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UFO Technology of Ummite -6

Continuation of ‘UFO Technology of Ummite -5’

To fly horizontally, and to spin the UFO due to neutralize the magnetic field in the environment of ' warp ' stage, the propulsion system performs practically the same procedure of vertical movement.

The UFO can move any one of 360 degrees (this is one of the advantages of disc style), for example, if the UFO want to go to the two-hour clock direction, just make up air movement in its direction. With combination of the three solenoids, the UFO can make any radical movement.

Either way, high-performance computer system, a few million of the plasma generator and solenoids guarantee unbelievable movement of the UFO that normal aircraft never achieved.

Well, I have been revealed about MHD systems as the secret U.S. military technology in the posts (read ‘The U.S. stole technology of Ummite’). So, ordinary people like you, never involved this technology? The answer is yes. Check the site below.
American Antigravity

Since 2002, the U.S. government has cheated taxpayers and Congress (?) (read “‘Lifters’: An Idea in the Cloud”). The physicist Fran de Aquino (Freemasonry: a part of 'They') of the State University of Maranhão fooled people too (read the articles below).
'Lifters': An Idea in the Cloud

Welcome to Professor Fran De Aquino 's Webpage

Mathematical Foundation of the Relativistic Theory of Quantum Gravity

Why? Do you get it? Really, this one floated by the MHD theory, but it’s not by antigravity. For some time, the ion thruster was developed and used for the space probes expeditions for NASA, ESA of Europe and NASDA of Japan.
Ion thruster

Ok, let's turn the initial subject of this theme. Does the Adamski type UFO works? The answer is no, because if the UFO Adamski used MHD system (maybe another technology would be used, but it’s almost unlikely), layouts of the equipments are inadequate, for example, the solenoid coil position for generating magnetic field is near by the crew cabin.

It spoils plasma generating and harms the crew. This UFO use barium titanate as fuselage, means ferroelectric, it must not be used because it has no ‘Messner effect’ (read below), which protects the crew cabin. And the cabin is not prepared for violent acceleration too.
Meissner effect

Moreover, the cabin is with anachronistic windows, which is imaged of that time (it seems that Adamski had no idea to use external camera and monitor). The ship body shell’s material is aluminum without plasma generator, and so on.

Refer to the original contents of the letter from Ummite below also. However, these texts might be including some different information from this post because of deferent source.
Description of craft Ummo (4)

Description Ummo craft (5)

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Monday, June 28, 2010

UFO Technology of Ummite -5

Continuation of ‘UFO Technology of Ummite -4’
11. Magnetic field environment control system.

12. Tank of ‘Thixotropy’. This substance is a mixture that it protects the crew against 50G acceleration (read ‘UFO Technology of Ummite -2’), and it’s also used as material for production of antimatter utilized for generating electric energy of the ship.

This means that the energy source is nuclear fusion from a mixture of lithium and hydrogen (hydrogen isotopes). The antimatter is produced by contraction with huge high pressure.

13. Tripod landing gear with adjustable suspension.

14. Monitoring sensors of the environment. The crew monitors environmental parameters such as atmosphere, temperature, resonance and so on, using these sensors.

15. Toroidal type screen. The crew can watch 3D outside landscape of the ship without glasses.

16. Ribbon sensor to detect nuclear magnetic resonance.

17. Navigation system in the twin universes. Using this system, it detects and confirms the ship's current position in real time to shift between twin universes.

18. MHD propulsion system. This propulsion should be used in the atmosphere, however in the vacuum of space; this will be used only to spin the ship. This system unit contains a gas into the duct, and its inner surface must have the same plasma generators installed on the ship shell.

Then the gas begins to turn so that a combination of rapid its ionization position change and magnetic field change move it. With this procedure, the disc (ship) reacts to spin action of the gas by principle of action and reaction, and will turn in inverse.

Well, did you understand much about UFO so far? OK, that’s good. Now, you will know how the UFO could float in the air. It is explained by much like the helicopter flight theory.

It means to make vertical movement of the air down from over the UFO. See the comparison made in the drawing below (explanation found on the net maybe different, for example, depend on density and air pressure etc. but result is same).

More important is that the actual UFO makes air current (fluid) on its surface, generating an effect ‘action and reaction’ (imagine a jet engine principle). To do it, as mentioned earlier post, ionize air (gas) by (electric discharge) plasma generators (see the drawing of 'UFO Technology of Ummite -3') with some procedure.

