Saturday, August 28, 2010

Is Jessica really ‘Crystal child’?

Hi! Self declared ‘Indigo and Crystal’ Children and conspiracy theory geeks. I don’t care you’re self-declared Indigo or Crystal child, bat if someone really would be such parson (New human), I guess such he/she could uncover deceptions not only on the politic and social problem in the world but also on the religions, love, spiritual and constipations (oops!...sorry) conspiracies like the ‘Ascension’, the ‘planet X (Nibiru)’, ‘Reptilian’ and so on easier (read the posts from 'Indian lives without food and water for over 70 years, is it true?' to 'Why do people refuse to acknowledge the 'unbelievable things' -2?').

It means, for example, could you correct judgment about Jessica who appears in the video below, whether or not real Crystal child? Read following text, which is attached to the video also.

We met Jessica at the NEXUS conference in Australia in October 2008. She was in tears at the end of our presentation and said that she had to talk with us. A young Australian had seen her home-made YouTube video and had generously personally sponsored her long trip from Vancouver to Brisbane. We salute him for this, and he knows who he is.

We realized that it might be interesting (and valuable to many) to interview Jessica. Seeing her as a Crystal Child, we took the decision to include her among our cadre of witnesses as a representative of the younger and very awakened generation who are well-informed, deeply concerned about world events, and aware of the need for mankind to grow spiritually in order to transcend the myriad of problems we all face together.

In this 50 minute video Jessica speaks openly and emotionally about her personal journey, her family, and some of the bewildering experiences she has encountered. Her weaknesses are her dyslexia, and that she has not yet fully integrated her many experiences and perceptions; her strengths are her openness and her determination to bring a message to those who can hear it from her. She sees herself as a newly-arrived teacher and a messenger, and she probably is both of those things.

Like all of us, she still has a long way to go in her journey, and has much to learn. But this is why we are all here, and the choice we make is to help one another as best we can. We are delighted to help present her message to the world.

Project Camelot interviews Jessica: A Crystal Child Speaks Out

Did you make a decision? Ok, now I’ll comment about this video. It’s obviously fraud for me. Jessica Schab just is playacting as an actor’s working that she declared her occupation in the interview.

I was awaking soon this video has disinformation just by watching it. And after that, even I didn’t have detail information of the interviewer, Kerry Cassidy and ‘Project Camelot’, finally, I found out our false hero David Icke (of curse drumbeater of ‘They’) and false spiritualist with Ascension fantasy, David Wilcock has connection with them in the Project Camelot’s website (check it below). It’s enough to discover this episode is a fake.
Jessica, Crystal Child

Well, right now I need exactly indigo or Crystal children like you who have perception or intuition, which can detect such frauds, lies and so on, with good state of mind and body to encounter the force of ‘They’, when it’s necessary. Moreover, you should have consciousness as a new human also.

However, your challenge to face ‘They’ with me might be requiring your life and you should be absolutory voluntary without reward, if you would decide to join me. And you do not except nothing even thought the human evolution event was completed successfully, because our aim of this action is just for preserving new human. We have no more intention.

So I’m excepting your courageous decision for this participation. Then click the ‘Earth button’ on the ‘Wanted: Indigos’ on this page, if you would agree above. After that, your PC might have strange visitor as it has been occurring on my PC since 3 years ago.

The article below is added on December 13, 2012

I’m abandoning the action to face ‘thay’ at the moment because I have the conflict with Ummite (read below).
True reason of the intervention of Ummite

Alien Ummite is invader

Anyway, I awarded the human evolution event wasn’t so simple event as I understood it before. The event proceeds with conflicts between human’s crowded consciousness and Ummite’s crowded consciousness. To understand this really complicated issue, read below.
What dose ‘untold universe’ mean?

Friday, August 27, 2010

To evolve with the human's self-determination

If you are one of readers of this blog, which has revealed about the human evolution event, and you have already recognized it, I believe that you would have some awareness about the current situation too.

Violent climate change that our generation has never faced, is ravaging the whole world, and makes time, as I was anticipating, rising conflict, crimes, accidents, diseases and so on, are causing increasingly heavier chaos in societies around the world.

We can see approximations of the possibility of famine due to climate change are occurring in Brazil, China, Russia and India. Undoubtedly, these phenomena will be even worse.

