Thursday, July 29, 2010

Caution! About false whistle-blowers

I’ve quoted about false whistle-blowers such as David Icke and Alex Jones who performs drumbeaters of ‘They’ (read ‘The physicist Jean-Pierre Petit surrendered to “They”’). And last year, I’ve posted some articles, which have pointed many Japanese blogs and sites, which manipulate information for ‘They’ (most them would be subcontractors of ‘They’) on my Japanese blog.

In the internet, actually there are much many disinformations regardless of languages, and imprinting or mind control information of ‘They’. It really would have difficulty to distinguish whether truth (without intention to deceive us) or not, because it contains ‘Divide and rule’ technique.
Divide and rule

They practice strong criticize or whistle-blowers, or exposures with indictment document and etc. against social chaos situation and conspiracy by ‘They’. However, even such information has really precious one for us, it would include very dangers information also for us. To understand it, you need to know little bit puzzling technique of ‘They’.

For example, the contents of the site below have appearing coherent argument (actually, I can agree with most these articles of the site), you shouldn’t believe this site would be reliable one. Such sites or blogs could have been no longer be on the net, if it wouldn't be controlled by ‘They’.
Chapter V - Aliens & Other Dimensions

It seems that this site’s articles deny any current society, politic, religious, philosophy, spiritualism, New Age movement and so on, as well as I have been argued it, and I appealed that people should awake from its illusions in my blog.
This website’s Spirit

However, unfortunately, this site must be controlled by ‘They’, although it seems to refuse religious, New Age and etc. Because ‘They’ could deceive ‘Goyim’ (people) easier along with denying such things that ‘They’ have created themselves. I can point a lot of disinformation perpetrator, who perform same things.

Right now, some Japanese disinformation or info manipulation websites of ‘They’ accuse other (each other) its sites, which have been implemented imprinting delirious of ‘Ascension’, ‘HAARP’ (this one was paper tiger or scare story, means no effects that sites of ‘they’ propagate) and so on. I could say it’s a kind of ‘Divide and rule’.

And this ‘whistle-blower’ tells that his own site or blog, has been accessed by the U.S. military intelligence or by kind of CIA (of cause, it’s a hoax), and for taking care to avoid such spy job, he recommended to install the free access analyzing soft. I believe its soft must be with spy virus trap. I would be watched by an intelligence organ of ‘They’, if I'd install it without such recognition.

Ok, back to before, if you'd submit your private data to the website above (this ‘Salvation of’ site may have many links for traps also), you might be checked about your behavior, and be under watch by an organ of ‘They’. Well, don’t you believe this caution?

Most recently, the big stir of the Wikileaks release occurred. Then U.S. government condemns it strongly. I believe who planned and brought this leak into practice, was ‘They’ too. It must be planned and performed by the U.S. government like the September 11 attack.
Wikileaks releases classified Afghanistan war logs: "largest intelligence leak in history"

Edit: About above issue, let me attach reference information below (August 14, 2010).
Hidden Intelligence Operation Behind the Wikileaks Release of “Secret” Documents?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Why do people refuse to acknowledge the 'unbelievable things' -2?

Continuation of ‘Why do people refuse to acknowledge the "unbelievable things"?'

I have been released a fact in my Japanese blog that 'They' practicing mind control using something much more positive experience for us like a hope, for example, through the video 'The Secret' (produced by freemason) and the case of Susan Boyle (remember?).
The Secret: 1st 20 minutes
“The Secret” EXPOSED!
Susan Boyle is namechecked on South Park
Susan Boyle

This phenomenon gives us some expectations for the future, even if they are just illusions to majoritiy people. However compensation will be inevitable that we lose vision for seeing reality. Most people live dreaming better future and it encourages people have enthusiasm for life. Exactly, ‘I need to be happy’.
I Need To Be Happy lyrics

Do you think we need some money together to realize it? However, making money is not so easy. Where does it come from? Rob the bank? Cheat to deceive people? Practice corruption? Or get high, only to forget about something likes a costly attempt? So the CIA has the most drug control in the world. Don’t you know?

Another day, I told my friends about the future fate of the current human, as disclosed in previous posts, but it was easy to perceive that this fact was unacceptable to them. They immediately said the same phrase "It couldn’t be (means don’t want to believe)”, after they have listened it.

Even they admit that human evolution will happen, but said it will be in thousands years later and it will not happen before their death. They do not want to believe it anyway. Despite they believe in irrational and ambiguous God, and so on.

For reaction of the people is thus always the same. Although there is reasoning in the theories I presented (for example, believe in the existence of extraterrestrial, logically, should be more coherent than irrational existence of God), people deny it all in a moment, and almost people refuse to hear my explanation.

Manipulated and imprinted knowledge of human history, religion and common sense for life in harmony in the own community since their birth, also contribute to deny it. Moreover I remembered the following:

The author of 'The letters from alien Ummite', Petit presents next episode in the book. When an expedition team entered Papua New Guinea (formerly), this team showed a movie to isolated native from the civilization.

This portion of the movie was a city on a plateau with a large number of concentrated populations, and vehicles and drawn carriages are passing on the avenue.

Then team’s translator asked the natives that what these things would look like. The natives gave him an answer, saying that it look like chickens. For them, there would be no more response because they didn’t know any other world.

He tells another experience too. At that time, emerged 'streaking' (naked person at a public place), so he has tried it with his attractive girl friend. This couple was naked and was walking quietly on the avenue of the small town in the middle of the night.

