Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Signs of big war in the Middle East -2

‘Democratization in the Middle East’ began in Tunisia and Egypt in February this year should be one more step for the big war in the Middle East planned by ‘They’. In addition, Osama Bin Laden death in this time is same thing.

However, I’ve watched/red a litany of the junk and fake news about his death by shit mass media controlled by ‘They’ diffused. Well my readers, the mind control effects by the Bin Laden death event could be as follows:

1. After the event, President Obama has regained rapidly his popularity even though it was on the decline, as well as same case of Jorge Bush occurred after the September 11 attack, getting the fanatic nationalists’ support.

2. The event has been able to divert and divide Goyim’s attention from the other events, for example, the U.S. and NATO air strike killed Gaddafi’s family members in Libya, the nuclear disaster by the sabotage of ‘They’ in Japan, the other natural disasters and so on.

3. Repercussions of the event made a lot of controversy, suspicious, discomfort and hate in the world, particularly Arabic countries, and it creates pretext for total removing the U.S. troops in the Middle East. That could facilitate provocations of conflicts and wars in its regions.

4. As many main media controlled by ‘They’ has pointed that Bin Laden could be terrorist’s anti-America, anti-western and anti-Israel icon despite Bin Laden death, it could cause frequent terrorist attacks. Without doubt, the CIA should be behind the Al-Qaeda and other terrorists, which means, the CIA is the biggest terrorist in the world.

First, however Bin Laden was already dead a little bit after the September 11 attack (read ‘The biggest fraudster in the human history is religion -3’) as this fact reviled many times in this blog.

The U.S. government with so many fraud has faked Bin Laden ‘photoshopped face’ of death (see the photo shown in the post ‘Indigo is a delusion?’) and has spread it on the net through Pakistani TV news. Same time, the original photo for a montage has shown intentionally to attract conspiracy theory geeks. However, the government didn’t show the photo, disappointing their expectation.

For ordinary people, the government has given its cowardly impression, which killed Bin Laden by injustice way because not only he was, but the other persons even without arms were killed too, according to the declarations with often changing facts and gradually worse for each new declaration. The government has admitted that the information of Bin Laden coming from the prisons in Guantanamo Bay, practicing torture illegally.

Moreover, the U.S. government revealed that the Bin Laden body was dumped into the ocean with own reason, Islam doesn’t admit that way (read below) – any people could suspect it easily. Another thing, the U.S. government suspects the protection of Bin Laden by the Pakistani authority and this attitude brought a Pakistani discomfort feeling. The operation code name ‘Geronimo’ caused the Native American protest and for Japanese, the U.S. government linked the operation, which killed Admiral Yamamoto in the World War II.
Bin Laden buried at sea; Sunni educator calls it a ‘sin’

Oops! Do not forget that porn videos recovered in the Bin Laden’s compound. Incidentally, the sex scandal of the director of IMF, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, might be a trap by the shit U.S. government due to he maybe refused some its order. ‘They’ adore using sex scandal hoaxes as a tool for looking down on person.

President Obama showed up this operation succeeded, honoring soldiers who participated in the operation and paying respect to the September 11 attack victims at Ground Zero. It seems that Obama exaggerated such things in current and critical environment.

Which means the U.S. government is provoking not only Arabic countries but also the other countries, provoking distrust, contempt and hate. That is to say, the U.S. would encourage Islamic terrorist attacks against U.S., western countries and Israel, in the end, a big war too.

Apparently, the U.S. government actions above are unreasonable, uncontrolled, insensible and absurd, but it could cause distrust, controversies and conflicts between goyim, for example, the battlefield confusion makes easy a friendly fire, include terrors. It causes big confusions, so it could lead people to the chaos in the end.

Well, you maybe already know regarding the Obama’s birth certificate fraud episode (read below). Even though this fraud should be truth, there could be other more important hid fraud, behind it. Why can I think so? Alex Jones who is the drumbeater of ‘They’ is accusing the fraud. In this case, this fact should leak intentionally so that can give such information described above to the geeks.
Does Obama Birth Certificate Number Prove Forgery?

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Warning to Alien Grey

Warning to Alien Grey

As the disclosures in this blog (see below), the alien Grey practiced unjustifiable intervention in human from long ago, violating the ethics code that all organisms with intelligence who live in the universes should obey. And not only it, but Grey is collaborating intolerably with the operations of the NWO conspiracy by 'They'.

Therefore, as a new human, lawful successor of the current human, I order Grey to abandon his intervention actions on human immediately, and to leave the planet Earth unconditionally.

If Grey would not do it, if necessary, we would attack Grey as the invader and enemy of the human, and would expel Grey from the Earth permanently.
We must reject alien interventions

Is Indigo a delusion?

For people who have already admitted the existence of Indigo (the new human), 'They' give them the disinformation mentioned in last post. For people who have no information of the indigo, 'They' could give them different disinformation – sometimes contradictory information to each other. Deceiving the entire people (whether ordinary people or people who believe that the conspiracy theory is a fact) is more important for ‘They’ because it could create controversy among the people and great confusion.

