Sunday, November 28, 2010

Signs of big war in the Far East -2

After the occurrence of the incident on the Senkaku islands (read 'Have crew deaths in the incident?’), the North Korean attack occurred (read ‘Korea Attack’ below). The sinking incident of the South Korean corvette in March this year too, before the Senkaku incident (read below).
Korea Attack: Yeonpyeong Island Shelled By North Korea (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

‘All out war’ threatened over North Korea attack on warship Cheonan

As soon as the sinking incident occurred, I posted an article on my Japanese blog saying that the popular Japanese disinformation site of 'They' mentioned that there is probable conspiracy in the U.S. And I presented another article, it’s a Korean accusation, which claimed would have a manipulation of the investigation and he sent a letter to U.S. Secretary of State (read below), without knowing Hillary Clinton is one of ‘They’.
No base stories of Korea

At this time (the attack of artillery fire to a South Korean island) also appeared several versions of reasons for the incident even an economic motive. Alex Jones, one of the most influential false whistle-blowers has had the interview with the politician who introduced this hypothesis (read below).
Ron Paul: Korea Conflict May Be Orchestrated Crisis To Boost Dollar

Furthermore, the video below says who fired first is the South Korea, it was not North Korea that the world media have pointed out as the cause.

2nd Korean War? South admits firing first shells in row with North Korea

Alright my readers, any of these reasons are not important to understand the incidents occurred anyway. If you'd keep watching only the reasons, it could be risky, because these 'sockpupette' only serve to a prologue to the big war between Japan, China and two Koreas in Asia. You could lose whole vision for understanding giant marionette theater and its play produced by ‘They’.

Remember if any major historic incident in the enigmatic with no solution or clear and definitive revelation, there are always many versions of explanation or hypothesis. It leads to misunderstanding, confusion and terror, finally, let us be deceived.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Are there crew deaths in the incident?

Hide information of conspiracies and leak its information are very effective than just hide them. It results far greater outrage us when people learn this information through leakage from someone. Or sometimes people would be desperate, feeling their inability to confront them and of terror by feeling irresistible huge power of ‘They’. So we easily fall into the trap, which means the mind control by 'they'.

Famous organization, WikiLeaks controlled by ‘'They' leaks sensitive and unavailable information with this motivation (read 'Caution! About false whistle-blowers').

This thing just happened in Asia. When collision occurred between the Japanese coast guard patrol ship and the Chinese fishing boat (read 'Typical mind control by the newspaper Asahi Shimbun' and watch the added video), the Japanese government have been doing cover-up the fact that there are two dead and one injured of the Japanese crew.

After this collision, the current Tokyo governor Shintaro Ishihara (he is considered one of politicians controlled by 'They') commented on the possibility of having Chinese craws’ violence in the Japanese coast guard inspection on that occasion, like humor in a TV interview.

Last week, an employee (crew) of the Japanese coast guard has put some part of the videos 'illegally' on You Tube, and this has reflected in the Japanese public. He may be a national hero despite the illegal act for the government.

Most of the population has angered this behavior of the government, but still does not know that there are victims in the incident (the videos posted on You Tube don’t include killing scene) because had some leaks of the victims’ information on the net. In addition, a former Japanese prime minister revealed only the names of the victims without citing any relationship, on his Twitter (access 'My Twitter' on the right side).

I believe that if it (about victims) had been released immediately, it couldn't have caused so great population’s indignation for the future. However, the Japanese government traitor and arrogant Chinese government are ignoring and hiding it, deceiving the Japanese people.

Well my blog’s readers, if some images of the completed video with the Japanese crews killed by the Chinese appeared and ‘innocent’ Japanese would assist them, what would they do?

I think that the Japanese people will want to kill Japanese government authority who insisted on hiding them and punish the employee who released the videos illegally, even thought the Japanese government already has released the whole Chinese fishing boat without punishment. And they will think possession of nuclear weapons to prepare for a war against China as well.

U.S. ('They') must be exactly wanting its effect mentioned above (read 'Signs of big war in the far East'). This scenario has already been revealed as a fiction in the book below, 'Showdown' published in 2006. But in fact, readers have to read the book, replacing 'U.S.' with 'Japan' and 'Taiwan' to 'Senkaku'. In the book, no doubt, the name of Senkaku is mentioned.

Will the U.S. go to war with China over Taiwan or oil? Yes-bestselling authors Ed Timperlake and Jed Babbin say Chinese aggression is virtually inevitable and in their new book, "Showdown", they address the threat of mainland China and Bush's promise to defend Taiwan - at any cost. "Showdown" offers indispensable strategies and tactics for the U.S. to respond to the Chinese military threat in this ongoing battle for democracy and freedom.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Another signal of the event in the human evolution

In this blog, I posted many posts about the event revealed in the human evolution, based on the information of Ummite. At the same time, I argued that the great conspiracy by NWO of 'They', revealed here on this blog too, is a part of the event that the human’s will of 'That world' conditioned (read 'true reason of the intervention of Ummite' and "To evolve with the human’s self-determination').

Again approach to the ice age (read 'Time has come foe the evolution') made the completion of the NWO conspiracy, because 'they' want to drastically reduce world population increased greatly in the 20th century, by causing large future war and many things to exterminate excess human (artificial diseases like AIDS, dangerous vaccines, conflicts, environmental disasters and so on.) that conspiracy theory sites or blogs spread it around.

Moreover, regardless of whether or not there is a disaster and wars caused by men as 'They', the current human will face inevitable deadly disaster including a threat from space (these should be by the will of 'That world'). I mean that the causes of the human extinction will not be so simple because of the great number and variable state of world population (6.7 billion).

One cause may be the emergence of genetic defects cited in the post (read 'Syndrome of "accelerated aging" will be our near future?'), although it seems that Ummite is not agreeing this idea.

Some articles of the conspiracy theory mention about electromagnetic radiation, a part of medicines and foods with many chemical additives to cause cancer or serious diseases, infertility and so on. Well, let add one more issue here is that the cosmic rays, which damage DNA and destroy human cells.

Due to the approaching the ice age (global warming is a hoax), reduction of solar radiation by decreasing activity of the sun, the principle cause of the ice age (read 'How "Ice Age" occurs?’), will result increase high-energy cosmic ray (read article below).

The Earth was pummeled with record-setting levels of cosmic rays in 2009. Measurements from NASA’s Advanced Composition Explorer (ACE) and other spacecraft found that more high-energy particles from galactic space penetrated the inner solar system in the last few years than at any other time since the beginning of the space age.
Incoming Cosmic Rays Hit Record High

However NASA's information (controlled by 'They') also include many disinformation. Besides, many conspiracy theory sites and blogs, which disseminate articles opposed to each other for mind control. So people could have easy confusion and even for me, it’s not easier to know what is true.

Still, I believe the article 'WIRED SCIENCE' above is reliable. The current human including 'They' should be extinct, by also causing that we will be exposed to violent cosmic ray.

So, is 'They' are intend to evacuate into the huge underground shelters for people’s protection from nuclear bombs (read articles below)? However, unfortunately I’m sure this will not work to be able to escape death.

Trogonia 8 is composed of 8 Earthcom 100's each having an Earthcom 32 support module for long term power needs. Each Earthcom 100 arch system protects 250 people. The Mall style floor plan is designed with shops, City Hall, fitness center, restaurants, and a hospital all located on the main floor, condos located on the second floor, and food/storage on the third floor. The artificial sky inside provides a comfortable feeling for long-term protection.
Trogonia 8
Mormon Illuminati Underground City?
Mormon Illuminati Bunkers (Part 2)