In a blog post of my Japanese blog last year, I quoted about a doubt with good reason that one of my acquaintance who lives here in Brazil. This person claimed on the purpose of the NWO of ‘They’, saying that is it worth, ‘They’ spends all their lives, even though it is short, for dominating the planet Earth? 'They' are willing to take such a colossal fortune to the cemetery?

I replied to the person that the world has people with great greed who has a hobby for only earn money and fool people. But really, at that time, I had no idea for adequate explanation. Well, right now, I can respond much clearer to the person.

I suppose that a reader of this blog as you, already have knowledge of the human evolution event, which defines the current human right destination, it will be extinct. So ‘they’ have given roles to perform great delusion of NWO by the will of our ‘That world’, regardless of being aware of this matter or not.

For the above reason, I can only give one answer. It’s by the order of the will of ‘That world’ of the human. At this point of view, I might say that ‘they’ are evil', or better say, ‘good and bad’ has meaning different from common sense.

And we now complete our role as first human with intelligence emerged on the planet Earth because natural catastrophes and 'They' (actually, by the will of ‘That world’) provoke them. Obviously, ‘accelerated aging’ (its genetic defects are embedded in our brain) must contribute our extinction (read 'Syndrome “accelerated aging" will be our near future?').

However, the problem is that if the human suicide occurred by 'They'. So I made the statement that we will neutralize the force of 'They' and establish world peace, if necessary, with 'Indigo' on behalf of Ummite (read 'Why the intervention of Ummite practically impossible?').

Nevertheless, I thought that there would be difference idea between the members of ‘They’, but it does not mean that blogs and websites are controlled by ‘they’ propagate the false fact, which allege existence of the conflict between groups of Rothschild and Rockefeller's one.

Especially, I believe that there should be some members of ‘They’ who believe its theories or facts, after the disclosure about the human evolution event and the relationship of the will of ‘That world’ in the posts of my blog.

Besides, if such non-core members of ‘They’ have the same awareness that the achievement of the NWO will be impossible, as it has been disclosed in the posts of this blog, could perform different acts of ‘They'. Despite this speculation is an optimist one, I hope that it would prevent the entire human suicide. Even there was the World War III.

So I wanted to appeal to such members of 'They' who were imprinted and who have an obsession with NWO: There will be no completion of the NWO delusion absolutely. It will be impossible for the new evolved human, just may survive after the event, dominates and enslaves colleagues, because their brain is different from the actual human.

You can do just one thing. It’s that you cannot spoil the human evolution event, and do not try to come to nothing the human species emerged on the planet Earth.

According to the theory of Ummite, the behavior of a person's life affects his/her comfort in the 'That world' when awareness of human deaths will be incorporated into the ‘Mental neurons of death’ of the ‘That world’ (read "How Ummite discovered ‘That world’ and ‘Network of the soul?’"). The act of eliminating entire human is arguably counter to will of the ‘That world’.

If we could quit the event of human evolution without committing an error to risk the entire human extinction and without a lot of violent destruction, or rather can complete the perfect event to earn Ummite and other aliens’ praise for, we would be proud ancestors for our descendants.

It should be fantastic first step for the organism with intelligence, which was born in our dear planet Earth!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Does Israel prepare war against Iran?

According to ‘Agenda’ (read ‘“Agenda” of “They” -2’), ‘They’ already have been preparing pre-World War III, it maybe a war between Israel and Iran, because recently, a lot of sites and blogs subcontractors of ‘They’, which manipulate information, reveal or insinuate its possibility.

This thing is similar one, occurred before the September 11 attack and the oil spill Gulf of Mexico by BP (read below).
ISRAELIS were 9-11 short sale stock buyers, betting on WTC terror strikes, story killed…

Suspicious profits sit uncollected Airline investors seem to be lying low
The Architecture of Terror: Mapping the Network Behind 9-11
Transocean REALLY Cleans Up From Spill: They Pocket Profit Of $270M
Reasons of its possibility are, for example, as follows: Harvard University is controlled by ‘They’ due to study and practice mind control on the world wide elites and so on (read ‘“Agenda” of “They” -2’). According to the article below, the Harvard’s fund has sold all its stock holdings of the Israel companies.
Harvard University fund selles all Israel holdings

Other things are the military exercise and the declarations of some influential politicians (read below). Fidel Castro is a jewie who is controlled by ‘They’.
War Preparations? Biggest U.S.-Israel Joint Infantry Exercise Ever
Israel won't be the first to attack Iran: Fidel Castro