Monday, August 18, 2014

Why do Ashkenazi Jews rebuild Temple of Solomon in São Paulo? – Antichrist rules new civilization

I explained that the NWO conspiracy of Ashkenazi Jews (fake Jews) – including provocations for World War III – is just a part of the human evolution event in this blog (read below). According to the last article below, the Third Temple is likely should be constructed before the return of Jesus Christ as Messiah, namely, beginning World War III as one of the Great Tribulation.
Another signal of the event in the human evolution
What is the human evolution event?
No ‘good or evil’ in the human evolution event

Third Temple


However, there is no rebuilt Third Temple in Jerusalem so far. On the other hand, UCKG (read below) carried out an official inauguration ceremony of Temple of Solomon constructed in São Paulo, Brazil (read below) with the presence of the president of Brazil, the governor of São Paulo and so on, on July 31. According to an interpretation of the Bible, despite Jews have to rebuild the temple in Israel, if it would be in the other country such as Brazil, it could be for Antichrist – a settlement of Antichrist.
Universal Church of the Kingdom of God

Temple in Brazil Appeals to a Surge in Evangelicals


Temple of Solomon (São Paulo)

31/07/2014 - Dilma Rousseff prestigia cerimônia de inauguração do Templo de Salomão

No doubt, this Brazilian temple is the Third Temple that fake Jews (‘They’) had long hoped to complete their NWO. Then why did they select São Paulo as its site? You will not believe following argument, this is anything but nonsense. That means ‘They’ selected São Paulo because I live in there, namely, my mother was born on February 2, 1922 (2222) and I will be 66 years and 6 months old (666) when next Passover comes up on April 2015 (read below).
2014 - 2015 blood moons, solar eclipses and lunar eclipses on Jewish feast days The future of Israel

However, ‘They’ own wouldn’t know this fact. The will of our ‘That world’ must order them (in fact, their unconscious minds) to construct it in São Paulo without giving them such real reason. Furthermore, I’ve never been a Christian but I may be a legitimate Sephardic Jew descendant (read below) and I'm a new human. I must be an Antichrist due to I negated the existence of God (read below) and I have similar ideas of the NWO about post-human evolution event social rules (read below).
The biggest criminal in human history is Ashkenazi Jews -2
Why is the standard cosmological model wrong? – Consciousness created the universe.
What is ‘conflicts of consciousness’?

Well, next year will be exactly beginning of the Great Tribulation (this could be the human evolution event). However, after the tribulation, the return of Jesus Christ (Resurrection of Jesus or Second Coming) will not occur and Jesus will not destroy the Antichrist, as the Bible prophecy says (read below), because Jesus Christ was a precocious new human (not God) at that time according to the investigation of Ummite.

Therefore, about the millennial kingdom (new civilization with the evolved human) of the bible’s description, – if I believe ‘Premillennialism’ (read below) will be occur – there would be no contradiction between the Bible and this case that I will establish it as the Antichrist (a new human) after the tribulation on behalf of Christ (a new human). It means Jesus Christ = New Human = Antichrist.

In addition, regime of the new civilization will be literally a kingdom and fraudulent democracy with so-called politician will be extinct. Even the quote on democracy by Winston Churchill, “it has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time” is just swindler’s pretext for deceiving people. Churchill was crypt-Ashkenazi Jew also.

Now, let me mention about Rapture. In fact, the Rapture (read below) that evangelists, spiritualists and so on propagate it are a kind of pop-cultures, namely, a fiction (it isn’t the bible prophecy) as well as Ascension’s story. Instead, emergence of the new human and the human evolution event could be substitute for them. However, it will be unlike such Rapture and Ascension. The almost people are destined to die in any event (read below).
What Does the Bible Say About the Rapture?
My view of life and death
Our soul never extinct even if we die
Near Death Experience

It might be dead by natural disasters, by wars, by criminals, by diseases or by suicides. Even so, you do not need to be afraid of dying. It’s necessary for your evolution. Current human should be born again as the new human with evolved brain. However, population of the new civilization should be limited from 300 thousand to 500 thousand for its social stability.

