Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What does ‘untold universe’ mean?

Even though I already revealed regarding true structure of the universe in the post, ‘“God particle” is only a state of “Superball”’, some unclear points such as ‘10 dimensions and twin' ‘untold universe’ mentioned in ‘Letters from the alien Ummite’ still remain.

Then what does the ‘untold universe’ mean? This time let me answer this question.  I argued who created the universe was crowded consciousness of whole ‘organism with intelligence’ (‘That world’ is its part) in the universe (read ‘God does not exist because we are God’. The overall crowded consciousness of whole ‘diversity specie groups’ created the universe, according to Ummite.

Despite its groups share same universe, their group’ That world created stories of the universe differently from each other such as the difference between the human and Ummite. According to human’s standard cosmology, the universe began with a phenomenon so-called Big Bang more than 13 billion years ago, but Ummite argues that it occurred just about 100 thousand years ago.

Anyway, firstly I need to change the figure of the twin universe in the post ‘UFO Technology of Ummite -8’ to the conceptual figure below for explaining the meaning above. According to this figure, the universe is constructed with diversity specie group’s universes, namely, crowded consciousness of OWI (‘organism with intelligence’) and with consciousness of individual OWI inside those group’s universes.  

On the other hand, we observe the universe using our sensory system, but in fact, it’s mere illusion (read ‘We are not made from matter’). Additionally civilizations, politics, economics, science, technology and so on are illusions also.

‘Human’s universe’ includes approximately 7 billon individual human’s universes and That world of the human and, overall other ‘Universes of other species’ includes individual OWI’s universes and That world too. This fact is exactly the reason of phrase ‘untold universe’.

Now your consciousness is one of such universes. Overall other universes except yours would be ‘Parallel Worlds’ or ‘Parallel Universes’ for you. Inside of these universes, for example, your universe history would be different form the other universes, or different events might be happened each other, and so on. So the ‘Parallel Worlds’ are not SF story. Read below.

If there would be a trillion of OWI in the ‘Universe’ of the figure, there should be a trillion of their own universes. However, these universes must dwindle. It’s an evolution process.

Let’s think about a private human life.  A strong intension of a person still alive could change his own universe, but he couldn’t change other person’s universes (‘Parallel Worlds’ for him). So someday, such different stories dwindle and finally, just one unique universe could remain due to gradually extinction (death) of the persons (consciousness) or, due to reduction of the individual universes (consciousness) as a result of its fusions, occur after ‘conflicts of consciousness between the persons.

This process applies equally to between different specie groups (‘Universes of other species’) such as between the human and Ummite, namely, just one unique specie with just one unique consciousness remains after extinctions of the specie groups or, the process would be occurred by fusions process of specie groups too, for example, Ummite desires it for his next evolution avoiding his extinction.

Well readers, the theory above of Ummite is suggesting very important issue for the human. It is that the human’s consciousness finally must be fused – whether you can accept it or not. Conceptions such as individual, ego and something like that, we respect it, must be extinct, of course, such as rights as human rights, liberty, fraternity and principles couldn’t survive.

After wrote up this post, the intention of Ummite became clearer for me. My conclusion is same as before. The intervention way of Ummite must be wrong, which means, it’s unfair that a superior specie group such as Ummite co-opts the human due to have higher advanced technology because he evolved earlier accidentally than the human.

In fact, despite Ummite gives me chance of the counterarguments like this opportunity, I always feel that Ummite continues control me and my internet access is restrained unnecessary. Ummite with ‘Totalitarianism in insect social’ (read ‘Alien Ummite is invader’) might not have experience the democracy of the human – even though it’s a swindle in fact – and respect for individual freedom without causing social conflict, in my idea.

I don’t think the evolution could be achieved by that the superior someone dominates others with his technology power.  I feel obviously an arrogance of Ummite in the position of superiority. This is exactly ‘conflicts of consciousness’ mentioned above between the human and Ummite.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Interstellar spaceship has to be ‘saucer’ type

I revealed the aspect of the true universe in the post ‘“God particle” is only a state of “Superball”’. There’re a lot of witnesses who allege that saw UFOs in the air around there.  But are its UFOs truth?

