Saturday, July 10, 2010

How did Ummite discover 'Life after death' and 'Network of the soul'?

I suppose you have an interest that how Ummite discovered the existence of 'Life after death' in the twin universes (read 'Who Controls the human evolution?'). The older version’s book 'The letters from the alien Ummite' explains this issue and I had saved a draft summary at the time.

I believe that disclosure of scientific theory of the mechanism of 'telepathy' and existence of 'Life after death' is very important to prove the existence of extraterrestrials. This explanation is really hard for me, but I'll try it below.

Ummite says human guinea pig was a girl with 15-year-old. She killed her sister by electro amputee and because of this crime, any her right was extinguished. To perform the experiment, researchers put her functioning nerves, physical activity and awareness of it in order with partial anesthesia.

And her brain deeply researched, neuron by neuron and atom by atom, using a probe. When it came down analysis of the hypothalamus, the existence of the rare gas, krypton atom was discovered in the third ventricle (space) in the brain. With this discovered, researchers thought if there were 'quantum leap', and so there is energy exchange between neighboring atoms.
Third ventricle

Thus it should occur on random physical theory ('Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle') However, it didn’t, the electrons of the krypton atom in the hypothalamus move synchronized, and there was obvious synchronization with a brain’s pulse wave, which the girl generated.
Uncertainty Principle

Soon after this confirmation, the researchers' understanding was that the movements coded came from a influence of nerve impulse of the brain. But after that, they discovered that the leap movements of the krypton atoms, which were perfectly synchronized, anticipated about one microsecond. This means the movements of the krypton atom are ordering activity of Ummite, i.e. organisms with intelligence.

Well, really it’s hard to understand right? Ok, recently, I found a very interesting article about this theory. Its book is ‘Mind Time'. The author is a scientist Benjamin Libet in the field of human consciousness.

He wrote this book claiming the human own conscience is not working in activity, or rather, he found that our perception takes 0.5 seconds after the event, even human action occurs before it.
Mind Time (the temporal factor in consciousness)

In the chapter ‘3 UNCONCIOUS ANS CONSCIOUS MENTAL FUNCTIONS’ of the page above explains, after appearing a child in front of a car, the driver slams on the brakes (after 0.15 seconds ) before being convinced a danger ahead (0.5 seconds after). It means that human action occurs (before 0.35 seconds) unconsciously, it’s not by intention itself.

From now on, if our scientists could discover krypton atoms in the space, the third ventricle of the human brain, it would be an important evidence to prove this theory of Ummite.

And this mechanism was not found in any other organism (animal) on the planet UMMO, except Ummite (organism with intelligence). After this long search, finally Ummite discovered that a part of the krypton atoms acts as a transmitter-receiver (most current human has only receiver).
Brain Scanners Can See Your Decision Before You Make Them

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