Furthermore, ‘inalienable rights’ such as Life, Liberty, the pursuit of Happiness and human rights – it’s actually just a swindle – are should be limited also. True motive of our ‘existence’ in ‘This world’ is our evolution, but it’s not to be happy and, I have no notion of “Hate not the person but the vice”.

Aliens such as Ummite are the largest threat for the human and the human evolution event. We have to be free from any alien’s intervention and interference during the event (read below).  I should expel any alien as an invader. Moreover, we need to begin official contacts and negotiations with these aliens in post-event anyway. It’s absolutely necessary for our future.
We must reject alien interventions
Alien Ummite is invader

Who has conditions to negotiate with the aliens are neither world political leaders or real global handlers (‘They’), nor the United Nation. Every world leaders such as the president of the U.S. are controlled puppet of ‘They’. The UN with incompetent Secretary-General and many corrupt staffs is a delusive intergovernmental organization controlled by ‘They’. At any case, I must unique new human so far who can negotiate with such aliens. 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

My request to the scientists who advocate the standard cosmological model

Well readers, unfortunately, I have to recognize the theories of the alien Ummite that I was revealing them in this blog as truth. Therefore, my conclusion about the universe is: The whole universe including matter, energy, particles, bosons, etc. is literally illusion (non-matter) that our sensory organs create and, it was created by all (crowded) consciousness (non-matter) of organisms with intelligence such as the human.

If someone argues the existence of matter, this person should prove its origin of the matter without the hypothesis. Incidentally, our theoretical physic is abusing such hypotheses. In this case, we couldn’t call it a science – It’s more like an occult. 

Anyway, I’m expecting to get a much better answer on the issue above than the theories of Ummite from scientists, primarily, from the standard cosmological model’s advocates.

The controversy above is a provocation and a mental offensive of Ummite against us, which means that Ummite is launching ‘conflicts of consciousness’ against the human. As new human, I demand that not only scientists abandon immediately ‘hypothesis-based on another hypothesis’ standard cosmological model – it was fabricated and is been advocating by physicists such as a false Jew/fake great genius, Einstein – but they also create new cosmology that Ummite and other evolved organisms of intelligence could be convinced by its theories.

If our scientists could achieve it, the cosmology of the human would be truth without question (added on July 16, 2014).

First of all, the biggest problem of our science (cosmology) is that so-called matter exists even though it’s a hypothesis. We need a fundamental change in that thinking.

Only (crowded) consciousness and their histories, societies, policies, arts as images and otherwise, for example, any ideas, images, fantasies, concepts, concept models and etc. exist. Nothing more exists. The universe, our world, time, dimensions, atoms, molecules, particles, bosons, radiations, waves, gravity, matter and everything, everything is an illusion. Sensory organs of organisms which create such illusions are an illusion too. Even ‘Superball’ (read 'God particle is only state of "Superball"'), which was thought out for explaining about boson’s issue is an illusion.

In truth, we are communicating each other through telepathy (readHow did Ummite discover ‘That world’ and ‘Network of the soul”? – The principle of telepathy’). This is because we are not made of matter (read ‘We are not made matter’). Our sensory system such as visual system, auditory system, olfactory system etc. are an illusion, thus our speech communication is an illusion. Man-made communication tools such as telecommunication and computers-internet are an illusion too.

In addition, despite languages is also an illusion, there’s the problem that consciousness cannot communicate due to the different language, which means telepathies between our consciousness doesn’t work. However, we will be able to use telepathy generally along with our evolution as well as Ummite can do it. Besides, any languages will be unnecessary with consciousness fusion by ‘conflicts of consciousness’.

