Thursday, April 28, 2011

Alien Grey’s actions

In the last post, I have mentioned that the alien Grey is collaborating with ‘They’. Well, I will reveal evidence of an involvement of Grey this time. But it wouldn’t be news to the conspiracy theory and UFO geeks.

After the great earthquake and tsunami struck the province of Fukushima in Japan, the TVs in the world have showed its viewers that there are some images of UFOs in the recorded videos in the news (watch the videos below).

UFO ou Ovni flagrado no tsunami do Japão

Japan earthquake tsunami Real Ufo Ovni live sighting CNN 2011

UFO of Fukushima's nuke reactor

These images should be UFOs of Grey, and it should be getting involved in some operations for the artificial disaster. In another video below with a UFO appeared, coming out over the giant and strong light at the time of Sakurajima eruption. 

Sakurajima Unexplained Light and Ufos - 13 03 2011 Japan

2011-03-11 21-19 X1HD Volcano Sakurajima

In this case, it might be that the UFO is simulating a plasma light to deceive people, because according to the theory of HAARP ('HAARP' couldn’t have such power to cause a big earthquake or eruption), its attack results a generation of plasma light. This type of light has been shown in the videos of the artificial earthquakes also (see the photo in the post 'Big earthquake and tsunami in Japan were artificial catastrophe' ).

Besides, you would already know that a UFO appeared when the September 11 attacks occurred (watch the video below). It seems that Grey always participates in the operations of artificial disaster, or rather, the conspiracies of ‘They’. Undoubtedly, Grey should be involved in 'Project Blue Beem' too.

911 UFO or Missile

Recently, I found the article ‘US Warns Russia: “Aliens On Their Way, Will Be Here In 2012”’ on the site ‘What does it’ (this site is considered a propaganda of ‘They’). This article could be a part of ‘Project Blue Beam’, and it says that:

A Kremlin report detailing the meeting held between Prime Minister Putin and US Vice President Biden this past week shockingly reveals an American plea for Russian help in establishing an “Earth Wide” missile defense plan to protect our planet from an “alien invasion” expected in late 2012 after NASA satellites revealed an “incoming” fleet of “miles-wide” UFO’s that have entered our Solar System.
What does it

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

We must reject alien interventions

I have argued that the alien Ummite sent a team to monitor the human evolution event, and might have the intervention of Ummite in the human, if he thinks it’s necessary.

Through these revelations in this blog, I realized the significance of the human evolution event and its very complicated circumstance step by step. This procedure should be planned by Ummite. Since Ummite invaded my computers as a hacker, he has passed me the information via telepathy and controlled me like that.

Now, with the current human extinction is finally here, through the natural disaster occurrences, nuclear disasters in Japan and so on, I’ve concluded about a very important issue for me. It’s a conclusion that any alien do not intervene in human unilaterally, as the ethics that all organisms with intelligence (aliens) in the universes should respect it.

Taking this opportunity, I believe that the Japanese finally starting to recognize the things pointed in the posts 'Why do people refuse to acknowledge the "unbelievable things"?’ and "-2"') by the suffering from artificial earthquakes and tsunami, and the nuclear reactor’s problems.

However, such intervention is not only by extraterrestrial Ummite but also Grey who became famous with 'Roswell case'. Grey is considered that he begun a contact with the human since the Egyptian civilization, or older. And he has committed to intervene, making various experimental studies, even making the creation of the hybrid between the human and Grey (read 'The alien who built the pyramids? ' ).

Alien Grey EBE

Same time, my another conclusion is that Grey has been working with 'They' truly, as well as several websites and blogs are mentioning this collaboration, giving information to ‘They’, for example, about coming of the human evolution event. Therefore, Hitler has recognized the emergence of the new human and occurrences of current catastrophes by the big climate change, at that time (read ‘Why the intervention of Ummite practically impossible?’).