Firstly, the interstellar ship must travel for many light-years, thus it’s practically impossible to practice interstellar travels by conventional design giant spaceships such as some science fictions describe it. Aliens evolved who are able to travel to other stars should use the twin universe to reach, according to Ummite.

Therefore, the interstellar spaceship has to be ‘saucer’ type because of the materialize problem, which is mentioned in ‘“God particle” is only a state of “Superball”’.

The spaceship with electromagnetic system to generate strong magnetic field to go into another universe should spin. So the spaceship design must be a spinning top, i.e., of ‘saucer’. There’s no other type, for example, cigar shape UFOs as well as the giant spaceship showed in the post, ‘Is a giant spaceship on the moon?’.

Furthermore, the almost ‘non-saucer’ shape UFOs testimony must be wrong or must be objects of ‘Project Blue beam’.     

Sunday, November 11, 2012

About the disinformation of Ummite

I have already manifested that I refuse the intervention plan of Ummite in the human, in this blog.  My intention is no change due to the fact below.

Ummite disagreed about his disinformation described in the post, ‘“God particle” is only a state of “Superball”’ via telepathy.

I posted ‘Antimatter weapon is 10000 times of the atomic bomb power’ in 2010, but in fact, the antimatter bombs mentioned in this post were faked, because the antimatter for detonating the bombs cannot remain in our universe. Thus the bombs were not antimatter type. It might be plasma bombs. I pointed out this fact was disinformation of Ummite.

After that, Ummite argued that it was not his disinformation, but it was by the physicist Petit. So finally, I accepted this argument of Ummite. Read below.
The physicist Jean-Pierre Petit surrendered to ‘They’

Monday, November 5, 2012

We are not made of matter

I posted ‘God does not exist because we are God’ on this blog in last March. This new post is additional information about its posting issue. I hope the article below gives you a better understanding.

The almost religion claims gods created the world (the universe) and the human. Then naturally you could have next question. “Who created God (gods)?” Some answer might be: god of gods, God anyway has existed and so on. However, there’s nothing explanations to convince me so far.

First, we have to understand how we recognize ourselves (our existence) because who recognizes such gods are precisely we – the human. You might know Descartes’ statement: “Codito ergo sum (I think therefore I am). So we can recognize not only ourselves but others, animals, plants, the world, the universe and even gods.

Our brain can recognize such things by using the sensory system. But these human’s ‘sensors’ may be limited to recognize our ‘true world’, in fact, our vision can’t see infrared and our audition can’t detect ultrasonic wave, which means that we cannot verify aspects of our ‘true world (everything)’ due to a lack of suitable human’s ‘sensor’  

We can feel the existence of our solid body and everything through only its perceptions such as sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch, balance, pain, time and others. Eventually, our consciousness can recognize them. That is to say everything’s existence – including gods – is depending on our consciousness, i.e., human’s consciousness.

Therefore I can say that our world and everything ware created by the human consciousness, there were not created by the gods as the religions claim. The gods are just illusion (delusion) that human’s brains created. Besides, I can point out that heaven, hell, devils and angels are delusions also.

A correct way for mentioning it, I have to say ‘crowded human’s consciousness or ‘crowded consciousness of organisms with intelligence’ create the world and everything because its existence isn’t made of individual consciousness. All human consciousness influences each other to realize our real world.

If there would be someone has a particular sensory organ that the human doesn’t have, he could see such ‘true world’ above and, if he could observe, our real world would be like Virtual Reality. 

Because even we could recognize that our body is made of matter (particles) using our sensory system, in truth, it made of ‘superball’ – even though this is the source of matter, it is not the matter. The matter is an illusion too. The atoms such as hydrogen, oxygen, and so on, which are in the Periodic table are an illusion too. Read below for understanding it.
‘God particle’ is just a state of ‘Superball’

Saturday, November 3, 2012

'God particle' is only a state of 'Superball' -2

Before reading this post, read '"God particle" is only a state of "Superball"'.

