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Is Jessica really ‘Crystal child’?

Hi! Self declared ‘Indigo and Crystal’ Children and conspiracy theory geeks. I don’t care you’re self-declared Indigo or Crystal child, bat if someone really would be such parson (New human), I guess such he/she could uncover deceptions not only on the politic and social problem in the world but also on the religions, love, spiritual and constipations (oops!...sorry) conspiracies like the ‘Ascension’, the ‘planet X (Nibiru)’, ‘Reptilian’ and so on easier (read the posts from 'Indian lives without food and water for over 70 years, is it true?' to 'Why do people refuse to acknowledge the 'unbelievable things' -2?').

It means, for example, could you correct judgment about Jessica who appears in the video below, whether or not real Crystal child? Read following text, which is attached to the video also.

We met Jessica at the NEXUS conference in Australia in October 2008. She was in tears at the end of our presentation and said that she had to talk with us. A young Australian had seen her home-made YouTube video and had generously personally sponsored her long trip from Vancouver to Brisbane. We salute him for this, and he knows who he is.

We realized that it might be interesting (and valuable to many) to interview Jessica. Seeing her as a Crystal Child, we took the decision to include her among our cadre of witnesses as a representative of the younger and very awakened generation who are well-informed, deeply concerned about world events, and aware of the need for mankind to grow spiritually in order to transcend the myriad of problems we all face together.

In this 50 minute video Jessica speaks openly and emotionally about her personal journey, her family, and some of the bewildering experiences she has encountered. Her weaknesses are her dyslexia, and that she has not yet fully integrated her many experiences and perceptions; her strengths are her openness and her determination to bring a message to those who can hear it from her. She sees herself as a newly-arrived teacher and a messenger, and she probably is both of those things.

Like all of us, she still has a long way to go in her journey, and has much to learn. But this is why we are all here, and the choice we make is to help one another as best we can. We are delighted to help present her message to the world.

Project Camelot interviews Jessica: A Crystal Child Speaks Out

Did you make a decision? Ok, now I’ll comment about this video. It’s obviously fraud for me. Jessica Schab just is playacting as an actor’s working that she declared her occupation in the interview.

I was awaking soon this video has disinformation just by watching it. And after that, even I didn’t have detail information of the interviewer, Kerry Cassidy and ‘Project Camelot’, finally, I found out our false hero David Icke (of curse drumbeater of ‘They’) and false spiritualist with Ascension fantasy, David Wilcock has connection with them in the Project Camelot’s website (check it below). It’s enough to discover this episode is a fake.
Jessica, Crystal Child

Well, right now I need exactly indigo or Crystal children like you who have perception or intuition, which can detect such frauds, lies and so on, with good state of mind and body to encounter the force of ‘They’, when it’s necessary. Moreover, you should have consciousness as a new human also.

However, your challenge to face ‘They’ with me might be requiring your life and you should be absolutory voluntary without reward, if you would decide to join me. And you do not except nothing even thought the human evolution event was completed successfully, because our aim of this action is just for preserving new human. We have no more intention.

So I’m excepting your courageous decision for this participation. Then click the ‘Earth button’ on the ‘Wanted: Indigos’ on this page, if you would agree above. After that, your PC might have strange visitor as it has been occurring on my PC since 3 years ago.

The article below is added on December 13, 2012

I’m abandoning the action to face ‘thay’ at the moment because I have the conflict with Ummite (read below).
True reason of the intervention of Ummite

Alien Ummite is invader

Anyway, I awarded the human evolution event wasn’t so simple event as I understood it before. The event proceeds with conflicts between human’s crowded consciousness and Ummite’s crowded consciousness. To understand this really complicated issue, read below.
What dose ‘untold universe’ mean?


  1. no indigo/crystal is going to join. this is not how it works.

    1. she knows my life we are 2 from the same find me jes

  2. she is sweet and nice. but she is just rehashing ALOT of other peoples teachings. nothing original about her teaching.

  3. J: Be aware of what you’re projecting out into the world. Constantly be aware of your thoughts. And be gentle, and kinder to yourself. It’s really just that.

