Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fake great genius Einstein – theoretical physics is an unreality

Last year, I revealed the theory of 'Superball' (read below) of the alien Ummite and argued the current standard cosmological model of the human is wrong in this blog. I’m not alone, for example, a Japanese blogger commented that the current standard cosmological model is close to an occult. I thought this is an appropriate comment.
'God particle' is only a state of 'Superball'

According to the theory of 'Superball', the universe is made of the crowded consciousness of every organism with intelligence as the human (read below). At least this theory does not seem to have the many contradictions that the standard cosmological model has, although there is the fundamental issue that nobody knows real universe.
What does 'untold universes' mean?

Besides, Ummite alleges that came from the planet Ummo of the solar system Iumma where it’s 14.3 years-light distance from the planet Earth boarding in their spaceships (using his theory of the 'Twin universe'). Read below. It would be impossible to reach our solar system, spending only six months, if the current theory of human were correct.
UFO Technology of Ummite -8
UFO Technology of Ummite -9

Therefore, scientists argue that aliens cannot get to planet earth, even if these would exist, because there are huge distances between solar systems and our contacts with the aliens couldn’t happen. However, in fact, many alien species have already come to Earth according to Ummite.

Well, let me change the subject. At this time, I'll comment on Einstein. I think there’re still many people who believe in the past reputation that the theory of relativity of great genius Einstein is a great feat of human history and, he is generous. However, recent progress of the theory of quantum mechanics affects the standard cosmological model and the reputation of Einstein. Read below.
No ‘good or evil’ in the human evolution event

Nikola Tesla has a false reputation (must be manipulated) – actually, despite he has the bad image of 'mad scientist', he was a truly great scientist who contributed to the scientific and technologists, comparing the contribution of the theoretical physicist Einstein who left only his theories that most of us understand nothing.

So, what was Einstein's biggest contribution? That is, for example, he blamed God for the limits of his theories forged using mathematical models. Moreover, his theory ‘The speed of light is the upper limit for the speeds of objects with positive rest mass’ gives a reason that the human couldn’t contact with aliens, written above, for scientists and skeptics.

Although the universe was made of crowded consciousness, the universe is not a thing explained by such mathematical models. All of us who really do not understand the complicated mathematics must understand true aspect of the universe. Because the most creator of the universe (the crowded consciousness) is such people. Incidentally, Ummite doesn’t have such as theoretical physics even if they have experimental physics by using computer simulation.

Now I will point out misconceptions of mathematics, which uses theoretical physics. For example, I found an article with the following question on the net. 7 + 7 ÷ 7 + 7x7 - 7 =?  The correct answer is 50. This article says that 92% of the answers were wrong. Then before you calculate it, you need to know the order of operations (read below). Frankly speaking, I didn’t know, or I had forgotten its rule.
Order of operations

This means that, firstly, there’re rules of mathematics. If you do not obey such rules, a calculation of an equation should be incorrect. Which means, if everyone could obey defined rules, the mathematics wouldn’t care that the rules are actually correct or not. Equations of theoretical physics consist of such axioms and theorems, namely, of some initial hypotheses.

If a result of calculations and simulations, using equations consisted of some theories could explain and could predict physical phenomena, which is actually measured accurately, I could say that these theories are correct.

Indeed, due to mathematical theories such as Newton's laws can explain most such physical phenomena observed on planet earth where classical mechanics theories etc. have developed. However, theoretical physics with mathematical theories developed cannot explain physical phenomena of the universe preciously.

When I think about the universe according to theories of Ummite, even though most of the human does not understand the complicated mathematics of the mechanic theories, if this majority could recognize the validity of the mathematics and the theoretical physics, it could be real, but only in our world of the planet Earth.

However, on the cosmological model, we couldn’t adopt the human’s model based on Earth because it’s a combination of other organisms with intelligence. In reality, there must not be true ‘correct theories’ in the universe, which is made of crowded consciousness. I revealed this fact in the posting ‘No “good or evil” in the human evolution event'

Well. I’ve criticized that the work of Einstein and theoretical physics above, then what is the reason that we admit Einstein is a great genius? Obviously not because of us, ordinary people with common head directly recognize, understanding such equations of theories. This is because the branches of physics experts, such as Nobel laureates recognize it. Therefore, we're just following behind them.