However, you might claim it’s impossible to unaware such abnormality. Firstly even I really wonder about this episode, but it’s possible with common perception at that time that there’s no chance to see naked couple on the avenue. This means that a people’s perception about events occurred could change due to changes of eras and ambiances.

Then who came and crossed beside the couple just said hello, as if unaware abnormality. It means that they do not want to recognize the incredible thing looked there.

For me, my friends with such thinking and reasoning have indestructible barrier to block the information that they don’t want to accept, because it would deny to himself, means that should deny their past life and his own future existence. People could be happier, without knowing the future and fate so cruel.

↑ Ostrich hides only its head when threat is coming.

So it's time for us to recognize the facts in any way, because the undesirable human evolution event has been already ongoing. Thus there is no time to forget it and spend time without accepting the facts until the own death.

Now, one thing should do to avoid intervention Ummite or our direct action against ‘They’ (read ‘Human evolution event also awakes unprecedented awareness of Ummite’), and to preserve the new human (read 'True reason of the intervention of Ummite'). It wouldn’t mean direct fighting against 'They'.

That means everybody has to acknowledge the facts, to influence the will of our 'That world' in the universe. Because even though your age does not fit in the range of ‘Indigo’ (read ‘“Indigo” is the new man'), It’s possible that you would have ability of telepathy as well as my case.

We will have disastrous and black future. However, this event will be a big step for the organism with intelligence, which was born on the planet Earth, to continue its evolution infinite also.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Why do people refuse to acknowledge the 'unbelievable things'?

Continuation of 'The biggest fraudster in the human history is religion -3'
To resolve the current chaos in the human world, insistence on awareness and ethics through education, or practice religion, philosophy and love will be unfortunately futile due to the fundamental problem of the current human brain. Our brain is too weak to resist mind control. It means there's no way to have a solution finally.

Even if a person has strong conscience, too much human emotion addicted feeds create chaos. You maybe imaging that mind control exist only in the suspense movies, but it’s very banal and serious because common media use it frequently and widely.

The TVs show ads from sponsors of goods, TV Soaps and junk movies in Hollywood, which are included mind control technique. Thus everybody feel strong taste emotion and happiness of illusion. So finally, it would become obsessive-compulsive disorder.

By the appearance of the new human, only this situation must change (yet it cannot guarantee zero crime in the future, because there are still crimes in the society of Ummite, even the Ummite evolution) and by the extinction of current humans.

I understand that almost my reveals in the posts point dark future for major current human. Of course, people don’t want to know any disastrous future. This reaction is very natural because people wouldn’t want to suffer and die, at least, sooner than the expectancy average life.

‘A drowning man will clutch at a straw’, as the saying goes. Who is on the verge of death from a cancer, takes a risk of chemotherapy, even it’s no effect, in fact, and might die sooner by side effects of the treatment because anticancer drags usually kill healthy cells instead the cancer. Moreover, people have very afraid of dying. So they chose anticancer drag even its absurdly expensive.

There are articles of the experts, argue that most chemotherapy has no effect. Then pharmaceutical companies sell lots of shit drug. The cases 'miracle' cures of media’s propaganda spread are to favor the sponsors.

Nobody guarantee all the doctors are confident and honest, because they can deceive us. Nobody (except medical?) would Known its true motive, if patient death would occur with anticancer treatment.

Everybody admits the love power, but love will solve problems? It’s for me, of course not. Love is the same thing as belief in a religion and prayer. 'God’s Love' does not exist. It must be the effect by the fraud of culture or society.

The reality of love is quite different, as you already know, or better say, your bitter frustrating experience with people, who are related. Why do people declares, repeating endlessly and wants to insist it on any occasion? Because we already know in practice, this word doesn’t have a desired effect, with conscious or subconscious. It should be an act by reason of an anxious.

To have some relationships with someone, people have to deceive themselves, as love should have such a great effect for harmony and conciliation to live with people. However, most its case eventually could fall in disappointment and disgrace.

Brazilian TV station, Rede Globo showed viewers the miniseries 'Do not kill who loves’ in the 1980s. Unfortunately, due to I have no habit of watching TV Soaps, I know nothing of the episodes of the series. However, this slogan for awakening passion crime obviously has been having no success so far. People are committing passion for murder continuously.

Well, I can say that the relations of human consciousness, religion, philosophy and love, for the reasons above, these things really cannot influence to resolve current human chaos.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Human evolution event also awakes unprecedented awareness of Ummite

I have described about the hacker (Ummite) in the previous posts (read 'True reason for the intervention of Ummite'). Recently, its hacker (Ummite) began to disturb my work again!

I was thinking that the hacker will help me, pointing translation errors from Portuguese to English, because I'm using 'Google Translate' for drafts of the posts, and after fixing them with the help of MS Word’s ‘Spelling and Grammar', it means have help of the hacker as well.

However, this shit hacker drags on my working down, trapping me to create confusion. So eventually, I got angry (of course) at him, and began to communicate with Ummite, writing a text (in Japanese) with criticizes, and saying that this shit dickens, weak head Ummite goes away!, and so on.

After that, I continued to write more or less as follows: Although Ummite is more evolved organism with intelligence than the human, as previously mentioned in the posts, whole Ummite should not have high dimension of consciousness, because the Ummo (the planet of Ummite) still has crime, according to the article in the book 'The letters from the alien Ummite'. Thus they should have stupid’s or naughty boys.

