fi fantasy movies. Incidentally, the current human is a dangerous organism with intelligence for aliens who have interstellar travel capacity, because we love Sci-Fi movies such as ‘Star Wars’. However, the aliens commit ‘soft’ invasion, using mind control through telepathy as described later.  
It must be really humiliation for racist Ashkenazi Jews of White race because I'm Japanese of Mongoloid race who eliminate them. However, the true face of Jesus Christ (new human) was Sephardic Jew of Semitic race in the Middle East, but his face was not a handsome Hollywood star of White race that Christianity propagates (see the photo and read below).
Is this the REAL face of Jesus? Forensic experts use ancient Semite skulls to reveal what Christ may have looked like

About the Shroud of Turin (read below), it’s a fake Jesus Christ image, according to the alien Ummite (read below). This fact is another case of the official human history fraud. In addition, racial discrimination and reverse racial discrimination will not occur in the new civilization.
Shroud of Turin
What did Jesus Christ teach the human?

Ashkenazi Jews of White race plundered the land of native Palestinian who is legitimate Jews, claiming they are descendants of ancient Israelite, and they established fake Jewish country as Israel. Read below (added on Jan 12, 2017).
Geneticists Report Finding Central Asian Link to Levites

Top Israeli scientist says Ashkenazi Jews came from Khazaria, not Palestine

By the way, you could claim with F word against my argument above, for example, “a discrimination and arrogant act”, “stupid and ignorant superiority complex”, “sacrilegious act”, “superiority of Nazi”, “you don’t have such authority”, “you’re crazy” etc.

However, you’re wasting your breath, because I already declared that I’m antichrist whether you believe it or not. I don’t care such claims. Obviously, it would be no problem if you would think this description content is a fabrication. It’s quite natural that the human evolution event and the new human are a subject to hate, anger, and envy for the most current human who is destined to die sooner or later.

As already mentioned, I recognize that life is less important than people think. I have no hesitation in executing heinous criminals and in even killing someone if necessary. The current human would need to consider to reborn as the new human, but not to anger, despair and ask gods to help you.

Last Christmas message of crypt-Ashkenazi Jews, Queen Elizabeth, and Pope Francis, said that last Christmas maybe (literally) last one. Read below. Could you believe it?   
Queen’s 2015 Christmas Massage: “Enjoy Your Final Christmas”

Pope Says This May Be Our Last Christmas

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Reason for the human existence is the human evolution – love and happiness are not important

Since current human appearance on Earth, the enormous amount of historical records and archaeological-historical resources accumulated. On the other hand, still, new its discoveries continue amazingly. Why does it happen? The answer is that our crowded consciousness ‘creates’ new archaeological-historical resources, for example, dinosaur bones one after another (read below).
What is our recognizing truth?

The oldest records of the historic period would be various mythologies and the Bible. Even though we have the theory of evolution as an established theory, many mysteries remain about the current human appearance and the reason for the human existence including interpretations of the mythologies and the Bible. I revealed such mysteries, which were unknown or ambiguous, obtaining information of the alien Ummite through telepathy, on this blog for the first time in history.

Origins of the universe, Earth and the human and, cosmology, length of history etc. of the human are very much different from the other organisms with intelligence (aliens). Its reason is not that one side is right and the other side is wrong because it is an intangible presence, which means that it is fantasies created by our crowded consciousness, coming from consequences that parallel worlds of individual consciousness influence each other.  

Although it’s fantasies, the facts (history), which crowded consciousness establishes remain. It is no exaggeration to say that the most official human history is the fraud that war winners, religions, Ashkenazi (false) Jews and shameless nations manipulated and distorted (read below). Not only that, for gaining own advantages, the false Jews have monopolized aliens’ information and high technologies and, also they have covered up their involvements in the human.
‘They’ have been controlled the world for 200 years
‘Agenda’ of ‘They’
The biggest criminal in human history is Ashkenazi Jews -1
The biggest fraudster in human history is religion 

In the new civilization with the new human, such historical records with the frauds and archaeological-historical resources are not important (frankly speaking, it has no real value) and, we will not take over current values and social systems as bases of the new civilization. The most important thing, as a member of every organism with intelligence living in the universe, is that we understand the significance of the human existence.

Its significance is the continuous evolution of the human (read below) and a contribution to the universe (every crowded consciousness) evolution because this contribution to the universe evolution is even the reason for the human evolution. We should carry out everything for the evolution and advancements in the new civilization.
What is the human evolution event?  

Moreover, we need to abandon the sense of discrimination such as traditions and primitive people preservation for eliminating racial and civilization disparities – primitive people should be civilized or extinct, but it doesn’t mean to become that everything is equal for people by eliminating such disparities.

Incidentally, the human will face own extinction risk like Doomsday or Apocalypse by the human evolution event, but real human extinction never happen. A fantasy of the human extinction such as a case of a huge asteroid collision, a case of the Sun or Earth big changes and so on never occur, due to our existence at ‘This world’ is an illusion that our crowded consciousness creates it.

My idea as new human must be different from the current common sense that specialists, researchers, wise people etc. argue. Generally, important values in ‘This world’ would be love and, right to live, right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness. However, generally speaking, people want it without limit for obtaining satisfaction, because our instinct – it’s stronger than reason of the pre-evolved brain dominates its emotions.

Why do heinous criminals repeat same crime? Even though some people receive psychological treatment, why do they continue to be aggressive without change? It’s because of that they have a physical brain disorder, which means that they have genetic problems (read below).

