Friday, March 28, 2014

What is our recognizing truth?

We usually can say it’s important to know the truth for us, or right to know is a fundamental human right we have. However, does our recognizing truth really exist on our ‘This world’?

For example, let’s think about ongoing the Malaysia Airlines 370 incident. This flight, which disappeared on March 8, 2014, has been lost even though the international search teams have been searching huge area after that. Finally, according to Malaysian authorities on 24 March, the Malaysian plane crashed into the South Indian Ocean and it claims there were no survivors. Furthermore many possible debris were found at 2500km off the south west cost of Perth, Australia on several satellites images

Now you can think, of course, there’s the ‘truth’ of reason, which resulted the incident that possible death the passengers and the crews know. If there’re no survivors and no direct witnesses, investigators will pursue the ‘truth’ of reason on the incident, investigating and analyzing it in-depth. Even so, an incident of unknown reason could result in this case. Usually the truth would be determinate such way.

Then let’s think on this incident accordance with the argument in the latest posts of this blog. Before that, let you know it again – every event, which occurs in ‘This world’, become ‘truth’ in the instance that we recognize it (as the truth). Even such ‘truth’ is mere illusion that our crowded consciousness creates. It means that the ‘truth’ of the incident has still not been determining after the Malaysian plane has been lost.

In addition, is the ‘truth’ of the incident only one? Our normal idea, of course, is that truth should be only one. However, according to the ‘untold universe’ that I revealed about it in the post below, plural its scenarios occur in the ‘parallel worlds’. I can explain it as follows.
What does ‘untold universe’ mean?

This incident seems a conspiracy of ‘They’. Then my idea is that, for example, it’s Chinese false flag operation due to dominate primary transportation routes for their energy resources. The Malaysian plane, which was going to Maldives where practically Chinese dominates these islands and U.S. military warning system maybe located in Diego Garcia detects it. Nothing answer received from the plane, the U.S. military destroyed it despite the military recognized it’s the Malaysian plane, namely, on purpose. I remember the Korean Air Line 007 shoot-down incident (read below).
Korean Air Lines Flight 007

Incidentally, the U.S. Air Force jet fighter shot down the Japan Airlines Flight 123 in 1985 and its truth was hiding with information manipulations. I believe the article below is a disinformation by 'They', despite this shoot down incident is the truth
News U.S. Illuminati

So assume that I could realize the scenario above in my 'parallel world'. Obviously, after this incident, World War III will occur as is expected. If I say another conspiracy scenario, It might be Rothschild involved case (read below). Alternatively, the pilot of the plane might provoke this incident alone and so on.  
Rothschild Takes Down Malaysian Airliner MH370 to Gain Rights to a Semiconductor Patent – Getting Rid of Those Who Stood in His Way!

Anyway, such scenarios of the incident could realize in each other’s ‘parallel world’. After that, the ‘truth’ of the incident is determine though ‘conflicts of consciousness’, resulting ‘Schrodinger’s cat’ phenomena. What is your scenario?

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The originator of the STAP cell is Charles Vacanti – Ummite exposed the ‘swindle’ STAP cell paper

It’s becoming more difficult to understand the truth of the STAP cell scandal along with increasing its information on media and on the internet. This fraud scandal episode, which began from the STAP cell paper fraud, is changing to a bigger scandal, involving RIKEN, Waseda University and other science and medical research institutes.

Since posting the latest article about that fraud scandal, I was searching hard its information and deep deliberation, and getting partly suggestions by telepathy, finally I’ve grasped an overview somehow. Let me talk about it below.

Simply put, the paper cheating starts with a fraud of false Jews (Ashkenazi Jews), Charles Vacanti, at Harvard Medical School and his brother Joseph Vacanti. I could say this fraud is an operation winning the Nobel Prize, using RIKEN as a potent money tree. Their names appear on the STAP cell paper as authors and who insist on against the removing of the paper is Charles Vacanti. At any rate, he seems to research pre-STAP cell for over 10 years.

I guess anyone could realize that Haruko Obokata (see the woman in the photo below) is a cute Moomin puppet, which is manipulated by Vacanti. However, Obokata maybe discloses the method for making STAP cell actually. So Vacanti maybe discloses how to use her smartly, banding a researcher of ‘They’, Teruhiko Wakayama (see the photo below) who have been at the Rockefeller University as her babysitter.