    The reason I am here right now, sharing, is because you hear about the younger generation that, you know, these Crystals, and the Indigos, but where are they? Well, we’re here now. And your children, they know all about this. And I’m also inspiring and having… I’m almost like a pioneer that’s allowing the other children to come forth and speak and share.

    But it’s not just “children”-children. It’s also each person’s inner child. And that, when we balance and merge our divine masculine and our divine feminine – since masculine has been the energy that’s ruling the planet for quite some time, and now feminine energy is starting to take back its power – but no one has been, you know, put down more than the inner child. And it’s time for them to step to the plate.

    It even mentions this in the Bible: Only one that possesses the heart of a child may enter the Kingdom. And: A child will lead the way. And what I gather from this is…

    A child is like our sunshine. That’s what we call our children: You are my sunshine. And when we merge that masculine and feminine within us, there is peace. Then the union happens – the inner child is birthed. And that brings such a bright light within us that…

    When I see the stars, it’s a mirror of, you know, we are light in dark places as well. And when these lights all recognize each other, we all come together in one, then it looks a lot like the big bright light. Like the sun. Or God’s son, if you will. The return of God’s son.

    And the other thing I really wanted to share with you is our perspective on the Illuminati or any kind of forces that are causing a lot of discord – to understand that humanity is conditioned to believe they’re a worthless piece of coal under extreme heat and pressure. And the heat and pressure can be perceived as the Illuminati, or anything that causes discord.

    What happens to a piece of coal under extreme heat and pressure? It becomes a diamond.

    So they’re doing us a service, in helping us step in and take back our power. There’s a major motivation force that is alchemy, even if humanity’s a sea of potential and in order to grow into its loveliness it needs a lot of fertilizer dumped on it – shit.

    I wanted to also say about the Illuminati, that I really see them as a bully in high school, that they’re very insecure and very afraid, more so of us than we are of them.

    And, to me, I just see them as the Wizard of Oz, that they’re smoke and mirrors, “great and powerful.”

    But when you get to the root and the heart of the matter, it’s a frail old man behind the curtain.

    1. First, I’m abandoning the action to face ‘thay’ at the moment because I have the conflict with Ummite (read below).
      ‘True reason of the intervention of Ummite’
      ‘Alien Ummite is invader’

      Anyway, I awarded the human evolution event wasn’t so simple event as I understood it before. The event proceeds with conflicts between human’s crowded consciousness and Ummite’s crowded consciousness. To understand this really complicated issue, read below.
      ‘What dose “untold universe” mean?’

    2. I heard almost word for word what Sri Narayana above just wrote in one of Jessica's interviews... does she take other people's comments and use them as though she thought of them herself?

    3. I know Jessica and we had some lengthy conversations on face book. When I confronted her, she promptly deleted all my comments for fear of exposure to her vulnerable followers. We do have the freedom to put any thing out there.... as if there is not more than enough deception online already! Enough parasites living off of unsuspecting innocent people. BUYER BEWARE!

  4. the girl is complete fake, looks to me like one of mk ultra or othe rof this type; she isn't definitely crystal or indigo, there is something very incoherent in her body language and all her expressions are simply acted that is why her face expression is so dishonest; her 'words of wisdom' are like imprinted and she constantly concentrate to fish them; when she speaks about her life and more freely it is a complete boring giberish, as you can see on some of her youtube videos, she seems to be quite stupid blond with too much tan; i cringe when i listen to her.

  5. A Fake bad actress too. Watch this video (link below) interview of Jessica 2012 and at 4:16 she says she didn't know who Project Camelot was so had to research them in 2012. But they did a one hour video of her in 2008, as above.

    1. Very interesting I didn't know that as she makes videos and posts like viruses you cannot see them allor you get sleepy. To me that silly verborrhea she writes/talks about is kind of distraction even she preaches she has reached the "psychological freedom" with his agent Diego.

    2. It does feel fake to me; and that about her change meeting "Diego" feels suspicious to me; wonder if it's her new handler giving her a new personality

  6. we need to seek