Thursday, October 28, 2010

Is a giant spaceship on the Moon?

Hi! My blog readers and UFO geeks!!! I found the very interesting video below that the Japanese spacecraft Kaguya has filmed it from over the moon in 2007. Do you think the lines, which appear in the video are some cracks caused by an earthquake? I don’t think so. These would be some road.

                                         UFO Moon Roads?

There are also some interesting videos produced by the Italian PDTV and the related article to these videos below.

                                          Apollo 20 Mystery -1

                                            Apollo 20 Mystery -2

Here's a story that has been going around the web since about 2007. It's pretty amazing and I'm kind of surprised that it hasn't received more attention. I think many editors thought it was too far fetched to be true.

To be honest, we thought it was a hoax until one of the staff here at viewzone decided to procure the film strips from the NASA site, noticed that there were two images of the object available (taken from different angles) and made a 3D composite image. The results are at the bottom of this page. While we are not confident about the accompanying video and images of the "alien entity" (the female body), we are surprised that the 3D images do show an actual object on the Moon's surface.


Background Story

The story comes to us from a man who claims he was on a special NASA mission:

William Rutledge is retired and now lives in Africa. He recently came out to reveal some amazing facts about his involvement with NASA in the late 70s. Rutledge claims to have worked on at least two missions to the Moon, including the failed Apollo 19, and the Apollo 20, which he says was launched in August of 1976 from Vandenberg Air Force Base.
MONA LISA An Alien Space Ship on the Moon

Note: The above article has the description below. But I cannot agree with this number because any organism with intelligence in the universe would have appeared very recently (could be less than 100,000 years ago), according to an information of Ummite.

"We went inside the big spaceship, also into a triangular one. The major parts of the exploration was; it was a mother ship, very old, who crossed the universe at least milliard of years ago (1.5 estimated).

Well, first I have thought that any extraterrestrial visits here on Earth can occur at any time. With the above information, I thought this wreck of the giant spaceship and 'Mona Lisa (SBS)' could truly exist.

Because even NASA canceled the Apollo 20 mission officially, NASA is accustomed to hide many facts and manipulating information, like the case of tests of antimatter in Jupiter (read  'Plasma weapon is 10 000 times of the atomic bomb power').

But when I read the contents of the interview with William Rutledge (below), I realized that information is fraud because this episode is linked to the 'Planet X (Nibiru)' and gold (read “Indigo” is the new human'). For me, this information is really a hoax well done.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Strange episode of the rescue in Chile

When 33 miners were rescued in San Jose mine in Chile, I felt that there are some strange things, watching TV news image. That is, for example, excessive presence of presses international, celebrity of the miners rescued, and apparently very good states of the miners who suffered 69 days of confinement in the environment so bad, even if they were receiving good health care.

On Oct. 15, I mentioned it in a post on my Japanese blog, citing the accident would be caused by ‘They’. And I claimed one of the reasons is for the disastrous situations in mining accidents, which occurred in China because it can give pressure on the Chinese government (read 'Typical mind control by the newspaper Asahi Shimbun'), comparing this incident of Chile in this article.

Then I expected that someone cite more concrete evidence about it and finally showed it on one Japanese conspiracy theory blog, referring to the English article below, shortly after the release of my post.

The rescue of the 33 unfortunate Chilean miners has definitely turn into an international media event. All aspects of the rescue have been carefully staged to make the entire thing a spectacular show inspiring emotions, admiration and national pride. For those knowledgeable of Masonic and occult symbolism, it is hard not to ponder on the numerological and symbolic facts of the event. Here are some of them:

Miner shows purposely inverted pentagon

Read more this article below.
The Odd Masonic Imagery of the 33 Chilean Miners' Rescue

Besides, Brazilian TV station, Rede Globo showed an interview with one of the miners in the program ‘Fantástico’ on the last Sunday, by highlighting the coincidence (makeup?) of his fate number 13 that 'they' want to publicize this kind of things for the ‘Goyim’ as below.

Rede Globo reporter, Joseph Robert Burnier had an exclusive interview with Carlos Barrios last Sunday (17 October). According this interview, he was the 13th miner rescued. He was born in the day 13. He works in a mine 13 years ago and his helmet has the number 13.,,MUL1624819-15605,00.html
Chileno sobrevivente afirma que vai continuar trabalhando em minas

NASA gave assistance to the rescue and message of congratulation from the astronaut in space, and plans the production of a film of this event by Hollywood, political interests of heads of state, the above interview by Rede Globo and so on. No doubt for me, these things are planned and handled by ‘They’.
NASA Provides Assistance to Trapped Chilean Miners
NASA Engineer Helps Chilean Miners
The Chilean Mine Rescue, Hollywood Version

Read following complimentary information. The president of Chile is really freemason (on October 23).
Cordial and fluid was Sebastián Piñera meeting with Grand Master of Masonry