Monday, November 5, 2012

We are not made of matter

I posted ‘God does not exist because we are God’ on this blog in last March. This new post is additional information about its posting issue. I hope the article below gives you a better understanding.

The almost religion claims gods created the world (the universe) and the human. Then naturally you could have next question. “Who created God (gods)?” Some answer might be: god of gods, God anyway has existed and so on. However, there’s nothing explanations to convince me so far.

First, we have to understand how we recognize ourselves (our existence) because who recognizes such gods are exactly we – the human. You might know Descartes’ statement: “Codito ergo sum (I think, therefore I am). So we have ability to recognize not only ourselves but others, animals, plants, the world, the universe and even gods.

Our brain can recognize such things by using the sensory system. But these human’s ‘sensors’ maybe limited to recognize our ‘true world’, in fact, our vision can’t see infrared and our audition can’t detect ultrasonic wave. This means that we cannot verify aspects of our ‘true world (everything)’ due to a lack of suitable human’s ‘sensor’  

We can feel existence of our solid body and everything through only its perceptions such as sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch, balance, pain, time and others. Eventually, our consciousness can recognize them. That is to say everything’s existence – including gods – is depending on our consciousness, i.e., human’s consciousness.

Therefore I can say that our world and everything ware created by the human consciousness, there were not created by the gods as the religions claim. The gods are just illusion (delusion) that human’s brains created. Besides, I can point out that heaven, hell, devils and angels are delusions also.

More correct way for mentioning it, I have to say ‘crowded human’s consciousness or ‘crowded consciousness of organisms with intelligence’ create the world and everything because its existence isn’t made of individual consciousness. All human consciousness influences each other to realize our real world.

If there would be someone has a special sensory organ that the human doesn’t have, he could see such ‘true world’ above and if he could observe, our real world would be like a Virtual Reality. 

Because even we could recognize that our body is made of matter (particles) using our sensory system, in truth, it made of ‘superball’ – even though this is sourse of mutter, it's not matter. Matter is an illusion. The atoms such as hydrogen, oxygen, and so on, which are in the Periodic table are illusion too. Read below for understanding it.
‘God particle’ is just a state of ‘Superball’

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