We use the words such as virtual reality, matrix, and hologram, which were invented by the human to express imaginary and/or non-matter things, but they are an illusion too. Everything is a mere illusion (added on July 18, 2014).

Friday, July 4, 2014

The end of the evolution of all organisms with intelligence in the universe

In the previous post, I verified on the question that who creates the consciousness. It would be likely a controversy of ‘chicken or the egg’ (read below) to know its creator. Therefore I’ve written ‘I cannot answer that question’ under a suggestion of Ummite.
Chicken or the egg

However, there’s an assumption that nothing exists except the consciousness even in such conclusion. If that assumption would be removed from it, there should be ‘something’ to create the consciousness that not only the current organisms with intelligence couldn’t know, but it also isn't so-called God. We need to find out it. In addition, even Ummite must not have a conclusive theory about what is the end of the evolution of all organisms with intelligence (crowded consciousness).   

That ‘something’, for example, might be the following: It’s an idea that just one unique fused consciousness (read below), at the end of the evolution and ‘conflicts of consciousness’ (read below) process, is even the creator of the consciousness. Which means that it’s the concept written in ‘Cyclical view of time’ of the article ‘chicken or the egg’ above, namely, it’s an eternal repetitive that the drawing of the ‘Möbius strip’ below shows.
What does ‘untold universe’ mean?

What is ‘conflicts of consciousness’?

‘The universe of Möbius strip’ concept (read ‘UFO Technology of Ummite -10’)

The argument in the last post that ‘even the consciousness, which is thinking about its consciousness, is the creator of its consciousness and the universe’ can be explained by this concept also. Incidentally, the consciousness numbers are going to shrink along with the evolution and ‘conflicts of consciousness. In this case, ‘Big Bang’ of the universe, is made of the crowded consciousness, doesn’t occur – in fact, ‘Big Crunch’ is occurring (read below).
It’s okay. Nothing really matters. We don’t actually exist, anyway. Or so the Higgs Boson particle suggests

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Why is the standard cosmological model wrong? – Consciousness created the universe

I argued several times that the human’s standard cosmological model with a lot of paradoxes is wrong. This time let me verify about the Big Bang theory, which has a fundamental defect. Read below.
Big Bang

How the Big Bang Theory Works

Why the Big Bang is wrong

I’ve already described why God does not exist in the post below. The Big Bang theory has the same problem recognized when I verified on the existence of God. On the Big Bang theory, first of all, ‘a single point’, of extreme density and temperature, included everything in the universe must exist before beginning cosmic inflation.
God does not exist because we are God

Moreover, in the post, I mentioned (if God would exist) 'Who created God?'. Thus I could ask a similar question about the Big Bang theory: Who created ‘a single point’? How was it created? The proponents of the theory have to explain not only the Big Bang but also solve about them. If there were no answer, this theory would be no longer considered a completed one.

Before constructing the Big Bang theory, the originator of the theory had to explain on ‘a single point’, but he left this issue as a mere hypothesis. Cosmologists, who couldn’t realize its fact although they are researching on the Big Bang evidence for a long time, must be idiots or swindlers who are more interested in economic and honorary benefits than cosmology research (read below). Therefore I have to say the Big Bang theory is a wrong model. Then is there an alternative theory?
'God particle' is only a state of 'Superball' -2

According to the alien Ummite, the universe was created by the crowded consciousness of all organisms with intelligence within it such as the human and, that is mere illusion because everything in the universe is non-matter. Read below.
We are not made of matter

What does ‘untold universe’ mean?

Now you maybe ask me who creates such consciousness as well as the question that who create God. My answer is I cannot answer that question because we are thinking this issue right now. If literally, nobody would be considering this matter, the problem would disappear, which means the asking is unanswerable for everybody.