With my experience above, I suppose some members who are participating in this expedition for monitoring the human evolution event, would have such personality. The expedition team must have members with unusual character in society of Ummite.

Which means they would be tough guys, or would be warriors on the planet UMMO, maybe they are almost extinct because of the evolution (read 'Why intervention of Ummite practically impossible'). Ummite should choose this kind of guys, even though their temper is 'exotic' on the planet UMMO, but they are adequate to cope with the chaos here on the planet Earth.

The first expedition team members landed on the Earth would actually be elites, but now, we're almost in the eve of the event, any level of Ummite was sent. However, I don’t want this kind of facing Ummite controls me.

Well, after this episode, an idea came to my mind. This one must be from Ummite via telepathy. When mentioning the intervention intention of Ummite in the posting revealed it, I quoted Ummite came here to the Earth by order of the will of 'That world' without making clear explanation (reed 'True reason for the intervention of Ummite'), but this quote might have a point.

Unlike what I thought, Ummite doesn’t have high dimension of consciousness, because Ummite has tried to contact the human and has passed his advanced technologies to the human, and finally, has tried to mediate the cold war and conflicts between super potentials countries, even through such conflicts are caused by the will of the 'That world' as one of parts of the human evolution event. Ummite would have realized it, if he had had the consciousness.

That's not to say favor or kindness of Ummite. It may say an act of arrogant of Ummite. This thing is like a relationship between primitive peoples and civilized peoples of the Earth.

Arrogance of civilized human has practiced unprecedented barbarities. We can mention such acts in the human history, are occurring on native Brazil, on the USA, on Oceania and Africa. It resulted in great human tragedy and massacre (read 'The biggest fraudster in the human history is religion').

It means that the consciousness of Ummite even was not so high than I’ve been imagining. On this occasion, more coherent explanation is that the will of the ‘That world’ of Ummite has tested his consciousness, giving a meeting opportunity with the human, on the evolution phase.

Unfortunately, though Ummite failed its test. The detail of this episode was mentioned in the post 'True reason for the intervention of Ummite'.

Despite this failure, he still has a chance to resolve. It seems to me that for completing this test given by the ‘That world’, now Ummite have to take the entire human extinction’s danger out. Monitor and end the human evolution event, preserving the new human, would be the most important event for Ummite,

Without passing this test, Ummite could not acquire higher dimension of consciousness, or rather couldn’t obtain essential basic condition for the second evolution stage of Ummite. This fact is much more serious for Ummite than the revelations in the post ‘True reason for the intervention of Ummite’.

In this post, I have argued that the reason for the intervention is to save own honor of Ummite, which to be commented by other aliens in the universe and, to study human evolution, as an opportunity that Ummite could find it rarely.

However, according to information that Ummite handed me in this time, it’s not so important. The real reason was exactly the fact written above. Anyway, Ummite would have to solve this problem at any cost.

Well, my readers. Ummite wished to reveal in my blog such information disclosed above, passing it to me with the fucking way. Even so, I wish Ummite must use other way, more smooth and pleasant to disclose it, but in reality, there's no way to escape from this alien's ugly process.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The biggest fraudster in human history is religion -3

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The situation of Buddhism and other religions are alike. Have a long since I’ve heard about current Dalai Lama, a symbol of Buddhists, of spiritualists and of peace, should be a CIA agent. He is manipulating the Tibetan due to cause conflict with China. Next the page below (read ‘Links with the KGB’), Kirill I have ties with the former KGB.
Kirill I of Moscow

According to my research on the net and in some magazines, the religious cults 'Sōka Gakkai' and 'Seitcho-no-ie' practice many frauds alleged crimes in Japan, and President of Sōka Gakkai, Daisaku Ikeda (pictured below) has strong political influence in the country with the Komei Party.
Sōka Gakkai

Fucking this guy is supposedly scandalous practitioner of several rapes and recently, strong links with the most violent leader of the Yakuza (Japanese mafia), Tadamasa Goto, was revealed by the journal 'FRIDAY'.

For many evangelical (including the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God and so on. in Brazil) and almost religious cults of various religions in the world are cited for alleged criminal actions and scandals. And they practice scandalous ugly fights between traditional and evangelical church to competition for customers, Ops! Better say, faithful.

But the situation of Islam is even more complicated. Islamic countries including Iran are controlled by 'They' too. I remember that Brazilian president Lula has mediated the negotiation of 'comedy' for ‘TV Soup’ of nuclear disarmament in this year.

The U.S. and CIA use Islam to destabilize the world for long periods of time. The major newspapers and worldwide media spread hoax terrorisms as Al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, Islamic Jihad (holy war) and so on.

To know this shit story, the articles below is a good reference, though its contents of disinformation. For example, in fact, the Jewish Osama Bin Laden, his role was given by 'They' is like Hitler (read '"Agenda" of "They"'), already died soon after the September 11 attack by renal failure.
Fake Al Qaeda
If bin Laden Was dead, would the S.U. admits it?
Alleged CIA agent to have met Bin Laden in July

In the end, due to leave 'Goyim' in order to manipulate it and control it easily, ‘They’ use not only entertainment (ornamental sports, movies, TV soap, video games and so on.) that people love, but also sex, Drugs and religion are used.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The biggest fraudster in human history is religion -2

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Are you still convinced the above fact? Ok, let me quote one more fraud in the Vatican. One of the relics of the Catholic Church is the saint’s body. There is the famous miraculous spring and incorrupt body (this is not true) to Bernadette at Lourdes in southern France. However, such episode isn’t correct.
Bernadette Soubirous

Information on the Japanese website ('Spring of Lourdes' below) says that in fact, Bernadette never said the water is 'miraculous spring' and never looked 'Virgin Mary'. That was her illusion deliberately interpreted by the population and church in the town of Lourdes. Her image was exploited by the people of Lourdes. I could even say she was a victim of the people’s greed.
Spring of Lourdes (in Japanese)

According to this article, the healing of patients through the water at Lourdes are doubtful. Since 1862, 6700 people declared healed by the water, however, only 66 known cases (two cases per year) were recognized as miracles by the Church.