Incidentally, the Nobel Prize has a role for such false science could gain authority and consequently deceive people ('Goyim'). The Higgs particle ('God particle') of Peter Higgs who won the Nobel Prize in physics 2013 is totally farce and there is no need to say about the IPCC report with Al Gore who won the Nobel Peace Prize 2007 (read below). Equations used in economics for the world economy, which is huge casino of swindlers are the same things.
'God particle' is only a state of 'Superball' -2
No ‘good or evil’ in the human evolution event
IPCC continues to insist on the utter bilge

Ordinary people have to understand 'correct theories', even if the world ('This world') was made of crowded consciousness such as 'Virtual Reality'. If the majority couldn’t understand, for example, the theoretical physics it would be extinguished by 'conflict of consciousness' (see below). Anyway, the important thing is that science and mathematics created by crowded consciousness are just crowded illusions.
What is 'conflicts of consciousness'?

Einstein who created the theories that we cannot understand did not accept the quantum theory. The detail of his famous affirmation in the letter to the physicist Max Born “God does not play dice” is as follows.

"Quantum mechanics is certainly imposing commanding. But an inner voice tells me that this is not the real McCoy. The theory says a lot, but the mystery of the ancients brings us any closer. Anyway, I am convinced that the old man (God) does not play dice."

Moreover, he argued many things about God (Read below) such as “I believe in Spinoza's God, Who reveals Himself in the lawful harmony of the world, not in a God Who concerns Himself with the fate and the doings of mankind.” Read below.
Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

Finally, he fools himself into believing, attributing all of his theories misconceptions to God. It means that he finally endorsed scientifically the existence of God and performed the role of a missionary. Read below.
God does not exist because we are God
We are not made of matter

The famous photo below that he is showing the tongue is due to Einstein must be ashamed because he must know that his works did not deserve the praise of the world.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Practice 'Sungazing' to acquire telepathy ability

I had practiced 'Sungazing' for over three years (see below) and stopped it because I concluded it had actually no effects that I wanted. However, recently I’ve realized (maybe via telepathy) that it gave me another effect – the telepathy ability. By the way, Sungazing of Manek is fraud (watch the video below).
Indian lives without food and water for over 70 years, is it true?

Even though there was no desired effect such as live without food and strengthening the immune system for me, instead, 'Sungazing' gave me the telepathy ability. I mean you can have this ability activating the pineal gland of the brain by sunlight. Furthermore, there is even possibility of being the new human with this effect.

Obviously, I didn’t have this information when practiced 'Sungazing'. Did I overlook it? After that, I looked for related information on the Internet and found it without difficulty. However I realized that the source of information seems to come from NASA, the Freemasons and etc., namely, from 'They' (read below).
Pineal gland

NASA Confirms Super-Human Abilities

The Pineal Gland: Crystal Transducer

So I thought this information was strange. Is this a disinformation of ‘They’? Finally I’m convinced that this is true. Probably, it could be for 'they' become the new human. I mean, it maybe a propaganda that 'they' already know a way to be the new human – 'They' have shit habit to give people (‘Goyim’) previous notices of the events provoked by 'They' in movies, on the Internet, in magazine articles and etc.

Well, I need to tell something very important right now. I have no intention to recommend 'Sungazing' to anyone. If in case you would practice 'Sungazing' after reading this post, injuries (in your eyes) could occur or it could occurs that you cannot get the telepathy ability. You have to contemplate before deciding it. I will not take any responsibility for your own actions.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

My view of life and death

View of life and death vary among religions, cultures and so on. Some philosophies of Buddhism and Bushido (read below) seem to be theory of ‘That world’ and ‘Network of the soul’ of the alien Ummite arguments, not exactly them but close.

In recent several posts in this blog, I’ve explained logically that God (gods) doesn’t exist and the crowded consciousness of the organism with intelligence such as the human created the world and the universe – in contradiction to Genesis, the human created God also. Thus I argued our existence and the world’s (the universe’) existence, in fact, are illusions that such consciousness generate it, i.e., it’s a virtual reality.

Furthermore, always I’ve revealed something on the human evolution event (read below) in many posts and, the almost human must face death before own natural death comes. So people’s options remained are very little. This means that It’s just a matter of time and how to the most people dies. Nobody can avoid this fate except new human who assume the world after the evolution event – of course, this is not mean that all new human can survive.
What is the human evolution event?