With the above fact, one reason for the action by Ummite, which have provoked me to bring out my anger and makes me weary, could be psychological research for understanding that what would happen if an extraterrestrial intervention was made. Well, my reaction is: I cannot accept such unilateral intervention as I already wrote above in this post (read 'Alien Ummite could be exploitative?' too).

But if the action of Ummite was limited (only the psychological research above), and he had no relationship with Web sites and blogs that I’ve pointed them out as the part of propaganda or disinformation of 'They', Ummite would practice just preliminary research to obtain the human reactions result with hiding itself possible. And the rest is just observing the event.

Indeed, I´ve never seen Ummite as a contactee, Ummite have never responded directly to my complaints and have given answer to my written questions on the screens of the monitors. So we should confront Grey who has been collaborating with ‘They’ and should banish Grey from the earth, it wouldn’t be to Ummite.

The NWO (New World Order), which was created by the less evolved brain of the current human who has the destiny of extinction, is a delusion of 'They', and the global domination by its delusion perfectly contradicts the theory or the reason for evolution of the organisms with intelligence in the universes.

Even 'they' could realized it by chance, ‘They’ should be extinct soon, or could be destroyed by other organisms with intelligence immediately. So I determined to face 'They' (read ‘Why the intervention of Ummite practically impossible?’).

We have to destroy the NWO conspiracy, and same time, we must banish the collaborator Grey who has violated the ethics of the universes. Grey is only used by 'They' with my understanding, and he has no ability and could not have intent to harm more the human, because Grey is a organism with intelligence more evolved, it means that his such attack ability could be extinct.

If our determination is Grey's expulsion of the planet Earth, he cannot repudiate it.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Could solar flare hit nuclear reactors?

Another catastrophe that the will of  (our) 'Life after death' (read 'Alien Ummite could be exploitative? ' ) can hit a human, would be solar flare (read below). Before that, the Earth is already under the geomagnetic decrease effect. So I tried to mention the fact of this decreasing geomagnetic written in previous post, in this article, but the hacker (Ummite) has prevented its quoting.

Means that even Ummite cannot explain the fact is correct or not. Ummite informed me it indirectly, showing a post (in Japanese) on the net, considered by Ummite. Anyway, there will be a big threat of imminent disaster by the solar flare.

This post reports that some abnormal activity of the sun causes the Earth’s changing as the pole shift and the geomagnetic pole shift, without defining its root causes. In fact, knowing the true causes of the phenomena is not important.

Meanwhile, we already know that a lack of electric power causes major nuclear catastrophe through the occurrence of the nuclear reactors in Fukushima in Japan. Then read the article below.
Experts: Move to protect nuke plants from solar flare damage

It would be a strong warning to the human. Or rather, we have to disable all existing nuclear reactors in the world immediately before the very dangerous solar flare strikes the Earth. The first recent flare has occurred in class X on February this year (see below), fortunately without damages.
The first X-class flare of solar cycle 24
Solar flare

Friday, April 15, 2011

Was the massacre in the school by a psychopathic monster?

Conspiracy theory geek as you could feel the massacre, occurred at the school of Rio in Brazil, is strange. News of Brazilian TVs are manipulating (mind control on the audience) image of a gunman, Wellington, is an idiot or a psychopathic monster. Is this true?
Massacre in Brazil

Arrests made in connection with Brazil school shooting

I remember that I felt it was strange when there was the 'Virginia Tech massacre' (read below) in 2007. After the massacre, the gunman killed himself like Wellington. In the case of other similar killings occurred in the world, especially in U.S., assassins also killed themselves, leaving traces like it always.
Virginia Tech Massacre

Well, in the case of Virginia, there was very strong evidence that the CIA has used techniques of MK-Ultra (watch the video and read the article below) to practice mind control on the South Korean student, Cho Seung-Hui (perpetrator). And there was information that quoted Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University has a strong relationship with the CIA (read last two articles below.)