And move it (air) generating the magnetic field by three solenoids (see the drawing below) with pulsed electric current, as direction identified in the drawing above, to rise or to down, along with some parts of the ionization air, such as a LED Christmas lights turn on/off sequentially.

Then, the air begins to move depending on combination pattern of ionization and magnetic field. Concerning the drawing below that I found it in the reference book, I think the tilted UFO in 'Magnetic field lines' maybe a consequence of the magnetic field shown in the drawing, which is generated by the MHD system.

Adding interesting things here are the plasma generator amount installed on the UFO, and its appearance when using them. If the disc size of the UFO had about 10 m in diameter and kicking (estimate) generators quantity were 1% of the 4000 micro parts par one cubic mm (read 'UFO Technology of Ummite -3'), the UFO would have at least 3 to 4 million in generators!

When all these plasma generators were in working, the UFO would be shining, as many witnesses describe about it.

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

UFO Technology of Ummite -4

Continuation of 'UFO Technology of Ummite -3’

There is added information other than the main part in my reference book, ‘[The U.S. stole] Plasma science of the alien Ummite’ (read `The U.S. stole technology of Ummite’). One is about the UFO structure of Ummite. You can check by referring to the drawing below (due to the inadequate translation of the book, the explanations below maybe with some wrong).

1. Rotation (floating) crew cabin. This cabin includes equipment of the propulsion control system. The cabin housing is made of a superconducting material to protect the crew against the strong magnetic field.

2. Fuselage (housing). The exterior is made of platinum (?) Honeycomb structures (honeycomb panel structure) and the interior is made of stainless steel type material. As already mentioned in the previous post (read '3'), the ship shell has a resonance compensate mechanism, using micro-plastic pipes and a mixed substance of mercury and a magnetic liquid-solid transformable material, monitored by micro-censors.

Honeycomb structures

These steel sensors are linked to the 120 computers (processors?) network system, which detects and analyze censors signals of resonance for compensating it. See the drawing of the previous post.

3. Atmosphere control system with the plasma generator. This system protects the ship shell with plasma barrier and it’s connected with the refrigeration system, using lithium (refer to '3').

4. Network computer system (120 CPUs) of the ship. The computers may have system memory of pure titanium. See the drawing below. The three high-frequency beams trigger single atom of titanium to write and erase information. Saved memory information life at the electron is almost infinite in the environment with near absolute zero.

To acquire this high-precision direction, joining the three beams to generate a unique electromagnetic beam with much high frequency. Petit says that this system is the ‘Heterogeneity’ (read below). And now, even if it be possible to develop a similar system using synchrotron radiation, he never heard of the idea of applying this mechanism (Heterogeneity) to have the same effect.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heterogeneous
Synchrotron radiation

Read the original information text below also.
Report on the computer of Ummo

5. Main solenoid (magnetic field generator) of superconducting. This superconducting solenoid coil powered by alternating current (see drawing below) works as a Magnetron, generating a magnetic field of the microwave. This magnetic field affect the crew’s health, so the crew must be protected (read '3')
Cavity magnetron

6. Access hatch with isolation system and magnetic elevator.

7. Upper solenoid (magnetic field generator) of superconducting (read ‘5’).

8. Lower solenoid (magnetic field generator) of superconducting (read ‘5’).

9. The electric generator system for MHD propulsion.

10. The system to reverse particle (antiparticle) (read ‘Antimatter’ below). This system analyzes and controls the environment of the ship on the following items, using gyroscope and spectroscopy.

Dynamics and rotation attitude control of the ship. For travel between stars during several years with the light speed, which is no condition for using MHD propulsion system, the ship should enter our twin universes doing ‘Warp Drive’.

To enter, first, spin the ship with high speed so that can generate a regular magnetic field environment. Then release a gas to generate new magnetic field due to produce nuclear magnetic resonance (read below) and by the projection of gamma ray (read ‘Gamma ray’ below), the ship will be at the antimatter environment (antiparticle) for opening the door to enter twin universes.
Nuclear magnetic resonance

Gamma ray

Gamma laser beam control equipment. This type of laser still doesn’t exist on the planet Earth, even if it’s theoretically possible to develop. This laser is used not only to enter the twin universes but also to destroy asteroids causing ship’s collision damage.

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

UFO Technology of Ummite -3

Continuation of ‘UFO Technology of Ummite -2’

‘Thixotropy’ will be removed from the crew cabin, when the acceleration is completed and keeps it (11) in space (13) in the penultimate drawing of the post (UFO Technology of Ummite’). Due to the filling of ‘Thixotropy’, the crew must wear the space suit, and be implanted a device in the anus for converting feces to helium.