With current rigorous evaluation in medicine, this number dropped to only one case per 10 years, or rather one case per 50 million visitors. In any event, only four cases 'miracles' reported in 1960-2000.

In 1957, British psychologist D. J. West (former researcher of 'Society for Psychical Research') has evaluated 11 cases of 'miracles' in the decade from 1930 to 1940. After that, he concluded that it cannot say miracles.
Society for Psychical Research
Have you never saw the fountain’s photo with crutches (watch video below) left by the cured patients thanks to the water? The article says that these are not left by former patients. It’s due to tourism demonstration, which means that is a lie.

True History of Lourdes & St Bernadette Excerpt 3
Brazil and other world also have many tourism attractions (shrines and sanctuary) of various religious faiths. For fraudsters, such religion is a big business isn’t it?

I found a Brazilian episode below as a sample for Portuguese blog (sorry, I don't translate it because this might not be as sophisticated fraud to show here as an example, so that it maybe a poor quality joke). So you’d better always remember that the Vatican is an important part of 'They'.
Milagre: Nossa Senhora Aparecida cura bispo Sérgio Von Helder da IURD - Igreja Universal do Reino de Deus? (in Portuguese)

Adding here, I’ll talk about Brazilian TV stations slapstick fight between Globo and Record (its owner is Universal Church of the Kingdom of God). This conflict is superficial. In fact, this one should be by 'divide and rule' technique of 'They' (read '"They" have been controlled the world for 200 year').

An important propaganda organ of 'They', Hollywood produces religious films and relationship films of religion, for example, 'The Ten Commandments',' Ben Hur', 'The King of Kings', 'Angels and Demons', '2012' and many movies about Christ, for imprinting legends in the Bible to be a fact.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The biggest fraudster in human history is religion

Continuation of ‘Indian lives without food and water for over 70 years, is it true?’

After I became convinced of the fact written in the previous post, my perception about religion has totally changed. It means I no longer have forced religious respect.

I can criticize it openly here, without the worry of chastisement of gods, angels, demons and so on. Because they simply do not exist, except in the imprinted imagination in the current less evolved human brain.

Since the death of Jesus Christ for over 2000 years, the Christian founded church that Christ never suggested, and it became the Vatican with great political influence and culture in the world.

With many ancient unfounded legends, the Catholic Church has faked the Bible of fantasy. However, it was not for human salvation, it just worked to exploit and control people. In the end, it served as a tool to control your mind and dominate people by rulers, who eliminated Jesus Christ (read 'What Jesus Christ taught the human?').
Roman Catholic Church History

As you already know, since Christian invaded new continents in the ‘Age of Discovery’ (read below) in the 15th century and invaded Asian countries also, they have mass-killed millions of native people (Indians), exploited and enslaved natives. Previously, missionaries from churches practicing Catholic missions to spy on them and force conversion to Catholicism in the New World and Asia.
Age of Discovery

In Japan, a theory of history says who brought first flintlock rifle was a Jesuit Portuguese in 1542, according to the Society of Jesus. And these Jesuits tried to exploit and dominate in this period in Japan.
Society of Jesus

After that, this intention of the Jesuit was assumed by 'They', resulting Japanese proud revolution 'Meiji Restoration' (read below), however, it has been manipulated and controlled by 'They' (the Russian revolutions were caused by 'They' also). And finally, Japan has been under control of 'They', causing a part of the World War II (read '"Agenda" of "They" -2').
Meiji Restoration

People can find out more similar information of the Catholic churches that practiced in human history. So is religion resolved some significant things good for the human? I don’t think so. This human disaster (religion) has created more problems than resolutions.

Gods are wildcards saviors for all. Soldiers in battlefields pray for killing enemies (does Christ teach that?). Even criminals, fraudsters and corrupts pray. It seems like the gods are even willing to let the world into chaos.
The role of Pope John Paul II in a corrupt Catholic Church
The Roman Catholic Church Corruption

I'm not just talking about the pedophilia by religious. The miracles that the Vatican propagates to the world are not true miracles. Some miraculous cures are thanks to the own immune system as a natural cure, due to the strong faithful belief.

These cures are psychological, it’s never by God. Even though there is research, which claims religion deserves help and cure diseases (read below). Did you know? Why placebo test is required before release of drugs? It’s necessary because of undeniable psychological effect. For example, Lurdes case in the translated article below. The mother's daughter, Lurdes prayed for her cure, and this mother think God answered via the direct channel.

“The numbers that science requires both to be convinced not yet explain, on average, 8 % of terminal patients that progress to cure” says Ana Cristina. The doctors have given Julia a few hours of life, due to five months of premature birth.

The mother Lurdes Lopes spent an entire day kneeling, praying that her daughter survived. Today, the girl now walks with the eighth anniversary. Lurdes says "I've never been religious, but my impulse was to play, when doctors’ hope was finished. I felt I had a direct channel to God”.