There is Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle (read below). Why does this phenomenon happen? The reason is because an electron (superball) never moves as I’ve argued it in the prior posting. Furthermore, it’s almost impossible that an observer finds out the ‘moved’ same electron because this particle status changes instantaneously and constantly – it might change to a wave state (invisible).
Uncertainty principle

I can finally say that the existence of 'God particle' is a fundamentalism of religion for the standard cosmological model’s advocates, and this research generates big economic effect – CERN's annual budget of around one billion Swiss franc (US$ 1.15 billion) – for scientists, besides gaining fame and swindle Nobel Prize. It means this is an economic benefit rather than scientific interest for the scientists.

                               Symphony of Science - 'The Big Beginning'

There are other facts about the true motives of CERN’s LHC. The reasons are for antimatter production, which the movie, 'Angels and Demons' showed and development of high power directed energy weapon such as ray gun (read below).
Directed-energy weapon

In addition, the accelerated particle beam collisions by the LHC don’t make antimatter as the movie above showed. Only the powerful electromagnetic acceleration system (magnetic field generator) installed in the LHC can make it.

You need to refer to the incident of ‘Philadelphia Experiment’ for understanding it. The destroyer Eldridge might change to antimatter due to be exposed to a strong electromagnetic field that the large tesla coil generate and might go into another universe. Moreover, antimatter can generate strong light but it has no capability to explode as this blog’s posts have argued. I’ve been deceived by the disinformation.

However, swindle Ummite alerted that the LHC is a serious threat for the human. If this isn’t false, what threatens us must be the electromagnetic acceleration system of the LHC. Imagine the incident of Eldridge. We should stop this giant useless piece of junk immediately.

See also the symbol ('CERN' in circles is 666) and the objects of CERN below.

Friday, November 2, 2012

'God particle' is only a state of 'Superball'

In last July, media in the world highlighted exaggeratedly the discovery of probable 'God particle' by CERN for understanding the origin of the universe. But does 'God particle', which means, Higgs boson really exist?
Higgs boson

In fact, the physical Lederman gave the Higgs boson a nickname ‘God Particle’ in his book because he thought it is crucial to understand the structure of matter. But many scientists don’t like it because they thought it’s exaggerated. Read ‘In mainstream’ of ‘Higgs boson’ for more information.

I'm sure that the Higgs boson has no relationship for knowing the origin of the universe, even if the scientists could prove that it’s true Higgs boson in future. The major media are just practicing mind control, as always.

First of all, ‘Standard Model’ of particle physics climes it has 61 elementary particles (fermions and bosons including the Higgs boson). However, actually such particles have never existed in the universe. It’s a mere illusion of the scientists. Even the atoms are illusion too because the universe, in fact, is created by the crowded consciousness of every organism with intelligence included the human without matter (particles).

Read ‘Why is thestandard cosmological model wrong? – Consciousness created the universe’. The ‘Superball’ theory is a model (illusion), which is figured out for explaining ‘Twin universe with 10 dimensions’.

Well readers, now let me reveal 'Superball theory' – the theory of Ummite (alien) – instead of the Standard Model to understand the reason above.

We can understand everyday events in the perception since their births and with its common physical knowledge, without much difficulty if it happens in reality in four dimensions. However, we could not understand with such common sense if we try to understand smaller world than an atom.

This means that we have to understand some ‘Quantum mechanics (physics)’. So you may need to study their suitable articles, before reading my explanation below.

I obtained basic idea to understand this theory form ‘Superballs and Superstrings’ but I cannot understand its detail so that it seems to have many contradictions to explain the theory, so I’ll reveal my original idea instead of it.

According to my understanding of the Superball theory (although my understanding is very limited), the universe and all things are made of superballs and are filled with superballs. Thus the universe is not filled with the dark matter as the standard cosmological model alleges.

Superball literally can change to everything, i.e., it could change to photon, could be quantum and electron (particle states), and could change to the elementary particles above. Furthermore, it can also change to any electromagnetic radiation (wave state) such as micro-wave. Obviously it could change to the God particle, if it would exist.

Superball is a model of a ball – this is a source of a matter, antimatter, wave and photon – without thickness and substance. Everything including space in the universe is filled with superballs without gaps. Therefore movements and collisions of particles, such as CERN argues, never happen.