About the accelerating method of the ship, Ummite adopts pulse acceleration system different from what we imagine it as continues acceleration. That means repetition of approximately one millisecond (1 / 1000 second) of acceleration cycle.

The crew member's body is tight as if they were a rock by ‘Thixotropy’ during acceleration. With this acceleration method, the crew’s body almost doesn’t feel and will not be affected, even enormous its effect.

Even if in the universe space, any spacecraft always is in the possibility of a collision with some object. And most critical situation must be that resonance occurs when the ship is at the pulse acceleration mode, it could result in damage to the ship.

To resolve these problems, the ship shell has an artificial micro-organism system that it includes 4000 micro parts shown in the drawing below per one cubic millimeter. Could you imagine its size? The pieces with an average size of 0.25 cubic μ are scattered in the area at 10 m diameter of disk shell. The artificial micro-organism system could fix shell damage automaticity if the object hit it.

The micro-craters on the surface, which are, for example, to generate the electrical discharge (plasma) and etc. The complicated micro pipe working and micro-balls are used for cancellation of the resonance mentioned above, using a substance, which transforms solid and liquid alternately. This transformation is controlled by the computer (of course!).

To understand the plasma generator system, see drawing below. Inside of the micro-craters have electrodes, which ionize the atmosphere by electric discharge to generate plasma (read ‘Plasma’ in the article ‘Ion’ below).


Refer to the original contents of the letter from Ummite below also. However, this text of the contents is written in bad English (maybe software translation), so read Spanish version, if possible, and might be including some different information from this post because of the deferent source.
Description of craft Ummo (3)

The ship’s communication system of the computer has three types. Any system is with optical fiber to be unaffected by the magnetic field. This artificial micro-organism system with sensors could fix ship-shell when it was damaged, as already informed it above. And when the ship leaves a planet, the shell is heated to kill bacteria instantly.

During acceleration, the magnetic system is fully operational, which generates some dozens of Tesla of the magnetic field (read below). It affects the health of the crew. So housing the cabin crew is made of a superconducting material for protecting them.

Tesla (unit)

The book's author Petit says that the UFO of Ummite has also interesting technologies, for example, the cooling system used lithium for the ship-shell, the multi-channel control system, the system to analyze the atmosphere and so on.

However, he has no idea to tell about its information because he cannot confirm these things because do not exist or still be not developed here on planet Earth.

Friday, June 25, 2010

UFO Technology of Ummite -2

Due to prevention from space adaptation syndrome, a special device is implanted in the inner ears of the crew. In the penultimate drawing of the previous post ('UFO Technology of Ummite’). Did you notice object, which is covering the crew face? It’s an advanced monitor with high resolution three-dimensional. Through this monitor, the crew can watch outside the ship by sensors installed on the ship shell


Space adaptation syndrome


Moreover, by using built-in virtual reality equipment of the monitor, the crew can feel sound, smell and touch and so on. Who taught 3D technology without using glasses to the human was Ummite. Watch the video below, which was shown to the Japanese audience in October 1990.


Virtual Reality

Junichi Yaoi special UFO Alien Planet UMMO2

In the passage, which starts 4:38 of the video above, the letters from Ummite appeared, revealing its technology. The banker Rafael Farriols who lives in Barcelona says that his friend and he could register patents for its 3D technology, and recorder without using motor and mechanism even they didn’t have knowledge.

However, this video is influenced by 'They' and contains some mind control too. I guess that this video producer, Junichi Yaoi is a CIA agent.

His disinformation way to practice is as follows: mixed precious and truthful information as Ummite or UMMO case into the much special (junk) reportage, which features UFO, broadcast it on television at the time.

Anyway, the majority of these reports were with the hoax, for example, the video below. So everybody who watched them could not identify, I mean, it was very difficult to separate the true facts of fabricated junk information. Or simply, for people don’t believe UFO, the fact of Ummite could be suspicious.

Junichi Yaoi Special UFO part2/15

Back to the main subject, the crew members are victimized by violent acceleration, while the ship is in its mode. To escape it, the crew cabin should be filled with the substance, which is called ‘Thixotropy’, when the ship is in acceleration. And it becomes solid instantly by `Electric field effect’. So that this reason, crew members do not have seats.


Refer to the original contents of the letter from Ummite below also. However, it might be including some different information from this post because of the deferent source.