In truth, we were created by thinking consciousness and we’re non-matter of virtual reality. Furthermore, everything recognized by our sensory organs such as seeing, hearing, feeling and so on is an illusion of a VR too. The ‘creation’ (making or production) is a concept, which can apply to the physical world. For example, even if I (I’m an illusion of VR, in truth, I’m a consciousness: non-matter) could dream about answering the questions above and how our consciousness (non-matter) was created, in fact, these asking is unanswerable.

Why could we think about it? The reason is that we exist (in truth, as non-matter) thinking it. We should remember Descartes’ statement “Codito ergo sum (I think therefore I am)”. It’s a waste to ask who creates the consciousness. I would venture to say that even the consciousness, which is thinking about its consciousness, is the creator of its consciousness and the universe.

Incidentally, some people believe we could develop artificial intelligence instead of the human in future like ‘Skynet’ and ‘HAL’ of the SF movies. Thus you might think a creator of the human must exist. However, the alien Ummite never has been able to create such artificial intelligence (consciousness) despite tried it, because it’s a mere illusion that the consciousness creates. It means that it’s impossible the illusion created by the consciousness creates any its creator (consciousness).   

For the people who couldn’t be convinced by my explanation above and still believe in God as the creator of the human, let me try the mental experiment as follows:

Assume that I don’t believe in God (actually, I don’t believe in God) and the rest of the human believes in God. If I would completely disappear (including my existence in ‘Life after death’) right now, God of the human could exist. On the contrary, if every human except me literally would disappear, God couldn’t exist because I don’t believe in God.

The universe began 100 thousand years ago, according to Ummite – it’s entirely different from the human’s universe model that the universe began 14.5 billion years ago with the Big Bang. However, birth time of the universe is not essencial fact so that every specie of organism with intelligence can have own histories (read below). Such histories are just illusion also.
Why is the speed of light constant and upper limit?

Read the reference post below

Fake great genius Einstein – theoretical physics is unreality

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Is the Protocols of the Elders of Zion fabricated?

More than 100 years ago, 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion' by Ashkenazi (fake Jews) appeared in Russia (read below). Many authorities and 'reliable' people claim it’s a fabricated text. However, without doubt, this is true because the events that the text mentions are actually occurring in the current real world. Read the full text of the protocols below to check it.
The Protocols of the Elders of Zion


Incidentally, false Jews ('They') call people who do not want to believe this fact are 'Goyim'. Now let's see 'PROTOCOL No. 13' on the page below. Read the part of the original text below.

3. In order to distract people who may be too troublesome from discussions of questions of the political we are now putting forward what we allege to be new questions of the political, namely, questions of industry. In this sphere let them discuss themselves silly! The masses are agreed to remain inactive, to take a rest from what they suppose to be political (which we trained them to in order to use them as a means of combating the GOY governments) only on condition of being found new employments, in which we are prescribing them something that looks like the same political object.

In order that the masses themselves may not guess what they are about WE FURTHER DISTRACT THEM WITH AMUSEMENTS, GAMES, PASTIMES, PASSIONS, PEOPLE'S PALACES.... SOON WE SHALL BEGIN THROUGH THE PRESS TO PROPOSE COMPETITIONS IN ART, IN SPORT IN ALL KINDS: these interests will finally distract their minds from questions in which we should find ourselves compelled to oppose them. Growing more and more dis-accustomed to reflect and form any opinions of their own, people will begin to talk in the same tone as we because we alone shall be offering them new directions for thought... of course through such persons as will not be suspected of solidarity with us.

In fact, false Jews ('They') use '3S' (Sports, Sex and Screen: entertainments as football, WWE (wrestling), car racing, Hollywood movies, TV soap operas, reality television, celebrities, porn, video game and etc.) to distract your attention from political and social problems (frauds), events should be hidden, and so on.

So, for example, what happens in the sport? I published the post below about manipulations of the games in the previous World Cup. In this Brazil World Cup, I've noticed a fraud in the Brazil-Croatia game. The South Korean origin Japanese judge who doesn’t speak English (he can’t speak even though FIFA denies), Yuich Nishimura has given the wrong judgment under orientation of the FIFA, namely, of 'they'.
Prophet Octopus?