Another example would be as follows: the Osama Bin Raden death has just made headline around the World. Obviously, it’s false information because we already know that Bin Laden was dead at the time of the September 11 attack (read 'The biggest fraudster in human history is religion -3' ). However, 'They' prepared another disinformation, by exposing the Photoshop faking picture of his dead face with source pictures (see the pictures and read below) to TV viewers on purpose. Do you get it? This thing has caused confuse and feelings of horror of the people.
Years of Deceit: United States Openly Admits Bin Laden Dead

So when I was searching for the subject (Indigo) on the net, I found the article below. This is considered to fool people who have questions about Indigo.
Indigo Aura Children – New-Age Confusion, Delusion & Conspiracy

Anything, which get our much attention could be exploited by someone who want to have an advantage (to dominate people and make money), for example, Catholics, evangelicals, spiritualism and especially cults, which exploit the image of Christ, Buddha, gods etc.

Regarding the shit cults with a lot of fictions of Indigo children concept, which are mentioned in the article above, sell junk things of 'Indigo Children' to believers, I can say that this kind of false spiritual or simply fanatical spiritualists could also exploit or harm the Indigo’s image.

Therefore, such spiritualists have nothing to do with real Indigo. The episode like this has happened in the case Ummo (read below) also. However, this whistle-blower of the article would be disinformation of 'They' to divert your attention from the real reason about the emergence of Indigo and hide its fact, of course, to fool people.
Ummo’s Children

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Is Indigo an enemy of the human?

I’ve presented the website 'What does it' in the last post. The other item of this site that has caught my attention was 'U.S. Moves To Find, And Then Kill "Children Of God"’. This ‘Children of God’ means ‘Indigo children’ (read ‘Indigo is the new human’). Well, I’ll cite some parts of the article below. According to this article, ‘They’ have intention to eliminate Indigos who hinder the realization of their NWO as a result. So, in what way ‘They’ do it?

U.S. Move To Find, And Then Kill “Children Of God”

A new report prepared for Russian Orthodox Church leader Patriarch Kirill I by the mysterious “Scions of Andrew” religious order, located in Kiev, warns that the United States is now in preparation for discovering the identities of, and then killing the “Children of God” prophesized to return in the “last days” to reclaim our Earth and restore balance.

The “Scions of Andrew” religious order identify themselves as the “true living decedents” of Saint Andrew, who as one of Jesus’s original 12 Apostles, and unlike his brother Saint Peter, neither betrayed the Lord Christ nor followed the heretic-charlatan Paul the Apostle.


With just these 9 simple words, “For behold, the Kingdom of God is within you,” our world for the past 2,000 years has experienced the greatest bloodshed in its entire history, with countless hundreds-of-millions killed to keep humanity from discovering the single most important fact of what it is to be human; a discovery, mind you, that was scientifically verified by Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev whose research into the 90% of human DNA Western scientists labeled as “junk” found that words and sounds have the ability to change our whole genetic structure.

I researched on this scientist Pjotr ​​Garjajev and his theory, but nothing was found as reliable information. In place of its information, the article below, which should be a disinformation, or better say, a fake of ‘They’ was found.

Russian DNA Research

Dr. Garjajev’s research further proved the existence of “hyper-communication” where information is passed inter-dimensionally as though our DNA acts as a “Stargate” between this dimension and others. [Note: A 2008 quantum physics experiment performed by Nicolas Gisin and his colleagues in Geneva, Switzerland has determined that the “speed” of the quantum non-local connection (what Einstein called spooky action at a distance) is at least 10,000 times the speed of light.]

Put into more simplistic language: The Logos (words), no matter how small (The Parable of the Mustard Seed), have the ability to change human DNA allowing anyone to access “The Kingdom of Heaven/God” thus negating any need for organized religions or church hierarchies; a simple truth the Roman Catholic Church (and the vast majority of its Protestant offspring) has killed millions to protect humanity from knowing, and nearly all governments today live in fear of their citizens finding out.

And nowhere is this fear more evident than in the United States, who in this “Scions of Andrew” report is said to have launched an historic effort to “locate, find and kill” anyone who’s DNA has been changed by the Logos.

According to this report, the United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) [2nd photo on left] has issued an urgent call for a genetic security system that’s built into the genome that can monitor for and report on changes to an organism’s genetic makeup thus enabling them to “find at will” any emerging “Children of God” so they can be disposed of immediately.

This shocking action by the US follows its decade’s long “master plan” to eliminate these “Children of God” before birth through abortion and disabling those who “slip through” their DNA “net” by inoculating them with genetic destroying microorganisms they insidiously call vaccines. [Note: As we have reported on before, a religious exemption to the draconian US vaccine laws has long been utilized by the Nation of Islam and Amish faiths, none of whose children have ever had a single case of autism.]


US Moves To Find, And Then Kill “Children Of God”

The significance of this fucking and shameless ‘Hollywood script’ of ‘They’ above is that: the indigos invite aliens through 'hyper-communication' (telepathy) so that they would invade the planet Earth. So the USA and Russia governments have to care and eliminate the indigos by using vaccines and so on for protecting the human, before it's too late (read the last paragraph of 'Alien Gray’s actins' ).

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