Description craft Ummo (2)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

UFO Technology of Ummite

Hi! UFO (Ovniology) geek, the time has come to know true UFO. Well, forward from here, I’ll reveal how a flying saucer of Ummite able to travel between stars and fly in the atmospheres on planets.
Unidentified flying object

Do you never have been heard a contactee called Adamski? He said in his book, he embarked on a flying saucer-like below. However, does this one really work?
George Adamski

Look at the flying saucer below. It seems that the disk size has around 10 m in diameter and 4.5 m high. A comparison of sizes between the UFO and crew is incompatible because the crew size is too big, should have supported the human height (may be an information manipulation of Ummite).

Ok, now to begin studying the UFO technology of Ummite, first, remember the fact that it has been clarified; the UFO of Ummite adopts the system of MHD. Well, would you ever wonder why the UFO style has round one? It should have a reason.

This reason is to avoid invalidity of electric discharge for creating the plasma barrier, which nullifies enormous friction (see ‘The U.S. stole technology of Ummite -2’). It’s affected by the MHD magnetic field effect.

Though it is not conducive in aerodynamics – in fact, this effect is unimportant for UFO, the style of two 'pan lid' combined is ideal for UFO. See how the magnetic field is in the drawing below. In the pan's lid edge has superconducting toroidal (annular) coil to generate the magnetic field.

In these areas, the magnetic field effect is minimal and it does not affect the electrical discharge effect.

The drawings below are from one of the letters from Ummite. It seems that the UFO state is with constant speed mode because the crew is standing or slightly sitting position on the wall of the centrifuge donut cabin, which generates light gravity.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Are Vaccines rally safe and effective?

On the net, you can find out abundance information about frauds and dangers of the H1N1 influenza vaccination such as articles below.
K.N.O.W Vaccines

Vaccine dangers

The hidden Danger Vaccination

40,000 contract serious virus in Ukraine, kills 30

WHO chief yet to be vaccinated against swine flu

Conselho da Europa: "A pandemia de gripe A nunca existiu"

‘They’ have been created varies virus and chemical-biological weapons also. Same information says that this kind of researching began end of the 19th century. One of them is HIV virus due to reduce world population, particularly of black people. Read articles and extracted text (blue one) below.
AIDS is man-made - Interview with Dr. Boyd Graves

Was AIDS engineered?

A monkey virus injected into humans via polio vaccines in the 1950s

There are inherent dangers in vaccine production. Many vaccines are made on living cells; and accidental contamination with bacteria, mycoplasma, viruses, and newly-recognized "nanobacteria" are constant problems during the manufacturing process. Laboratory additives (such as fetal bovine [cow] serum) may also be a source of contamination. Half the flu vaccine supply for 2004 had to be destroyed due to contamination with disease-causing bacteria.

Some researchers believe that injecting living and killed viruses into the body can result in these viruses combining with other viruses normally present in the body, resulting in the formation of new viral disease-causing "recombinants." The dangers of vaccines are downplayed to assure the public that vaccines are safe.

The possibility that cancer-causing primate viruses could have been "introduced" into gays, via the experimental hepatitis B vaccine, cannot be dismissed as paranoid fantasy. In this regard, we are told that HIV is the first primate virus to "jump species" to produce an epidemic in millions of humans. But, in truth, the AIDS epidemic is the second instance in which a monkey virus has been transferred to humans.

A cancer-causing monkey virus called "simian virus 40" (SV40) jumped species a half century ago when virus-contaminated polio vaccines were injected into millions of people, including half the U.S. population of that era. (For details, see: www.sv40cancer.com) Government health officials insist there is no proof that SV40 causes human cancer. However, independent research over the past decade indicates SV40 is clearly associated with rapidly-fatal cancers of the lung (mesothelioma), bone marrow cancer (multiple myeloma), brain tumors in children, and other forms of cancer.

A Washington Times report (September 21, 2003) states, "Some of the polio vaccine given to millions of American children from 1962 until 2000 could have been contaminated with a monkey virus that shows up in some cancers, according to documents and testimony to be delivered to a House committee Wednesday." The SV40 story is detailed in the recently published, The Virus and the Vaccine: The True Story of a Cancer-Causing Monkey Virus, Contaminated Polio Vaccine, and the Millions of Americans Exposed.

The Virus Cancer Program 1964-1980

And the book (read ‘Letters from the alien Ummite’) says that the stolen biological technology from Ummite, which has been used for creating these viruses.