She learned to pray that night. Alexander says "The major focus of research is proving that the praying for another gives much positive effects as well as praying for oneself”. Lurdes already convinced by the laughter of Julia.
Ciência admite: espiritualidade ajuda na cura de doenças (in Portuguese)

I think this episode should have a special purpose, at least to impress innocent readers, even it occurred with pure coincidence. The survival of the patient in this case is not so unusual, whether or not her pray. The explanation of the absurd mother’s delusions is very easy.

A very religious with much faith as you (Lurdes is not religious), would have the same experience, but different result would occur if it happened. Even though you prayed as a true believer to cure your loving child, however, unfortunately she died. This case should be almost people’s experience.

When Pope John Paul II died, the faithful around the world prayed for dear papa, but in this case, God did not respond and he died at 84-year-old. Without doubt, pray for someone else does not influence anyone’s situation.

In fact, praying for someone only works to calm and satisfy (or rather, justify love for someone?) oneself. Only it would take effect in very rare case if people prayed oneself. A lot of philanthropies religious work to satisfy believers, diverting their attention and hide fraud. Of course, it works for making money also.
Would I Ever Pray for a Miracle?

But the above fact does not justify its existence, because religion has a too negative side. There are many lies and miracles hoax too. That is, for example, a relic, the Shroud of Turin (read 'What Jesus Christ taught the human?') and the Virgin Mary of Traunstein.

Anyway, it's so easy to deceive people than you think, as the case of Indian Prahlad Jani, because government officials and mass media very influential are his behind, I mean all collaborators to blow this kind of miraculous thing.

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Indian lives without food and water for over 70 years, is it true?

Have you read the story below in April? This Indian, Prahlad Jani's claiming must be impossible, living a long time without eating and drinking. Well, since I started experimenting 'Sungazing' four years ago, I have interested about this Indian
Indian Yogi Lives Without Food and Water for Over 70 Years

Prahlad Jani (Mataji) over 65 Years Long Fast Part 1

If still you didn’t know about 'Sungazing', read below. So even if there was a damaging risk of my eyes, I have tried looking at the sun directory, but cautiously in 2006, because of health reason (not for living without food).

My immune system could be intensified and could have health improvement, if this experience had really effects as Hira Ratan’s arguing. Thus I thought that it's worth a try with a little bit risk. Then finally, I can directly look at the sun for more or less an hour during over nine months, as he guides on his site (read below). This result of the experiment was already posted on my Japanese blog.
Solar Healing Center

However, another effect is more ambitious he guarantees also, which means that people can survive without eating. But even sometimes could lose my appetite, unfortunately, I didn’t live without eating. Yet I felt that there are relative effects.

According to the survey below was done in 2004, although this information is a bit old, I can say that the content of this research is reasonable, according to my experience. However, this research doesn’t cite that nobody is practicing survival without food.
The First Sungazing List Group Sungazer’s Survey

When I have time to research this subject, always scanning the net, whether or not somebody lives without eating food with evidence. But so far, it’s not successful, or I found a Japanese article, which shows the cases of a Russian and a Chinese woman who survives without eating, However, I could not find the original articles or, articles more reliable.

Well, now I’ll evaluate about Jani’s claiming. I believe that this Indian didn’t say true. Because here's an article about an episode of that organization ‘Indian Rationalist Association' (read below) was insisting on participating in the same test performed earlier in 2003.
Indian Rationalist Association

But this requiring was denied by Indian Ministry of Defense at this time, without revealing its reason. And this association has to investigate thoroughly any religious phenomena, superstitions, supernatural and so on, accused there was fraud in the test (read ‘Prahlad Jani (“Mataji”)' of ‘Inedia’ below).

Then, my conclusion is as follows. This test was done with old fraudulent due to imprint an illusion into people, like the fantasy of 'Ascension', and like believing of the devil, of Satan, the Lucifer, phantoms and so on ('They' love to show it to people) are just delusions.

Or as if religions (Catholicism, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism and evangelical sects), and gods, angels, fairies, ghosts and monsters that it has no foundation of Origin: majorities are legends, delusions, lies, hoax and fantasies by abundant imagination that current less evolved human brain generates them.

I can point out that these absurd delusions work to control and dominate 'Goyim' by 'They' through, for example, horror and supernatural phenomena movies, religious, demons and monsters from Hollywood, or media and video games. And 'They' put puzzles of the pyramid (famous symbol of the pyramid 'Illuminati') and the Mayan civilization in the fantasy of 'Ascension' to use too.

↑ Former symbol of the U.S. DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects)

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Why is the intervention of Ummite practically impossible?

Read 'Reason for the Intervention for Ummite' and 'True reason for the intervention of Ummite' before reading this post.

The other day, after I posted Japanese version of the posts ‘True reason for the intervention of Ummite’ above in May, one of disinformation practitioner on the net posted a alleged threat comment of ‘They' in my Japanese blog post, insinuating that Ummite cannot implement the intervention.

Even though I gave him a comment back on the occasion, saying that if Ummite would have not condition, we humans would take over it of Ummite, I pondered this matter after its event.

Then finally, I convinced its guy quoted a real thing, due to practically Ummite doesn’t have psychological condition to face the intervention. Since the hacker (Ummite) invaded my computers, I noticed his strange behavior, because of rejection (upsets my looking) when surfing the net, looking for strong images, for example, human bodies mutilated and cruel things.