We understand that everything in the universe exist in Euclidean space with three dimensions (x, y, and z). However, true universe is formed by the three-dimensions (x, y and z) with matter (our universe), by three dimensions (nx, ny and nz) without matter (non-matter universe) and by three dimensions (ax, ay and az) with antimatter (another universe). See drawing below

Thus the sum of the true universe’s dimensions include the temporal dimension is 10 (read 'UFO Technology of Ummite -8') and there are three universes, not only twin universe as previous posts reveled. Incidentally, Superstring theory requires 9+1 dimensions without knowing the reason why our universe has no more than 3+1 dimensions (read below).
Why Dose Our Universe Have Three Dimensions?

Superball spins and the point of superball traces the sine wave (see drawing below) along with the rotary movement in the space of two dimensions (x and y). It means that a state of superball is constantly changing. When the point of superball is at the peak of sine wave, superball becomes a particle (matter) and, when it’s at bottom of sine wave, superball becomes an antiparticle (antimatter). If it intersects with axis x, superball is at the non-matter universe as light. While it’s in other positions of sine wave, superball becomes wave status (invisible). 

Visible movements of objects in our world and in the universe are similar to the mechanism of TV/computer monitors. Although images on the screen move, 'Pixel (the smallest element in a digital image)' positions, which means, superball positions in this case, never change.

Therefore the movements of the particles in the CERN’s LHC above are illusions. Scientists confuse a particle 'collided' (actually it’s not collision) was the same that they have launched and accelerated in the LHC tunnel. In fact, the scientists have just discovered another particle accidentally after collision illusory.

Then why do the scientists think there’s such collusion? The reason is because they mistake between particle (or proton) beam collisions – this ‘particle beam collision’ is only an illusion, which is created by the human’s crowded consciousness, which means that it’s like a mere image appeared on a computer monitor – for particle collisions merely despite it has never occurred.

With the above consideration, superball should be going and coming repeatedly between the three universes with 10 dimensions. If this idea is correct, now you could understand ‘Warp Drive’ mechanism described in 'UFO Technology of Ummite -8' because when a superball disappears in our universe, it automatically appears in another universe.

Moreover, we could understand why the ship (UFO) should rotate to generate the magnetic field due to turn every particle to just one direction (read 'UFO Technology Ummite -9'). Otherwise, superballs’ disunities could occur, i.e., the ship with crews would change to something different, which is made of mixed superballs between states of particles, antiparticles and waves when its materialization occurs. This would result in the disaster written in the post.

Probably you know about Philadelphia Experiment (read below). This experiment and disaster must be true, because the destroyer Eldridge might go into another universe of the twin universe and might come back here, of course, without the procedure to unify superballs’ rotation of the vessel to single direction.
Philadelphia Experiment

Physics say the light has dual behavior – particle and wave (read below). Now you could know this reason. When the state of the photon, i.e., the point of superball is at the peak of the sine wave, it behaves as a particle. And when it’s at the middle area of the sine wave, it behaves as a wave. According to the superball theory, the light (photon) belongs to the non-matter universe. So light has no mass.
The double-slit experiment

Friday, March 2, 2012

God does not exist because we are God

Recently, when I read a theory called ‘Biocentrism’, I came up with an idea, which might come via telepathy. It might be a proof of my argument, has already revealed in prior postings that God (and any god is recognized by the human) is a delusion in the sub-evolved brain of the current human.  

So I’ve emphasized that God does not exist because first of all, in fact, nobody has proved the existence of God so far scientifically (lead below). Then you might know Descartes’ statement: “Codito ergo sum (I think therefore I am)”. We can recognize oneself, others, animals, plants, the world and even the universe. God is also recognized by us.
Existence of God

Does God Exist? – The Question

Then other organisms with intelligence, for example, Alien Ummite could have similarity human’s God, if such God would really create the world and the universe. Well my readers, in fact, Ummite have the theory of ‘That world’ and ‘Network of the soul’ (read below), which are like our God.
How Ummite discovered ‘That world’ and ‘Network of the soul’?

However, I have already concluded that the ‘That world’ is not God. If all of us (the human) on the planet earth had extinguished, the image of God would have literally disappeared because there would have been nobody to recognize God.

But in this case, of course, we can ask next question: Did ‘That world’ create the human and our world? If its answer would be yes, then who created ‘That world’? It would be similar to the following question: Who created God?