Reason for the Intervention of Ummite

As I mentioned in the post 'What Jesus Christ taught the human ', Ummite has intention of the intervention so that the human already has a secret more powerful weapon than nuclear weapon. If the human used it in the next world war (III) accidentally or with mislead, the planet Earth could disappear entirely. Read the original letter below.
Making power on Earth in case of risk of nuclear conflict

In the books in relation to Ummite, you can read articles of the intervention of Ummite, when great risk of human extinction happened. Well, if you think that Ummite intentions was for saving the human, for example, as if mystical or abnormal things related ‘Ascension’ is propagated as a salvation fantasy, it should be completely hoax, it must be a part of mind control.

One of the videos with mind control ↓

Part 19 of 25 - The Legend of Atlantis - It's Time to Wake Up

Even Ummite had the intention, could not save the human because the will of ‘That world’, which causes the event (read ‘Who Controls the human evolution?'), means that no one could preserve the current human, because current human extinction destiny was defined by its will.

According to the article below, the human ancestor, who has decreased to 2000 individuals in approximately 60,000 years ago because of the coming ‘Ice Age’ and climate change as an ahead stage. I believe that this event (ice age) must cause the human ancestor evolution.
After Near Extinction, Humans Split Into Isolated Bands

Although dwindling human ancestors by such a great difficulty, the human successors survived and multiplied in the period, and finally, its population has grown to the current 6.7 billion.

Actually, continuation of the same species never happened in history. It could quote equality to other organisms on the planet Earth. It would be vain efforts, which emphasize preservation of species destined to extinction as a people are now practicing.

So do you really wanted to see replica dinosaurs live? These efforts are human arrogant desire for me. The current human brain yet in sub-evolution, which has animals instinct characteristic must be the destination for extinction.

I believe that the reason for Ummite is only observe the event, but intervene if there was risk of the extinction of hole organisms on the planet including new human, who is being on emerging.

However, there is more important purpose for Ummite. It should be revealed in the other posts later.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What did Jesus Christ teach the human?

Read 'Who Controls the human evolution?’ before reading this post.

The book 'The letters from the alien Ummite' (read 'The letters from the alien Ummite') quotes Jesus Christ truly existed, even though the video 'Zeitgeist' (read "The 'Agenda' of 'They' -2") alleges that Christ was a legend. And I also thought that he is a legend because his image was exploring just for the established of Christianity.

This article, 'The research about Jesus Christ', argues that the physical appearance of Christ was like an ordinary human. However, the inside of his body (brain?) had an antenna, which means that he had 'atomic chains' [Note], a helper function as embedded in his DNA, which gave him an ability to communicate with every human on Earth.

Note: ‘atomic chains’ might be the resonance phenomenon between krypton atoms and helium atoms. Read “How did Ummite discover ‘That world’ and ‘Network of the soul’? – The principle of telepathy”.

His image of the soul in ‘That world’ was very different from ordinary human. The difference between Christ and ordinary human was similar reference between humans and animals. He was a new human who appeared early for over 2000 years.

And his perception was in much higher dimension than any human, enabling that he can see all human’s behavior through it. The messages of Christ were widely ecological, teaching them, not kill each other and love each other as if he were the whole human. Besides, he was acting in good faith of all human and human intention.

The will of 'That world', which has been integrating all huge human soul’s perceptions, finally had could contact with 'herd of goats', which means Christian through Jesus Christ.

The article tells how Ummite discovered details about the history of Christ. It seems to me by using a (ball type?) machine with MHD and plasma technology, dug into the ground beneath and found out the synagogue, not yet known, in the Jewish underground. Then Ummite discovered the manuscript biography of Christ, which written on a stained leather with attached gold leaf.

The text below contains very interesting detail episodes about Jesus Christ, even its introduction is so difficult understanding for me, for example, he was born in Galilee, not in Bethlehem as you know and it has the description of ‘Ascension to Heaven’ (of course, it’s a fantasy). After reading this text, my conclusion is that Christianity is really a mixture of blatantly evil doctrines (also read ‘Biggest fraudster in the human history is religion).
Embodiments driving cosmic evolution (OYAGAWOA - Jesus)

And it comments about the interesting history of the Holy Shroud of Turin as well. I believe that this story of Christ indicates that Jewish and Roman authorities bothered much of Christ's existence and finally killed him.