TECNICAS DE CONTROLE MENTAL (Mind control techniques)
Memorandom No.3 on Virginia Tech Massacre: David Kim, the Reverend Who Has Three Faces
The enigma of the Virginia Tech Massacre still remains 

Now, watch the video below. You can see the Wellington's eyes are unfocused and he seems to be like a robot. His behavior would be typical state under mind control.

Atirador do massacre do Rio Wellington (Gunman of the massacre of Rio Wellington)

Singer Bono of U2 speech memorial address for the victims in the school of Rio, at recent concert in Rio. Ironically, Bono is a member of ‘They’ - did you know? The U2 concert was no coincidence. So what is a cause of the massacre? It might be for strengthening of restrictions on guns. 

After this massacre, the president of TSE (Brazilian Federal Electoral Tribunal), Lewandowski said that disarmament plebiscite can be done in six months. Because Brazilian (and maybe your country’s) FEMA could occupy around there soon (read ‘"Agenda" of "They" -2 ' )?

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Big earthquake and tsunami in Japan were artificial catastrophe

Big earthquake and tsunami hit northeastern Japan. I was thinking that it occurred naturally because I’ve had this idea posted on my Japanese and Portuguese blog, and there should be some sabotage at nuclear disaster.

But as soon as my research made about the disaster on the net, I realized it was wrong recognition, which means the quake was artificial. This must be caused by nuclear bombs placed at the bottom of Pacific Ocean.

The U.S. had been developing earthquake weapon for so long, since the World War II or maybe before, for hitting Japan, was an enemy at that time. The artificial earthquake is very common in scientific research (read first 3 articles below). The earthquakes of Haiti and the recent one in New Zealand should also be artificial (read last two articles below).
Tsunami bomb NZ's devastating war secret (added on May 4)

An artificial earthquake generation using the phase differentiation

A Study of Earthquake Location by Artificial Explosive Data

Russian Report: U.S. weapon against Iran caused Haiti earthquake

US Earthquake Weapon Test Fails Again, Destroys New Zealand City

In fact, much information indicates that the earthquakes in Japan are by artificial one, for example:

1. There are many witnesses who see strong light when the earthquake hit inclusive aftershocks (see photo below).

2. There are many big strange ‘aftershocks’, because they hit in areas concentrated and less depth than ordinary earthquakes.

3. Why are there many photos and videos recorded as if photographers had known in advance the earthquake? And why the U.S. military as the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan seemed to be already on standby for the rescue?

4. It has strange coincidences of numbers that 'They' have a way of showing Goyim (read 'Strange episode of the rescue in Chile'):
The Kobe earthquake occurred on January 17 (117), 1995, at 05h 46 min.
The attack occurred on Sept. 11 (911), 2001, at 08h 46 min.
The current earthquake occurred on March 11 (311), 2011, at 14h 46 min.

5. Had manipulation of shares of companies linked to the earthquake that same things happened in the September 11 attack and so on. (read 'Israel prepares war against Iran?’). And it occurred to steal a trillion dollars through financial transactions in Japan.

6. The governor of Tokyo Shintaro Ishihara (read 'Have crew deaths in the incident?' ) ran (he was re-elected) just before the earthquake, although he had denied being a candidate. He has promoted construction of nuclear reactor.

7. There was obvious manipulation of the news media about earthquakes. Undoubtedly, Japanese media are controlled by 'They' also.

Then, the tragedy of nuclear reactors in Fukushima occurred (this event could facilitate to hide series nuclear explosions for aftershocks too). But the Japanese government and authorities had hid and lied about a lot of critical information on nuclear plants, because the prime-minister Kan (he's Korean origin) and its administration are controlled by ‘They’. Of course previous government administrations were the same situations.

In such a way, a huge damage already had done. So what the U.S. ('They') are wanting more? Now the radiation leak at Fukushima stepped up to level 7. I believe that because of the radiation danger, the U.S. military ally in Japan could remove to facilitate the Chinese invasion (read 'Signs of big war in the Far East' ).

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