Thursday, January 6, 2011

Disinformation for the alien skeleton has come up

After five days of the publication of the post ‘The alien skeleton of the Brazilian museum was in Japan', an article appeared due to undermine the fact in the post. This site article (and the site) is also considered a disinformation (site) of 'they' for me.

The article ‘Finalmente foi solucionado o caso da “Múmia” de Uberaba’ below concludes that the alien skeleton is a poor child’s dead body afflicted with hydrocephalus, cleft palate and other congenital deformities. However, it’s obviously different if you compare between the pictures (see ‘Is there alien who built the pyramid?’) and the 'poor child’s dead body', especially the structure of front teeth and without ears.

This deformity case never appeared in human history. If this appeared, why the alien skeleton attracted Japanese scientist at Kyoto University attention?
Finalmente foi solucionado o caso da “Múmia” de Uberaba (Click [Translate: maybe different from your OS language] on the page for translating to English)

Much this type of websites and blogs on the net are always waiting for you to practice ‘imprinting’ of false information or mind control.

Monday, January 3, 2011

It’s just new hoax of ‘They’

Is it New Year greeting to me? As if the Project Avalon Blog (read below) has some responses against my posts assertions for me. There are next notes in this post, so let me tell tentative comment about the article of the Project Avalon.

Charles' London accent is quite strong... and in places the dialog is very fast-flowing. This might be a problem for some people for whom English is not their native language. A transcript will be available in a week or so, and another video subtitled in English will be uploaded. Translations will follow as soon as possible.
THE RULERS OF THE WORLD: a new Project Avalon video interview (3 January 2011)

Well, I felt this post has a lot of contents to provoke confusion by fooling people (Goyim) again while reading it. One Japanese blog is presenting this post and is adding alleges of David Icke (a drumbeater of ‘They’) that the 33 bloodline families of ‘they’ have alien (Reptilian?) genome. It means that as if ‘they’ could survive in the human revolution event as well as new human.

However, you have to remember the theory that survived new human shouldn’t have less evolved brain, which create NWO delirious with perfect egoism. Their alien genome is other lie of ‘they’. Moreover, its Japanese blog says in fact ‘They’ have capability to shoot down alien UFOs. But I’ve never had information that UFOs of Ummite have shot down by someone.

Even if ‘They’ abuse such skilful hoax and rhetoric for deceiving us and making threats against us, the facts reviled on this blog are no change. ‘They’ are created and controlled by the will of ‘Life after death’ due to only human evolution facilitation. So ‘They’ will be never global dominator, just with fate of extinction during human evolution event.