In my point of view above, I can say that we (the human) created our world and God, which means God didn’t create the world and the human. Otherwise, there would be a paradox that God – just imagination in the human brain (soul) – would create something substantial like the human. Or I can even say that we would be God and creator of the world. Besides, I can point out that heaven and hell are just delusions also.

According to the theory of Ummite, the evolution of organism with intelligence in the entire universe makes universe evolution itself. I believe that you could understand the significance of this theory through the consideration above.

I mean, our recognition of the universe could change if we would observe the universe by the brain and by the consciousness, have already evolved after completed current ongoing evolution. That is to say that only the evolved human can recognize the new universe evolved.

Now about who create ‘That world’, I can say that crowded consciousness of the whole organism with intelligence – included ‘That world – in the universe even would be the universe itself. However, God is just recognized by the human’s consciousness, which occupies only tiny space in the enormous crowded consciousness.

Therefore if the human would extinguish, such God would become extinct perfectly as I’ve mentioned it above. However, you might not be so easy to understand this explanation.

Nevertheless, if you could contemplate that we (when we die, we become members of ‘Network of the soul’) are even the creators as I’ve argued it above, eventually you could understand it without contradiction. May be all material, including the human, scattered in the entire universe is composed of particles that the crowded consciousness made.

Then, we (the humans) have to evolve as one of crowded consciousness in the universe, which means, the reason for the human existence is own continuous evolution (read below).
What is the human evolution event?

Read below to understand the aspect of the real universe
UFO Technology of Ummite -8

Also read below.
The biggest fraudster in human history is religion

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What is the human evolution event?

Reason of the human existence is uninterrupted own evolution by definition of alien Ummite. Now we as the human are facing a big change, which has never occurred since current modern human emergence as an organism with intelligence on the planet Earth.

It means that the human evolution event is occurring. For understanding this actually complicate event, first you must change your recognition regarding current revolution theory like the Darwin’s theory – evolution by natural selection.

In fact, there is no natural selection evolution, which occurs on the any planets in the universe. It occurs intentionally according to the theory of alien Ummite. All live organisms have own ‘That world’ with each its will. Therefore, will of (our) ‘That world’ controls us. The evolution doesn’t happen by chance, but it’s caused by the will of ‘That world’. For further information, read below.
Time has come for the evolution

How ‘Ice age’ occurs?

Normally, the evolution of organisms with intelligence like the human occurs on a planet domestically without someone’s intervention. However, our current human evolution is different and complicated situation by a factor.

This factor would be completely human extinction so that our weapons of mass distraction have capability, could realize it, because we have to face World War III soon that nuclear weapons are widely used. We cannot escape the war anymore because it occurs by intention of the will of ‘That world’. NWO conspiracy’s origin of ‘conspiracy theory’, which provokes it exactly, comes from the ‘That world’ for killing us. Almost human could not die a natural death in this period. All but new (evolved) human as a successor should be extinct.

You might think that the will of ‘That world’ could avoid such completely extinction if it would have human control. However, nobody knows future consequence even it controls us – I don’t consider the will of ‘That world’ is God, according to information of Ummite. It’s the reason why ‘They’ want to behave as a devil because ‘They’ know God does not exist – so there’s no God’s judgment (in fact, such devil also doesn’t exist). Read below for further information.
Who controls the human evolution?

The biggest fraudster in the human history is religion

In addition, any dead persons’ souls do not go to heaven or hell, but they should go to the ‘Network of the soul’ and become one with ‘That world’. Read below for further information.
How Ummite discovered ‘That world’ and ‘Network of the soul’?

Then we have to face aliens’ interest, for example, alien Grey’s actions (read below). However, even though I am against Grey (read below), I believe aliens who came to observe the human evolution event on the planet Earth have a motive, which prevent such human extinction. Particularly alien Ummite has shown strong its intention because they have imminent problem of own evolution, which means Ummite needs partner like the human to complete it
Alien Grey’s actions

Warning to alien Grey

Ummite want to intervene in the human if the human would meet critical phase – extinction risk. However, with my indirect contact experience by my personal computer and via telepathic ability, I’m sure such intervention does not work properly. The human might revolt against Ummite before long. Read below for more information.
Alien Ummite is invader