However, Vacanti gangs underestimate such committing fraud. They had absolute self-confidence maybe saying “Nobody can fuck complain us.”, even though the STAP cell paper is problematic. In fact, Jewish scientists are arrogant. Even Nature should accept such problematic paper under Jewish scientists’ pressure. In addition, ‘They’ (false Jews) indeed control the Nobel Prize.

Now, fuck a duck! Shit Ummite who observes human behavior and make human psychological experiments used this occasion and situation. So Ummite exposed this ‘swindle’ STAP cell paper on the internet forum such Japanese ‘Slashdot’ and ‘PubPeer’ as comments (read below). Conclusively, the STAP cell scandal has occurred.

Moreover, Ummite has not only the exposing motive but also has another intention. Aliens who came to Earth were researching human body like so-called abduction but more important researchers and experiments would be a psychological one because our body is indeed non-matter that our consciousness creates. Ummite commits information manipulations for its purpose on sites, blogs, forums and social networking services on the internet, and so on.

Incidentally, I wonder if my wish to change ‘swindle’ STAP cell to a real cell fails to come true at present difficult situation – the STAP cell is practically fake. Even so, I’m not abandoning my hope, because science is merely an illusion or virtual reality that human crowded consciousness creates also. Someone could work out repeating the cell experiments.

I'm already pointing the following fact in the previous post  every event, which occurs in the world, becomes truth in the instant that we recognize it. So it’s not impossible to change practically fake cell to a real cell, which means, it depends on our consciousness.  

Well, the intention above of Ummite is an experiment that let post the article below me (by telepathy) and exposes the problematic STAP cell paper on the forums above. And after the scandal occurs, Ummite observes whether STAP cell still could change to a real cell or not.

Why does ‘STAP’ cell not happen when we eat a lemon?

Besides, Ummite posted many unforgiving comments intentionally, which are like Korean famous shit saying ‘beat a fall river dog with a stick’ for increasing Obokata’s and RIKEN’s negative image on the Japanese forums. It obviously damages the chance that let the STAP cell to be the real cell because the most people would recognize it’s a fake.

However, I’ve realized that underdog comments on the forums are growing. Thus people minds could change to a favorable situation of STAP cell. Maybe this phenomenon is anticipated, namely, included in such experiments. STAP cell ‘miracle’ might occur.

Anyway, this scandal episode could be a good opportunity to convince you how many scientists and researchers are irresponsible and, how they are performed by swindle scientists and researchers who are not worthy of their authorities and your admirations. Read below.

Sokal affair

Friday, March 14, 2014

To change ‘swindle’ STAP cell to real cell

The discovery of the STAP (Stimulus-Triggered Acquisition of Pluripotency) cell changed to a big scandal on internet forum communities and on mass media since posting the latest post (read below).

Why does ‘STAP’ cell not happen when we eat lemon?

Now I have a strong suspicion that this STAP cell scandal must be prepared due to be trying to trap me and, to humble and make fun of this blog for damaging its credibility, because I argue about the human evolution event of ‘pseudoscience’ with Ummite-based information in my blog. So there’s someone who doesn’t like it would attempt to kill me.

Bull shit Japanese ‘quality newspaper’, The Asahi Shimbum (in fact, Korean controlled by ‘They’ dominate this anti-Japan newspaper) has published the article below about the scandal. Read the ‘Related Articles’ on this page also.

Riken admits to problem images, but stops short of withdrawing controversial articles

Haruko Obokata

However, I need to explain here that our science and technologies are illusions that our crowded consciousness creates, but not about worthless scandal episodes. Thus our science is not so credible and accurate as you’re imaging (read below). In fact, every event, which occurs in the world (universe), becomes truth in the instant that we recognize it.

Fake great genius Einstein – theoretical physics an unreality

Why is the speed of light constant and the upper limit?

This STAP cell scandal might be a hoax because why did ‘one of most respected scientific journals’, Nature, accept and publish such problematic STAP cell paper? Despite Nature rejected it at least once commenting that Obokata was taunting the history of cell biology.

However, Nature finally accepted resubmitted her paper although it was problematic. Is Nature’s evaluation capability so much lower levels? Or is there some intention behind the scandal?

Acid bath offers easy path to stem cells

Even though such scandal episodes has occurred, I’ m sure that STAP cell is one of the most important human discoveries ever. Therefore we have to believe in the STAP cell as real cell. So the STAP cell will change to reality.