This shameless fake Japanese judge helped the South Korean national soccer team, which could reach the World Cup with fraud judgments.

Read the reference post below.
‘Agenda' of ‘They’

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Animals’ evolution event happens along with human evolution event

In Deep’, a Japanese blog, argues massive mortality of animals on Earth is occurring by citing the articles below of worldwide many newspapers (the articles below are just part of them).
Emergency: Our planet is dying

Huge fish die-offs in California and Minnesota. What’s happening?

Outdoors notebook: Virus clue in death of 500,000 Asian carp

Freakish disease is turning starfish into goo

Young seals, sea lions starving in record numbers

2013-2014 Bottlenose Dolphin Unusual Mortality Event in the Mid-Atlantic

The blog presents the articles below also, which reveal ‘great extinction’ of organisms on Earth. Moreover, the second one below points on ocean acidification phenomenon and says some organisms went extinct and others evolved with such ocean acidification. Read 'Extinction event' below for understanding of five great extictions.
Scientists: World is on the brink of a sixth great extinction

Modern Ocean Acidification Is Outpacing Ancient Upheaval, Study Suggests
Extinction event

Incidentally, you might think the global warming with increase CO2 emission is occurring, reading the articles above. However, without doubt, we are in the coming new ice age as this blog argues. Read below.
IPPC continues to insist on utter bilge

What is the human evolution event?

My view of life and death

All organisms on Earth should face the evolution event for its continued existence of the species.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

About my lactobacillus plantarum experiment

I believe Obokata, the author of the STAP cell controversial papers, is really a puppet of RIKEN and Vacanti. She must have generated the STAP cell only under instructions of her babysitters (superiors) as Iiyama mentioned it (read below). In addition, this alleged Korean origin shameless Japanese researcher is preparing a lawsuit against RIKEN that ordinary Japanese wouldn’t try it because of shame. Read below.     
Iiyama sells his lactobacillus for STAP cell generation

RIKEN Report Is Virtual Acid Bath of Criticism for Obokata: What’s Next?

However, this fact no longer important for STAP cell (Multipotent cell) generation. After I had posted the article above, I decided to make brown rice-based lactobacillus plantarum with the help of some blog articles in Japanese. It was easy than I thought if you could prepare appropriate materials. Fortunately, its materials are relatively easily obtainable. Therefore, I got a liquid like orange or lemon juice.

I’m recognizing that who provoked the STAP cell papers scandal is the alien Ummite. This event is a research for the human by Ummite. I’ve been suspecting Iiyama would be a contactee of Ummite – I‘ve asked him regarding it on Skype but he denied – and his lactobacillus plantarum knowledge maybe came from Ummite as well as the MHD and the plasma technologies (read below).
The U.S. stole technology of Ummite

After that, I have to find an experimental method for checking whether my lactobacillus liquid indeed works or not because I have no laboratory and experience for stem cells research.

When Obokata’s STAP cell became highlight on Japanese newspapers, I found some jokes about the STAP cell on internet forums, for example, an application as a hair regrowth treatment. So I thought it’s a good idea to prove my lactobacillus effect anyway despite there’s no scientific evidence – an article says that such lactobacillus cannot affect epidermis.

In any case, I began to apply my brown rice-based lactobacillus liquid on a bald on my top of head (I am 65 years old). I would have an ability to provoke ‘Schrödinger’s cat’ phenomenon through telepathy (read below) with my determination, because I’m a new human. If my hair loss would fully recover after such lactobacillus treatment, it could change to the truth for all human.
Why dose ‘STAP’ cell not happen, when we eat lemon?

Furthermore, I wear presbyopic glasses of +2.5DS and I have fixed cavities but its tooth recently broke. Of cause, I decided to use my lactobacillus liquid for its treatment along with eating it as health food.    