As revealed in previous posts, evolved aliens have very different from the human consciousness. With long history of establishing peace, and extermination of atrocities and chaos that human practice around here, losing the characteristic of a warrior occur naturally. I believe Ummite could not face a war against humans.

After the U.S. military ('They') capitulated alien 'Grey' in Roswell in the U.S. (read 'UFO Technology of Ummite -7'), investigated and analyzed the aliens’ behavior. And 'They' have concluded that aliens cannot counterattack the human, even they are getting hostile actions unacceptable by 'Them'

Amazing content of the famous prophecy of Hitler (read '"Agenda" of "They"'), which correctly guess that current climate change situation of the planet Earth and appearance of super (new) human (this prophecy had been a puzzle to solve for me) that its original information must be acquired from alien 'Grey' also.

Rest is pretty simple, just hoax the episode, mixing ingredients of the NWO of 'They' later, and revealed this false prophecy after the World War II (Prophecy of Nostradamus is fraud too. Read

‘Who Controls the human evolution?’). That was an imprinting, or disinformation.
Nostradamus Predicts Hitler
Hitler's Racial Ideology: Content and Occult Sources

Therefore Petit became a collaborator of 'They' (read 'The physicist Jean-Pierre Petit surrendered to “They"'), although he was aware of the intervention intention of Ummite. Other future collaborators of Ummite might change their idea because of the unlikely intervention of Ummite.

However, now the situation is moved. Even if I'll become 62-year-old soon, I have 20-30 years of physical endurance, with 40-year-old of physical appearance, and the consistent and indomitable spirit of a warrior (I may be one of the first Indigos. Read ‘“Indigo” is a new human'), I will cope 'They' along with new humans and indomitable colleagues, using technologies of Ummite.

From here forward, we will neutralize the force of 'They' if necessary, and pacify the world in order.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The true reason for the intervention of Ummite -2

Continuation of 'The true reason for the intervention of Ummite'

Well, you'd better know how Ummite decided to have contact with humans. In the book, there is an article that Ummite claims when there was a favorable time in the twin universe to travel between stars in 1943 to 1978, many trips between civilizations of the planets.

He says this very rare opportunity occurs. Therefore some aliens came to the planet Earth as well. Getting advantage of this time and saying that all aliens had never intended to harm on the human. This is the code of honor in the universes.

Among aliens came, they had no contacts except the special case in the Earth. After they arrived here, species much like current human mixed with human life and acted own interest research. After all the studies were done, they left the earth without a trace and nobody of the human would notice about them.

One species has the appearance of 'Grey' with the large head and shorter one that there’s no condition to blend into human society, living seafloor. This alien has particularly advanced science about brain research and practiced human brain researching.

He has abducted many people and did research on their brain without doing an injury to her health. After the researching, this alien released them erasing their memory in the hippocampus. Therefore, there were the species, which had violated universe ethics code.

Anyway, there were no obvious direct contacts by the documents (letters) with the human, as if Ummite has practiced. Only Ummite has tried to contact that way. However, this contact caused a big problem.

Ummite has passed information fatal to humans, for example, antimatter, MHD, etc., which have been mentioned above, and it is being disclosed in posts. Finally, its information was used for bad motive by 'They'.

An interesting letter in Spanish (refer to ‘Las Cartas de Ummo’ below) Ummite was sent to 18 people, shortly before starting the Gulf War (the war was a big fraud also) in February 1991.
Gulf War
Las Cartas de Ummo

According to that letter, Ummite attempted mediation of the conflict with contacts even presidents George Bush senior (shitty shameless practitioner of pedophilia old man) and Mikhail Gorbachev directly. Though for my current perception, Ummite was completely fooled by 'They'.

Unfortunately, these facts became a great risk of total extinction through the human evolution event, as already disclosed in the posts (read 'Who Controls the human evolution? -2').

Repeating previously revealed fact in the post, Ummite should be aware that he didn’t violate a code of honor universe: do not to interfere in this case.

However, he made this contact, and finally acknowledged the error, but it was too late, in fact, did mugs game. According to my memo when I read the old book version of 'The letters from alien Ummite' in 1994, says that Ummite planned official and direct contact with humans from 2030 to 2050. Well, I think this plan had changed after the occurrence of '11 September' in 2001.

Should have a change of a situation quickly and imminent danger is already occurring. Anyway, Ummite should be criticized by other aliens. After that huge damage has been done, he would be deeply sorry.

This experience explains why organisms with intelligence more evolved could not have direct contact with its less evolved, as a reason and an exemplary.

If the intervention event occurs, Ummite will commit another even greater damage to the human, exactly Ummite would not be wishing. So we have to solve our own hands, and Ummite has to leave the Earth, without the intervention in our world, leaving only blow the human a symbolic kiss for 'good luck'.

It seems to me that the intervention of Ummite wouldn’t be the salvation of the human by the spirit of fraternity or humanity that you would imagine or, that could be a pure illusion as if false ‘Ascension’, is imprinting same things in people for the hoax.

It should be the salvation of his honor, it means, not want to spread unwanted reputation that Ummite committed big mistake throughout the universe, although no intent to harm intentionally.

Perhaps you would think we need technologies of Ummite, for example, UFO technology and the technology, which synthesize anything revealed in the post 'Aliens are predators and exploiters?'

However, if we could survive and evolve through the difficulty of the event, our new human could develop it with own way, wouldn’t take a long time. No doubt, we might have our UFO to travel deep of the universe, due to find and join other similar levels of the organisms with intelligence.

Moreover, we could also evolve endlessly. Ummite may be our one future option to marry, but this decision should be made by our highly evolved descendants.