After the death of Christ, Christian founded Catholic faith that Christ never suggested it and explored the image of Christ. And finally, Catholic authoritarianism controls the population in such way, which is written in the text.
Shroud of Turin

Well now, respect the Holy Shroud of Turin, Ummite says that the Vatican has real shroud with a profuse bloodstain, which wrapped Christ. However, the shroud of Turin was faking, using a dummy metal and an herb at the time, stamped false Christ’s mark on the shroud with electric heater and bloodstains. Another source says the Shroud of Turin is faking too.
Pope Nearly Endorses the Shroud of Turin, But Is It Real?

When I hear the word ‘fraternity’, always felt strange because it is always superficial. Even interpret the word without hesitation and accept Christ's insistence above, I cannot think that this way is best one to convince the human, as Jesus Christ taught, due to the human selfishness and immorality.

While thousands years history of conflict, it seems that the difference in human secures each other in contrast to Christ’s desire. Moreover, if you compare 4.6 billion years old of the considered planet Earth age, human history that no more than 6000 years, human one is so small anymore.

If I were an alien with 2000 years of life and always I could observing the human history of planet Earth. For me, the human history would be completely different from the imprinted hoax history by 'they' to 'Goyim'. So things that you respect such as race, identity intensified, pedigree, tradition and so on. All acts of dividing each other are wrong.

'They' abuse these differences in human societies for practicing 'Divide and rule' (read “‘They’ have been controlled the world for 200 years”). For this reason, Christ taught the human that do not conflict because they are all brothers. So it was a very dangerous concept for the rulers.

Well, now the 21st century, we have to face more conflicts worsened provoked by ‘They’, which cause chaos in the world. When it was time to Christ, `They’ had no mass destruction weapons, but right now, the situation is different. The human extinction will be possible. Thus Ummite has the intention to avoid that it would occur soon.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The U.S. stole technology of Ummite -3

Continuation of ‘The U.S. stole technology of Ummite -2’

Let me explain simply the theory of the MHD here, using the same material used in the article of my Japanese blog. Then, see the drawing below. When the high speed plasma fluid flows in the duct, where the magnetic field generated by the magnet, the electron of the plasma moves between the electrodes and electric current is generated by the theory of Fleming's right hand.
Fleming's right hand rule

The MHD generator that the drawing below shows is installed on the top of Ajax. And during flight, high speed air flow (plasma) flows over its face of the electrodes (+/-) for generating electricity.

The article says that special fuel is used for this system, mixing cesium, potassium, sodium (alkali metals) and so on, in order to increase fuel efficiency, even at low temperature (1800-2000 ° C) compared to the its ideal. Another highlight is the using superconducting wire for greater efficiency.

So to understand operation of MHD accelerator, just imagine that it operates inversed above procedure; first feeds electricity, which generated by the MHD generator, to the MHD accelerator for propulsion. This accelerator increases the exhaust gas speed by a force, which produced in the magnetic field.

As already revealed, the same electricity generates the plasma barrier using the device of the aircraft also. And the reason for the abnormal shock wave of Ajax (see the drawings of ‘The U.S. stole technology of Ummite’) was because of the plasma barrier.

I found the following articles by Petit, who is author of my reference book ‘[The U.S. stole] Plasma science of the alien Ummite’ recently. I guess that they must be basic information of this post’s articles. So I recommend you to read them also for getting more accurate information.

Annex 1: MHD

Annex 2 Other weapons and speculations

Annex 3: MHD US torpedo

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The U.S. stole technology of Ummite -2

Continuation of ‘The U.S. stole technology of Ummite’
So far, there’s not so complicated isn’t it? Especially like you, for the Formula 1 geek.

Well, Chapter 2 'Ajax Project' of the book '[The U.S. stole] Plasma science of the alien Ummite', which unveils the Ajax MHD technology system. According to the article, this aircraft has two MHD converters system, one of them works as a generator and the other is as an accelerator.

The MHD generator function is to convert hydraulic energy into electrical energy. So the flow of the upper air intake of the section view of Ajax (see ‘The U.S. stole technology of Ummite’) with more than 10,000 km / h is reduced by the converter, generating and feeding electric power itself.

And it can reduce high temperature of air, which is entering into the engine at the same time, because high temperature is converted to electrical energy as well. You can imagine it, for example, a car brake system that it generate electrical energy, may recycle it and save fuel.

See the drawing below. A converter is installed on top of Ajax, where is the front air intake. During this operation with high speed, lower air intake should be closed. When Ajax is at takeoff and landing or flying with low speed, upper air intake should be closed.