For people who doesn’t believe in the human evolution event as a utter bilge, this post would have no value to read and even if you read this one, I have no intention of convincing or preaching something you by this post. Of course, you can enjoy the time you have left, as you want. So this time, let us think about the view of life and death.

There is couple of ideas on ‘This world’ – One is a belief in the immortality of the soul and the other one is absolute extinction of the soul after death. If heaven and hell would exist, then the soul should be immortality. However, such death likely to be hate by some religions, for example, Christians would prohibit trying to commit suicides and would refuse to accept their death until the last moment. Normally people fight unhopefully against death except believers, for example, of Bushido. It could result such as ‘futile cares’ and provoke even ‘Death with dignity’ issue also as its consequence. Read below.
How Doctors Die

Swindle religious, for example, commit some imprinting (mind control) to convince their believers that death is fearful things or painful for purpose of dominating and exploiting them and finally, to let peoples believe in gods. Moreover, many religious, thinkers, politicians, civil society activists and so on allege preciousness of life. Why do they argue it? The biggest reason would be a fear of peoples, which might be their completely extinction after death such as ‘Lost lives will never return’.
Indian lives without food and for over 70 years, is it true? (Reference)

Maybe anyone of us would have at least an experience like that. A long time ago, when I was annoyed by gastrointestinal troubles or by sharp headache etc., I’ve spent sleepless nights because I thought maybe I had cancer or fatal illness. Therefore, I was afraid to die, imaging myself on a bed of a hospital and undergoing a surgery or, imaging myself who is facing death.

Although I’m impressed with some readings about religions and philosophies or, about someone’s private memory who overcomes fear of death, but it cannot convince me because nobody has correct (scientific) answers. However, I don’t feel it anymore right now. Incidentally, the Native Americans don’t have fear of death too.
The Native American View on Life & Death

According to my understanding, the human body is a mere vehicle for a soul (consciousness) on ‘This world’– in fact, virtual reality. The soul remains in ‘That world’ without disappear after death, namely, the human life is an action so that the soul with its temporary body of virtual reality could acquire its experiences – whether good or evil – on ‘This world’ and after the death, it goes back to the original site (‘Network of the soul’ of ‘That world’).

The body, after the soul goes out, is just a human flesh. If someone who has special sensorial organ that the human doesn’t have, would observe the human body, it could be a illusion as well as Ascension geek ague a emergence of ‘spiritual body (non-physical body)’ after its ascension. It means true human body is already non-matter without the ascension (read below).
We are not made of matter

In fact, there would be a possibility that someone can restart a life different from his previous life with regrets. Because there’re no few peoples who have (insoluble) memory of the other death parsons despite they have never met each other or have never had their information (read below). Why did these ‘reincarnations’ happen? Furthermore, there’s a mysterious issue such as homosexual or gender identify disorder, and it seems to be an increasing trend. Why does it occur?

After a person’s death, his/her soul will be a member of our ‘Network of the soul’ of ‘That world’ immediately. However, if a person dead, for example, due to an unexpected accident or serious disease and so on, and if his/her soul would have strong wish to restart another life, it could realize.

This means the soul could have second chance to live in ‘This world’ eventually as well as the phenomenon (reincarnation) above, because of too small supply of souls from ‘That world’ for uncontrollable human population growth.

Regarding the homosexuality, it might occur due to a mismatch of sex between the soul and a given body to live in ‘This world’ when the soul has the second chance. It means the homosexuality could be a proof that the human body is mere a vehicle of the soul as allege above. By the way, it’s not a possibility that the human (organism with intelligence) souls born again as other animals, for example, cat or dog souls. According to Ummite, such animals have own ‘Network of the soul’ also.

Well, I have to emphasize a fundamental fact of this event again. It is that NWO conspiracy and coming World War III, which are provoked by the real rulers (‘They’), are not so important. Such conspiracies work just as tools to complete the event, and ‘They’ are just under control of the will of ‘That world’.

Then, will ‘They’ be able to complete NWO? No, ‘They have no chance even though ‘They’ could evacuate into the huge underground shelter (read below). Moreover, ‘conflicts of consciousness’ must increase commensurately with egoism dimensions of ‘They’. Therefore, resistances of the other persons against NWO will increase.
Another signal of the event in the human evolution

Will syndrome ‘accelerated aging’ be our near future?

What is ‘conflicts of consciousness’?

                                    New World Order Plan to Kill 90% of the World’s Population