I’m not only against the intervention of Ummite, as well as their staying on the Earth. It is because I wondered about the influence if there was intervention, it would have more risk that riots problems would occur and so on, than benefits. I think there are big cultural differences between human and more Ummite.

I think I'm getting this message (above) from Ummite via telepathy. Thus now, I want to appeal to Indigo: You have to have this very important knowledge and awareness for averting the future fatal human disaster so that future human and the Planet Earth existence, continuing.

Repeating the claim on 'They', they will not be dominating the planet Earth. ‘They’ have no chance to survive and complete its ambitious conspiracy NOW. It only has a role of prepared drama for the new human emergence.

In the end, I insist that the perception above would be unique chance to influence the will of our 'That world'.

Friday, July 16, 2010

The true reason for the intervention of Ummite

Read 'Reason for the intervention of Ummite' before reading this post.

I suppose that the operation to monitor the Earth’s event is costing too much for Ummite, this event might never have happened in the history of Ummite. It would be very important to preserve new human, for the future joining possibility with the human.

However, is that all? I realized an experiencing possibility of Ummite. As already disclosed in the posts, until the conspiracy of 'Agenda' by ‘They’, which lasted 200 years, would be handled by the will of our ‘That world’ to complete the event (human evolution) as one of the sacrifices.

In the book, Ummite reveals that discovered the planet Earth by chance when captured a Morse code signal that a ship on the Earth transmitted a long time ago. However, this could be happened on purpose, due to the will of the 'That world', would manipulate this opportunity.

Anyway, my understanding is that all acts of organisms with intelligence in the universe are controlled by their will. Then if 'They' would acknowledge this fact and abandon the NWO conspiracy, how our future would go?

Nobody, even the will of the ‘That world’, who controls the event, doesn’t know the human future. I believe that this trial of Ummite would be unprecedented, at least, our proximity area in the universe.

However, soon after I realized something much more serious. Although Ummite has more longstanding history and fundamental knowledge of the frauds by sophisticated intelligence that 'They' are practicing similar ones here on the planet Earth, Ummite was fooled by 'They', after beginning contacts with the human.

Ummite finally acknowledged to be fooled, but it was too late because turned over the most disastrous toy, which means plasma science (antimatter). It was a big mistake and stupid act of Ummite, even if he was fooled.

If I were Ummite, no doubt, I would down exactly the same intervention that he is preparing, if 'They' used it. Though why have it down? The reason is that even Ummite is more evolved than the current human, he is still halfway to evolution, there are his flaws and can commit many mistakes.

The book 'The letters from Alien Ummite' reveals about culture and system of the planet Ummo. The political and the social system of Ummite is based on totalitarianism, he doesn’t practice our democracy and almost doesn’t have freedom. And human right might be minimum respected.

Moreover, individuality is not important. People must get permission and receive genetic psychological compatibility examination for the marriage and so on. Birth control would be very strict too (I'm sure that this policy is also necessary for our planet to exit the current chaotic situation. Who is preventing it, is fucking catholic and ridiculous fundamentalist of human rights).

When children reach a specified age, they should be separated from their parents. Ummite has no emotional temperament, fraternal, loving, and so on that most people here adore. In any event, Ummite would be free as you're used to here on earth.

Even though I'm still up to practice a paper as a drumbeater (a manipulator of information) of Ummite when researching and writing articles for posts, my discomfort and, suffering that the hacker (Ummite) causes, is large and annoying.

For example, the hacker puts a type of virus on my computer, causes system crash, or recently, the hacker set me up deleting important part has been written for this post in Portuguese, it means I lost almost everything I did on the day (after, I understood that this reason was to point the problem of text) and so on.

Spoil everything done by me in the day, might be a sequence of psychological text, which get may psychological reaction (Ummite researches general human psychology to need for intervention) or, for a reason to inject a hatred me of Ummite.

To recover from all this spoil, including perfectly clear virus infected hard drive, and reinstalling the operating system, always I had to spend much time and effort.

Since 2008, I cannot send email because it’s blocked by the hacker. Sometimes, I cannot buy air thicket accessing the net. These provocations cause unreasonable loss of my desire to research and the continuation of the blog.

Moreover, there is many hazing troubled and awkward insistence. Sometimes it points out my mistakes in the texts, but without saying anything or, not cite them by telepathy. To me, it’s hard to understand which its reason is. Thus I become very angry.

I was quite angry several times like that, banging on the table and hurl F wards, also saying that alien go away! and so on, in front of my computer monitor, but right now, I know these are even with a motive for human behavior studies of Ummite.

Although Ummite admits that there are mind and cultural differences between the human and Ummite. Therefore, Ummite declared that our intention would be respected in the letters delivered. So, in the case, the intervention would occur, we should not believe it for the reason mentioned above.

One more important thing cannot forget that Ummite abuses intelligence as if 'They' practiced, and we would be controlled by this same way. We could become a miserable situation of mental slaves with no freedom to make decisions ourselves.

It means that we should resolve the absolute risk of human extinction alone to avoid the intervention of Ummite, which might have a big risk of losing human dignity and our culture.

When I reached this conclusion, I realized something much more important. If I’d have my ability of telepathy (I believe I have it) to pass information to our 'That world', could inform to him my intentions and other persons with same ability (Indigos) hold the same one.

If such care would be down, the 'That world' who controls 'They', might change behavior 'They' or, at least, might avoid using the antimatter bomb that causes entire human suicide.