By the way, you would have realized the link button to order the lactobacillus liquid, if you tried to order it on the online shop of Iiyama. Why does he stop its selling? Intention of Iiyama, namely, Ummite would accept such my experiment and would be expecting good news from me without selling his lactobacillus. His lactobacillus (Iiyama argue his lactobacillus is Artemisia-based) effect could secure in that way.

Well, right now, I’m feeling my hair loss on the bald of head is obviously recovering since 25 days ago, the beginning to apply my lactobacillus liquid. 

Friday, May 9, 2014

Iiyama sells his lactobacillus for STAP cell generation

Finally, Obokata, the author of the alleged STAP cell fraud paper, unfortunately, is likely guilty (read below). However, this episode isn't over yet for someone and me.
The Latest on the STAP controversy

I presented Iiyama in the post below last month. Iiyama argued on May 9, there’re five crucial questions on his blog about this scandal as follows:
Iiyama argues the low PH acid-bath is his lactobacillus

1. Why is RIKEN putting an end of the STAP cell paper scandal hiding all facts, despite own RIKEN decided to publish the STAP cell papers in Nature and to have its patent application.

2. I have a suspicion that Hitoshi Niwa (Project leader at RIKEN) and Yoshiki Sasai (Director of a group at RIKEN) might make the STAP cell practically.

3. (Therefore) I’m suspecting that let Obokata made only the repeating experiments understanding almost nothing.

4. What is ‘acid liquid like orange juice’ that Obokata mentioned about the low PH acid-bath? This fact still is not being disclosed and not being pursued.

5. There’s a relationship between Ohta at Kumamoto University, who made the ‘Multipotent cell’ with Iiyama’s lactobacillus and Hitoshi Niwa (Project reader at RIKEN and Kumamoto University grad). Ohta said, “I went to RIKEN and explained all things!” to a researching company.

Iiyama argued that only you need to soak cells of the dermis from mice in his lactobacillus bath, then it must change (to the STAP cells) dramatically. Furthermore, he announced sales of his lactobacillus for generating ‘Multipotent cell’ in the post above through his online shop below.
Lactobacillus liquid selling shop (in Japanese: use online translator)

I have no intention to promote the lactobacillus selling and to deceive you. This information is exactly for my strong curiosity whether the lactobacillus could affect to the cells or not. Of course, I hope the STAP cell realization as the divulgation in the post (read below).
Originator of the STAP cell is Charles Vacanti – Ummite exposed the ‘swindle’ STAP cell paper  

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Our soul never extinct even if we die

I posted ‘My view of life and death’ in the last year and I argued our ‘Life on Earth’ is just a location where our soul experience lives as an organism. Besides our soul never extinct even if we die. Recently I found more examples to confirm these arguments, thus let me cite it below.

Do you have any idea why many organ transplant recipients could change their personality and tastes like its donors after transplants (watch the video below)? The reason is because their souls remain even though their death, which means the donor’s souls continue to be in the recipients as ‘parasitic soul’.

Inherited Memory in Organ Transplant Recipients

Another example would be criminal cases. Sharon Neill is famous blind psychic investigator who was involved in the investigation of the murder of Marie Payne. Read below.
Hello, is anybody there?

Watch the video below for another case (attached on July 21, 2015 and June 20, 2016).

The medium Chico Xavier died in 2002 is very popular and famous in Brazil. He could have same ability such as Sharon Neill (watch the video below). I posted the article about Chico Xavier in Portuguese ‘Psicografadas de Chico Xavier são fraudes’ in 2010, which described his ability was a fraud. However, of course, I changed my mind later.