By the way, how does the accelerator, which is installed behind the exhaust of the engines? Some magnet (solenoid) installed on the accelerator so that the magnetic field can adds force to the airflow propelling and accelerating back. The interesting thing is that the jet fuel is processed by high voltage before burning it in the engine for becoming stronger electrical conductor.

Huh? That right! The energy generated by the generator feeds to the accelerator as an input energy to operate it. This system is much well done isn’t it?

So let us understand how to secure the aircraft shell for protecting against high temperature, which may affect it. I think that this technology is one of the most important for the UFO. Moreover, it has perfect stealth effect, even has radio communications defect.
Stealth aircraft
I’ll not explain in more detail here, anyway, the article says that the generator of the aircraft has the capacity to generate high voltage, about 3 million volts, which is like lightning.

Then the generator system sends high voltage to the nose and wings edge of the aircraft for generating electric discharge. The devices installed there create plasma gas, and then it’s covering the outside of the aircraft as a plasma barrier, means that the ship was protected by lightning. So it admits to fly very high speed without suffering the friction effect.

When Petit spoke to a person who was involved of the Aurora project, drinking beer in the restaurant where located nearby the university, which was held the conference, he 'kicked' (gambled) unconfirmed information about Aurora and won.

This person, 'cowboy' Benangy admitted the hypothesis of Petit, and said that Aurora has been flying since 1990 with a velocity of 10,000 km / h and 60,000 km high, surfing without refueling above the stratosphere and can become a satellite (read ‘Escape velocity’), that this means it can reach a velocity of 28,000 km / h!
Escape velocity

Military geek! That's right. The U.S. military has built Aurora using the UFO technology of Ummite without a license.

Ok, now let us study about converter system (MHD generator and accelerator).

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Friday, June 18, 2010

The U.S. stole technology of Ummite

Hi, everybody and Ufology geek. I know that you have much interest, how UFO was able to fly, despite having no wings, and it have an inappropriate style for aero dynamics theory. Unfortunately, many information of UFO’s system and mechanism is scattered about there are lies and delusions, or disinformation.

The UFO’s flying system has two types. To travel between stars, it’s necessary to know some theories still we don’t know. But to fly around in the atmosphere, it’s easier to explain it. So first, we have to understand technology 'MHD (Magnetohydrodynamics).
Magnetohydrodynamics drive

Combining MHD Air breathing and Aneutronic Fusion for
Aerospace Propulsion and Power Plane

Well, I read another book Japanese, called ‘[The U.S. stole] Plasma science of the alien Ummite’, after I had read 'The letters from the alien Ummite'. According to this book, the author (physical scientist), Jean-Pierre Petit also studied MHD and wrote about secret U.S. military projects in this book.

In January 2001, the article of the book tells that he have participated the ‘International Workshop in Field Propulsion’ conference, which held at the University of Essex in England and heard about the 'Black project' (watch the video below) of the USA from the project members.
Black project


These projects were secrete 'MHD torpedo', which runs into the sea (not type 'ASROC') with velocity of 2000 km / h or more, has existed since 1980 and the aircraft 'Aurora', which can fly more than 10,000 km / h and height of 60 km. The article of the book cites the Russian cavitation technology’s torpedo 'Shkva' and 'Ajax' like the 'Aurora' too.
Super Russian Torpedo Revealed



With cavitation effect, the torpedo runs at a velocity of 400 km / h in under water, however, MHD torpedo can achieve more, to more than 2000 km / h. So even though Shkva is still little known, it’s already obsolete because it has been exported to China.
MHD torpedo U.S.

The Russian 'Ajax' and 'Aurora' of the U.S. use MHD technology also. Then, let we know a little bit about the system of 'Ajax'.
Aurora (aircraft)

The problem is that when an aircraft flies high supersonic speed such Ajax (can reach about 10,000 km / h), huge air friction causes high temperature problem. It can reach 1000 ° C with a speed of Mach 3 (about 3700 km / h) and require enormous energy (fuel) to get it.

And the other problem occurs, for example, turbines of the jet engine melting. However, an engine is called Scramjet can use up to Mach 8-15 without problem. In the book, therefore, Petit doubted that Ajax uses conventional turbo engine because it’s impossible to get high speed like that.
Jet engine

Ok, what is resolution? See following section view of Ajax.

The article says that Ajax never actually flew, but one day, Petit read the magazine 'Air & Space' and found the photos in the article, which is written the research done in the wind tunnel for Ajax, using Ajax mockup. So he was surprised because these photos show the supersonic shock wave, which was born on the edge of the mockup, was abnormal. See the drawings below.