I suppose Ummite wants this form of resolution to rule out the direct intervention, revealed it in this blog. So Ummite forced me to disclose these facts on the posts for which the Indigos (read ‘“Indigo” is the new human’) understand their roles.

Continue to 'The true reason for the intervention of Ummite -2'

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Prophet Octopus?

As you already might know, the famous ‘Nostradamus’ or ‘Prophet' octopus of the Aquarium in Oberhausen in Germany has chosen all the winner of eight games in the World Cup that he guessed correctly.
Paul The Octopus Finish Historic World Cup Run (STUNNING PICTURES)

Does this octopus, Paul, have the really same ability to predict and have such high intelligence as Brazilian TVs news spread? When he hit the final outcome of the game on TV news, I looked for some information because it’s not logical by my common-sense. It’s impossible. Huh? Do you deny my idea?

Paul The Octopus Predict The Final – Netherland VS Spain

Ok, read “They” have controlled the world for 200 yearsand“Agenda” of “They”. It’s not so difficult to fool people for 'They'. Then I looked for some information, which has same idea of mine, and I found a blog article that I have habit of its checking every day. Well, what explanation is following, it’s very simple. See photo below. The boxes bearing winner country’s flag are always right side.

It means that the game results of the World Cup were being manipulated from behind, no doubt, by ‘They’ with some reason. Of course, its reasons are to try an imprinting the existence of prophecy, which is something like of 'Ascension' in people (‘Goyim’). There may be someone for making big money also.

However, one of them, as above blog article says, it’s to honor the champion’s country, or rather to honor Spain, before falling into fatal financial collapse.

Are aliens predatory?

In April of this year, Rede Globo TV station in Brazil reported in the news that the famous physicist Hawking of the black hole, it’s inexistence according to the theory of Ummite (Read 'UFO Technology of Ummite -8'), alleged that there is great risk of any alien be a predator or at least, be exploiter.

Upon hearing this statement, I ridiculed him because I thought as a possible physical is controlled by 'They' (read 'UFO Technoloy of Ummite -9'). Hawking is a scientist of 'They' to practice disinformation. The fact is he said, is not true. I found his original statement, so read it below.
Stephen Hawking: Alien Contact Could Be Risky
Already I have argued in the '"Indigo" is the new human' post, about the fantasy history of the planet Nibiru, the extraterrestrial Anunnaki invaded the Earth and has explored a gold for solving ecological system problem of the Nibiru. This is a disinformation of 'They'.

Well, in the book, Ummite admits he has a very useful advanced technology to produce anything on the level of atoms, for example, gold, rare materials, and proteins and so on, if there are samples to copy them, by using simple and common materials, which are water, oxygen and sand and so on.

Any organisms with intelligence much evolved, who has a way to travel between stars, would have the same technology. I think we can develop it in future, to pass the evolution stage.

So still do you think the aliens need to explore mines in planets with other inhabitants? Then, How about energy? Ummite already has antimatter, which means he doesn’t need other kind of energy source, such as human might imagine.

Are we feed for predator (cannibalism) and human organs for transplanting? No way. I guess you already know that a meat diet is bad for man. There is lot of synthetic substituted things here on the Earth. And people cannot forget Tom Cruise suffered absurd attack of extraterrestrial (read '"Indigo "is the new human').

Hawking’s argument is poor as a scientist with good vision, and a nonsense. He's not a genius, just stupid for me. His reputation must be created by the media controlled by 'They'.

I guess Hawking is practicing a part of 'Project Blue Beam'. Actually, ‘They' love to show us this kind of terror, ever since Orson Welles tried to terror in the population in 1938 (Read 'The War of the Worlds (radio)’ below).
The War of the Worlds (radio)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Will syndrome 'accelerated aging' be our near future?

The other day, I watched TV (Rede Globo in Brazil) foreign news, showed the English boy with the premature aging disease. The news said 63 cases of progeria have been reported. Now then, I mentioned about the Indigo child as a new human in the previous post (read '”Indigo" is the new man').

So I have thought about another question when I upped its article on my Japanese blog last year. It was the current human extinction along with the human evolution (read 'Who Controls the human evolution? -2').

A few years ago, I found another book of Petit on the net, I still have not read, is called 'The letters from the alien Ummite III' (in Japanese) with the subtitle, 'There's the species extinction code in human brain'. However, I had no idea on this occasion. Well, right now, I’m rethinking this significance.

Ok, let me tell you about it. I realized the answer to this extinction code in the human brain, exactly it’s there when I watched the news above. progeria syndrome, or rather syndromes ‘accelerated aging' including progeria, Werner syndrome, Rothnund Thomson syndrome, Cockayne syndrome and so on., would be our future destination, whether these syndromes, which are related genetic defective, arise even more accelerated in the current human.
Newborn child may turn into 80-year-old person within one year


Rear disease makes a yang girl look like twice older

Unfortunately, it has no way to escape it. Even if they escape disaster 'They' cause, we may terminate by this way.

Just as already revealed in previous posts, 'They' and their posterity do not survive (see 'Truth reason for the intervention of Ummite -2'). Nobody escapes this syndrome de ‘accelerated aging’ destination. How can 'They' realize their dreams NWO with this situation shown in the photos below?

Elena, Lizzie (photo below) and many progeria children must be near future of ‘They’ and their posterity. The NWO of 'They' will eventually be one last great delusion of the current human.

University student, 21, eats Every 15mins weighs but the Same as an eight-year-old