Thursday, December 30, 2010

The alien skeleton of the Brazilian museum was in Japan

After the release of the last post, I traveled to Serra da Canastra, Minas Gerais, Brazil for 7 days taking advantage of the low season in the Christmas week and stayed at the lodge (Pousada Barcelos) in São Roque de Minas for practicing trekking.

After having my fun, I went to Uberaba to see the alien skeleton commented on last post. The day after arrival, I tried to locate the Estevanovic museum immediately. So I finery found it with a surprise, the museum looks like a ruin with several holes in the roof that I could see them from outside and of course, that was closed.

By information of a passerby on Uruguay Street in front of the museum, at last, I could locate and meet Wellington Estevanovic (museum owner). But I talked to him in just less than two hours because the skeleton was not there. So I decided to return to São Paulo on that day.

He told me that the alien skeleton was left in Japan to examine it at Kyoto University and it never returned to Brazil. And he has already suffered several thefts attempt in the museum. Besides, he witnessed UFOs showing him their tricks (maneuver acrobatics and etc.) and so on.

With this conversation, I thought he could see the UFOs of Grey, which means that there is a possibility, it’s not only Ummite but another alien would be observing the human evolution event.

Well folks, with the fact that the video was produced by TV Asahi on YouTube site disappeared, I believe the skeleton doesn't come back, because 'they' are trying to hide the fact of the alien 'Grey' existence. The Japanese TV Asahi (part of Asahi Shimbun) is controlled by 'they' (read 'Typical mind control by the newspaper Asahi Shimbun').

For me, no doubt, the alien skeleton of the museum is true, even we wouldn’t have more chance to prove it.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Is there an alien who built the pyramid?

I wrote the following in the post 'Letters from the alien Ummite’; When I read the books, ‘Return to the Stars’ and ‘Chariots of the Gods?’ by the Swiss Erich Von Däniken, I thought that aliens must exist in the universe and they would have been here our planet Earth because of the existence of the Egyptian pyramids, the large Nazca Lines and so on. The ‘Roswell UFO incident’ attracts my attention, too.

One of the puzzles was who built these architectures and antiquities at the time. Even if I've clarified the existence of aliens on this blog, this question is remaining unanswered.

On the net, there are many junk videos about aliens and UFOs, but the video below should be true (read also article below). This is the clearer evidence so far for me.

                  Starchild Skull 2010 DNA Result

This Starchiled was born as hybrid between human and alien by a genetic modification technology. So who is his father?

This issue should be linked to who built the enigmatic architecture and antiques. Did you already know 'alien' in the 'Museum of Natural History Estevanovic Wilson' (see below) in Uberaba, Brazil? It seems to me that this alien is same species of the Starchild’s father. It could confirm this hypothesis, if there would be an opportunity to compare DNA of the skull.
Skeleton in Brazilian museum might be of an alien being

It may be that the father is even sort of famous Grey at Roswell in the U.S. (watch the video for 'Why the intervention of Ummite practically impossible?' )

Well, now you might well ask: why major media do not disclose such important discoveries? Because the media (including Wikipedia) controlled by ‘They’ do not want disclose it for manipulating information with reason to deceive people (read ‘Disinformation sites’, ‘WikiLiaks is a false whistle blower’ and 'Aliens are predators and exploiters?').

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Disinformation sites

The disinformation site, WikiLeaks (read ‘WikiLeaks is a false whistle-blower’) continue to be in the internet (read below), feeding sensitive information even though Julian Assange was in custody of the authority, because aim of this ‘sockpupette’ by ‘They’ is exactly there. Read article below (‘BREAKING’) for understanding more its motive. However this article must be disinformation by ‘They’ also to provoke confusions.
WikiLeaks avoids shutdown as supporters worldwide go on the offensive

BREAKING: WikiLeaks Being Used to Justify "Patriot Act" Legislation For Internet

I tried to show UFO geeks who are in alien and UFO’s junk information of the ‘Alien UFOs’ forum site (see below) my earlier blog posts this week. However, finally my post links were denied so that the site administrator claim my blog has advertising, despite there’s nothing since its stat. So I realized soon this site practice disinformation too like Japanese same type sites or blogs of ‘They’.

Wikileaks UFO is a disinformation (my posts)

Then my readers, you have to be careful disinformation of such sites or blogs to spread junk information about alien and UFO. Well, can the site remove whole my posts and close it after removed the links?

Saturday, December 4, 2010

WikiLeaks is a false whistle-blower

In the end Julian Assange of the WikiLeaks is wanted by Interpol. So far it seems that this event is all true for people. Thus don’t you believe the claim made by me in the earlier posts? That is to say, WikiLeaks is a false whistle-blower (disinformation) of 'They' (read 'Have crew deaths in the incident?’).

Will the U.S. prosecute Julian Assange?

Using the internet for its leaks would be really very difficult to be controlled by authorities in the world, so Julian continues to post the government sensitive information on his site, easily evading the police pursuit.

However, I have a question: Who gave you the first information on WikiLeaks? I found the first information on WikiLeaks in an Internet article. I believe that most people would have its information of mass media like TVs and so on. It was not of the internet. Do you remember that most mass media in the world are controlled by 'they' as already pointed out in previous posts?

For example, although global warming has been criticized as a fraud (read 'Time has come for the evolution') on the Internet, regardless of its credibility, so far this fraud has almost never been showing on the mass media, only spreading the evidence of global warning.

Ok, you could deny the case of WikiLeaks, because the world's governments have admitted the leaked information is true, but the case of global warming fraud, no government admits. However, there were many honest and trustworthy scientists, mach better than shameless and bullshit politicians around there, denounced its fraud.

I mean that the mass media practice mind control or disinformation to viewers or readers (‘Goyim’) as they want. When such news is spread widely by mass media in the world, you should disbelieve it. Anyway WikiLeaks case must be another ‘sockpupette’ by ‘They’.

Why 'They' could fool people for 200 years? Because 'they' have controlled important information and have practiced disinformation by any media available in the world (read ‘“They” have been controlled the world for 200 years'). Well my readers, there is an interesting article below.

CIA, Mossad and Soros behind Wikileaks

The article below has more complete information about fraud of the WikiLeaks (added on December 5).
Wikileaks "Cablegate" Psychological Operation Justifies Zionist War Propaganda