Well, he finally discovered the reason for these puzzles; it was because of the MHD effect. Exactly, problems were solved thanks to MHD technology.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Planet Ummo -2

Continuation of 'planet Ummo'

Following big objects are vehicles on the planet Ummo.

The air vehicle of Ummite, as you know, which is like the flying object above of the Mayan civilization. The difference is Tailed delta. So how is the ground one?

Maybe Hollywood copied idea of ground vehicle of Ummite because the U.S. military stole technology of Ummite (read 'The U.S. stole the tecnorogy of Ummite') such as plasma science. And without doubt, you have to know flying saucer (sorry, there’s no information about manufacturing year) of Ummite also (read 'UFO Technology of Ummite').

Our planet has 'made in Earth' spaceship. However, for Ummite, this type of 'made in Ummo' is very ancient manufacturing model, as if you could see it in Egyptian museum.

Some articles of daily use on the planet Ummo are below. First one is a drink bottle and meat cutter that you can suck drink with the bottle tube and can chops it by using microwave ray.

How about this foam mattress? What appears in the house (see illustration 'Planet Ummo') with man shaped cavity. Beside the mattress, there’s an accessory, which floats man by magnetic force and can use it for meditation as well.

Following is a unique fruit on Ummo planet.

The sites below have more information

More on the UMMO case

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Breakfast-fruit INOWI

Monday, June 14, 2010

Planet Ummo

Read below before reading this post.

I decided to attach the links (red one) of the articles that I founded them just recently, under the corresponding descriptions, its original contents (actually it’s not easier to understand) of the letters from Ummite. It might be including some deferent information from the posts in this blog because of deferent source.

The alien Ummite came from the planet Ummo. It's a planet in the solar system of Iumma. The site of Iumma is Wolf 424 and it is 3.7 (3.8) light-years from Earth. It is said that this finding was confirmed by astronomers in 1938. However, in the letter of Ummite, distance writing was 14.3 light years. So what is truth? The difference came from the fluctuation of 'Spacetime' (read the article below)


Comparison between sun and Iumma
                                      Sun                      Iumma

Mass                               1.99 x 1030kg         1.48 x 1030kg

Temperature                     5785K                   4580K

Absolute magnitude           4.8                       7.4

Spectral classification         G2                        K

Planet Ummo is slightly larger than the planet Earth. If you had 70 pounds of weight, you would have 84 kg (20% more) on the planet Ummo. The magnetic field is a thousand times stronger than Earth's. You can see aurora every evening. Even though no activated volcano, methane gas and pentane gas, which is leaves and burning in the air and it can reach hundreds of meters to 6 km high.

Ummo orbital period is two and a half months. Looks like it has four seasons, but the period of each station has only 19 days. See the map below. Ummo has only one continent, which occupies 40% of total area (Erath has 30%) and rest is the sea and islands. Mammals live in shallow sea. There are no high mountains and strong wind blowing, like the Republic of Ireland.

Looking at the map above, maybe you realize: Why not use photos? The map seems that it’s ancient and primitive. Well, Ummite practice intelligence and disinformation, which is with more experience than 'they'. I can only find drawings and illustrations.

Daily temperature difference is large. At night, even though at the equator, the temperature lowers a few degrees Celsius. There's no bird species, but species of bat, which seems the Earth’ one live on the ground. There is a similar species of chimpanzee but more intelligent than ours.

Ummo has 32 hours a day, however, daily work schedule is just three hours. Oops! Really little working, right? Do you like that? The typical house in the Ummo is spinning as the figure below. It raises and lowers automatically because of protection from radiation coming from Iumma.
Report with data on the planet Ummo

People are drinking or writing something? Then, he/she writes it using fonts like this?

Housing scheme Ummo

The body of Ummite has the following characteristics: The smell is much more developed than the human. So Ummite has the smell art. furthermore, he has a sense of detecting red-inflates, but there's voice problem. After 16-year-old, almost Ummite loses voice. Therefore, the speech synthesizer device is implanted.

The finger feels are very sensitive, for example, push button cautiously, if didn’t do so, could affect sense organ. If Ummite got naked, you could find some marks to identify Ummite.

Huh? Is your neighbor weird looking? Yeah man, it’s possible. See illustration below. Does your neighbor look like this? Well, let us know articles of daily use and big objects on the planet Ummo.

Ummite guy↑

Watch the video below (added on March 15, 2018).

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