Always angry? You may have a small ‘emotional brain’

How people try to glamorize love, it’s just an expression of desires. The true reason that people cannot sympathize with someone is not due to lack of love, but due to their egoism. Do not confuse that such thing is the power of love.

Those values will not be important along with human brain evolution. ‘Ideal values’, for example, a life with happiness and in great comfort, getting money, power and fame don’t contribute to the human evolution. On the contrary, a life with purpose only for a living – this means living a life without purpose – is the same thing.

The life should be a field to have the experience to face difficulties and to overcome its challenges, but it’s not a field to spend time, enjoying loosely. In the new civilization, I will obligate challenges, which train people physically, spiritually and intellectually.

Duties and responsibilities are more important than rights. I don’t accommodate exaggerate rights and freedoms. About the ideas of Human rights (life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and so on) or ‘liberty, equality and fraternity’, in fact, I can say it’s almost ignored (actually, many human rights organizations are corrupt). I will restrict them due to it is more exploited than respected.

Especially, my idea about ‘life to right’ is very different. The human body is a mere vehicle for the soul (consciousness) on ‘This world’ and a death is that its soul ends his experience at ‘This world’ (read below). I think, for example, the death penalty is necessary as prevention and a punishment against anti-social behavior. I don’t deny abortion, suicide, and death with dignity as well.
My view of life and death

Japanese has an essential spirit for the new human. It’s ‘Do not trouble people’. This spirit results evident low crime rates. You maybe think Chinese and Korean have equal culture, but these nations with strong egoism feel it amassing due to South Korean murder rate is 6 times bigger than Japan. Robbery cases are 3 times and rape cases are 13 times, according to UNDOC. Koreans commit the most heinous crimes in Japan.

South Korea’s crimes of false accusation and perjury are 217 times and 171 times larger than Japan, according to Chosun Online (Korean newspaper). Thus, I can understand very well why South Korea accuses Japan regarding WW II sex slave and historical recognition issues without any factual evidence. Read below.
A low-trust society

Korean is liar 671 times than Japanese, Korean false accusation is 4100 times of Japanese

Koreans already living in Japan and 200 to 400 thousand Korean illegal immigrants after the World War II came to Japan escaping ‘murder the people of Jeju’. These Koreans and their descendants changed into leaders of Yakuza (Japanese mafia), cult founders such as Souka Gakkai, Unification Church, and Aum Shinrikyo, and many politicians such as current premier Shinzo Abe.

Furthermore, Koreans who are U.S. intelligence agencies’ subordinates controlled by the false Jews for implementing ‘Divide and rule’ policy (read below), dominate Japanese politics, any mass media, companies and entertainments with Chinese-Japanese and, they have special benefits that Japanese don’t have, given by the U.S. intelligence agencies.

Chinese and South Korean governments fabricate the histories and the victims to threat Japan and to gain various advantages from Japan. This means that both governments commit large-scale extortion.

Even if Koreans and their descendants are not puppets of the false Jews and the U.S. intelligence agencies, I should remove such egoists who have no capacity for thankfulness, namely, bullshitter Koreans, Chinese, and their cultures with the false Jews should be extinct from ‘This world’. 

Anyway, we need ‘Do not trouble people’ spirit, but I don’t think every Japanese culture is an example to the new human and it has no meaning that I will give Japanese special treatment form the above reason. We should reject cronyism.

I have to control the population of the new civilization, which could be under 500 million. Thus we need birth and eugenics control without racial segregation. Anti-eugenicists might have wrong recognition such as eugenics violates God-given natural lows, but such God does not exist. There’re no natural things and nothing happens by chance in the strict sense also, on ‘This world’ that the crowded consciousness is creating.

I denied the existence of gods. A reason is that people believe in gods unconditionally (religious fundamentalism), such gods are very favorite things for the own people. The gods are ‘super card’ for the people. Love and the pursuit of happiness are like the gods.

Instant messiah (gods) must be indispensable for people who just lament own situation. Minds of the people are indeed fragile and, there're too many cases that their mind are dominated by emotions rather than reason.

I will abolish current monetary systems, financial systems, political systems, judicial systems, tax systems, family systems etc. A unified government of the new civilization programs every education, research, development, production and administration and, it distributes food and everything for the necessities of citizen life.

For-profit organizations do not exist there. Private property should be limited. About food, it should be vegetable-based and forbidden to eat meat. I am new civilization ruler but I'm not a historical king, neither a dictator nor an emperor. I live as an ordinal citizen.

In addition, democracy, communism, socialism, liberalism, capitalism, market principle etc. are illusions that the false Jews manufactured. Therefore, social problems never end. Its true reason is not good and bad of such systems, but it’s due to the pre-evolved brain of the human.

Having children (descendants) is due to survival of the human, but those children should not belong to their parents or families. The concept of the family and family pedigree has more disadvantage cases than its advantages for entire human because we can see frequently collective egoism of the families.

After weaning, children should go into a governmental childcare organization until they grow up into adults. Thus, the new civilization will have no spoiled children. Moreover, every child should face challenges as a rite of passage into adulthood. These challenges could wound participants or could kill them in the worst-case, depend on their response capacity against dangers.

That way, we can instill in new adults a sense of duty, responsibility, consciousness, independent spirit and strong mind, and eventually, we must avoid modern social problems such as narcotic problems, obese, school bullying, egoism, mental disorder, environmental pollution/destruction and so on.

I will live 1000 years without the help of current geriatrics and gerontology research for accomplishing ‘the millennial kingdom’ by the new human. It will realize with my strong mind (conviction or determination). In addition, I will program intercommunication and negotiations with other organisms with intelligence (aliens). However, I prevent their intervention and interference acts.

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