Chico Xavier

About ‘near-death experience’, what impresses me is Dr. Eden Alexander case. Read and watch the video below (added on June 02, 2014).
Dr. Eden Alexander

Anyway, every psychics and mediums, except its swindlers who use magic tricks, could have same ability to contact with deceased person’s souls (consciousness) through telepathy.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Iiyama argues the low PH acid-bath is his lactobacillus

A Japanese lactobacillus plantarum (read below) researcher, Ichiro Iiyama, has argued in his blog below (in Japanese) that the Kunimasa Ohta’s experiment (read below) at Kumamoto University, Japan used his lactobacillus plantarum for realizing ‘Multipotent cell’ as well as ‘STAP cell’.
Lactobacillus plantarum

Lactic Acid Bacteria Covert Human Fibroblasts to Multipotent Cells

Moreover Iiyama not only has criticized Ohta is hiding its lactobacillus origin, which used in his experiment but he has hinted at Haruko Obokata who disclose the method for STAP cell maybe used his lactobacillus plantarum that Ohta gave it to RIKEN.

Well, if Iiyama would be saying truth, the low PH acid-bath, used in the experiment of STAP cell might be lactobacillus plantarum. 

Friday, March 28, 2014

What is our recognizing truth?

We usually can say it’s important to know the truth for us, or right to know is a fundamental human right we have. However, does our recognizing truth really exist on our ‘This world’?

For example, let’s think about ongoing the Malaysia Airlines 370 incident. This flight, which disappeared on March 8, 2014, has been lost even though the international search teams have been searching huge area after that. Finally, according to Malaysian authorities on 24 March, the Malaysian plane crashed into the South Indian Ocean and it claims there were no survivors. Furthermore many possible debris were found at 2500km off the south west cost of Perth, Australia on several satellites images

Now you can think, of course, there’s the ‘truth’ of reason, which resulted the incident that possible death the passengers and the crews know. If there’re no survivors and no direct witnesses, investigators will pursue the ‘truth’ of reason on the incident, investigating and analyzing it in-depth. Even so, an incident of unknown reason could result in this case. Usually the truth would be determinate such way.

Then let’s think on this incident accordance with the argument in the latest posts of this blog. Before that, let you know it again – every event, which occurs in ‘This world’, become ‘truth’ in the instance that we recognize it (as the truth). Even such ‘truth’ is mere illusion that our crowded consciousness creates. It means that the ‘truth’ of the incident has still not been determining after the Malaysian plane has been lost.

In addition, is the ‘truth’ of the incident only one? Our normal idea, of course, is that truth should be only one. However, according to the ‘untold universe’ that I revealed about it in the post below, plural its scenarios occur in the ‘parallel worlds’. I can explain it as follows.
What does ‘untold universe’ mean?

This incident seems a conspiracy of ‘They’. Then my idea is that, for example, it’s Chinese false flag operation due to dominate primary transportation routes for their energy resources. The Malaysian plane, which was going to Maldives where practically Chinese dominates these islands and U.S. military warning system maybe located in Diego Garcia detects it. Nothing answer received from the plane, the U.S. military destroyed it despite the military recognized it’s the Malaysian plane, namely, on purpose. I remember the Korean Air Line 007 shoot-down incident (read below).
Korean Air Lines Flight 007

Incidentally, the U.S. Air Force jet fighter shot down the Japan Airlines Flight 123 in 1985 and its truth was hiding with information manipulations. I believe the article below is a disinformation by 'They', despite this shoot down incident is the truth
News U.S. Illuminati

So assume that I could realize the scenario above in my 'parallel world'. Obviously, after this incident, World War III will occur as is expected. If I say another conspiracy scenario, It might be Rothschild involved case (read below). Alternatively, the pilot of the plane might provoke this incident alone and so on.  
Rothschild Takes Down Malaysian Airliner MH370 to Gain Rights to a Semiconductor Patent – Getting Rid of Those Who Stood in His Way!

Anyway, such scenarios of the incident could realize in each other’s ‘parallel world’. After that, the ‘truth’ of the incident is determine though ‘conflicts of consciousness’, resulting ‘Schrodinger’s cat’ phenomena. What is your scenario?